October 31, 2008


What a wonderfully uplifting story. I really enjoy reading about animals that help out like that. She certainly is a special dog!!!!

Oh, and the pink is just the best!!! Her ears are almost a perfect match for her tongue!! :)

The stone rabbit looks wonderful in his dog costume as well.

take care,

hahahahha!!!fun! always I love your post!

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Do you have any idea how much I enjoy reading and seeing the "stone rabbit"?!?! I love it, chickadee! Just so cute and original.

Truthfully, neither Glory nor the stone rabbit look happy in their disguises. lol

Happy Pink Saturday, my dear Dana.

I am so glad you shared Glory and her story. Isn't it wonderful that such amazing things are available in our country. This makes me proud.

Tell The Stone Rabbit that I didn't recognize him in his disguise. He looks great in his costume.

HAH....what a great way to start out my Saturday. I have to go to work...but at least it will be with a smile on my face! You always give me a lift!! Loved the dog story. And I think the stone rabbit makes a SMASHING CANINE! Have a great day!

Happy Pink Saturday!

What a fun PINK post!

~ Gabriela ~

That is a fabulous story. I have always heard how much the specially trained dogs can do for people in need. Glory is just so beautiful and special!!!

Just darling!!!
So nice to meet you:)
Cute dog!!!


Glory sounds like a remarkable dog! Great post! Happy Pink Saturday! ~Rhonda :)

Don't tell the Stone Rabbit, but I think I am in love with Glory. ;)

Thanks for posting such a nice story.

Okay, that is too, too cute! What a sweetheart Glory is and what a special job or jobs she's had. Wow.

Michelle :)

My heart goes out to that wonderful fabulous fluffy big dog. What a hero

What a great tribute to Glory!
Hope SR got lots of bunny treats, er, uh, doggy treats, oh whatever, hope he got lots!

What a beautiful and intelligent dog! And the stone rabbit looks well positively ferocious in his dog costume. LOL
Have a wonderful pink Saturday!

Wow, Glory is a gorgeous dog. I love the whole notion of training dogs for special care patients - dogs are so trainable and so empathetic.

Poor dear Glory, though to suffer the indignity of rabbit ears!! (Although she's a good sport, it looks like.)

The Stone Rabbit, OTOH, is somewhat of a trickster!

Have a great weekend, Dana! Love your pink Saturday posts!

What a great story and dog. Glory is just beautiful especially in the pink bunny ears. :)

The Stone Rabbit always cracks me up!
Happy Pink Saturday!

Oh my goodness Dana. Glory and I are so proud to have made the Stone Rabbit site. Thanks for sharing our story. Thanks also for your gift of friendship.

Love Stone Rabbit's costume.


I love your post!That is a fabulous story.
Happy Pink Saturday!
Blessings, Virginia

Great post Dana. I loved Glory's story. What a sweetie pie :)

Oh and tell Stoney that he scared me to death! ;)


Glory is a special dog indeed....and she modeled the costume like a pro!

Great Pink Post!

Happy Pink Saturday!


Well, that's just the cutest costume ever on the Stone Rabbit. Bet he got lots of treats.

Sweet Dog! Thanks for reminding me to keep my paws off the left over candy...there's a lot since I only had 3 treaters!!

Tell that Stone Rabbit, he looks like a good watch dog! I think those prison programs that let the inmates work with dogs is such a wonderful thing. I have been involved with a local prison here and we have had greyhounds there. It saves the dogs and I think it saves a lot of humans as well!

What a beautiful post ~ I love reading about therapy dogs and Glory looks like an angel.

Love how the stone rabbit always meets a challenge! LOL

Glory is such a wonderful dog! The school my Daughter-in-law teaches in has "therapy dogs" in service, too.
It's nice Glory can come to pilates class. I know I'd probably need her services to get me off the floor if I tried to do pilates...lol!
Happy Pink Saturday!!

Hugs, Pat

Cute dog!
ENJOY your weekend!

The Stone Rabbit makes me howl with laughter every time! He looks pretty funny as a dog!

This is a great story about service animals!


That last pic made me spit up my coke! That was too funny...now could you please post a warning so we don't have to clean the keyboard and monitor next time? LOL!

Great Pink Post. Have a great new week and Happy Pink Saturday to you !!!

what a great story and such a beautiful wonderful dog! The rabbit's cute too, disguised or not! Happy Pink Saturday! Suzie

What a great dog! Xanti and Noah's dog is a Great Pyrenees. Blizz is larger than Glory. She's so good and gentle, with the kids. She got her name, because Kim and Shawn drove through a Blizzard to pick her up, when she was a pup.

Glory has a wonderful story and this is a fabulous Pink Saturday post!

what a neat dog & story. The stone rabbit makes a wonderful looking dog. (LOL)

What a wonderful post, hope you had a great weekend, thank you for sharing xx

What a sweet story and a cute dog! I SR's mask better than those pink ears! Someone should make him some really cute bunny ears!!

i just happened upon your blog... rambling through other blogs... and was interested about this post! my parents have a great pyrenees as well... but never in a million years did i figure that her breed could be trained to do such wonderful things! their dog (cali) never seemed quite that smart. they are very loving dogs though and i am delighted to hear that Glory can make such a difference in people's lives!!

Hi Dana,
Well, you know... I loved this post. I am so happy that Glory is living a fulfilled life and doing such good. I can just see the looks she must give you crazy ones at the Pilates class. I get that same look while doing my Denise Austin at home and actually get barked at some time! The ears are darling, and I know how Great Pyrenees' do not like hats. What a good sport that sweet girl is... and that Stone Rabbit being a dog for a night is great!
(oh yes, I always have time for GH, although I'm five days behind... Tivo ;)

Dana! I love Glory's story! She looks like the sweetest therapy dog ever. It must be fun to have her in class with you. When you get a chance, put a photo and a link to your blog in your 'blogger' profile so people can click on you in my 'follower' list as well as from my favorites. Everyone needs to see your awesome blog posts! Happy November. Cat ^..^

What a great post. Glory is beautiful!

sweet post , happy pink saturday, be sure to come by & get in on my Atumn Annie giveaway

Great story! Happy November!

What a great post--and that dog! Amazing, and so pretty too! Tanner the Slobber Dog would love to sniff her!

What a great post--and that dog! Amazing, and so pretty too! Tanner the Slobber Dog would love to sniff her!

God morning Dana, we were gone for the weekend and I am trying to catch up on all the many visits from mostly pink Sat. LOL.

I loved your comment on my Halloween post about your dog. Now I know my Babette isn't nuts. Just a carefree crazy poodle. I had a good laugh as you described your dog chase. Meat to bribe was not something I thought of. Babette would come after a lengthy run if we offered her a cookie. LOL. At least I didn't have to pile the small children in the back seat. sigh. We once had a dog that was too small to jump the fence, she just climbed it. Dogs are just kids, lets face it.

About your post. That is so interesting and Glory is beautiful and sweet. I have seen and read amazing stories about dogs who are trained for the care of people in need. Their intelligence just blows one away. You did a great job with all the details of Glory's life. Good job Dana.

The stone rabbit is so dog looking in that pic. LOL. And I loved Glory's pink rabbit ears. Your humor is a delight as always.


Glory Hallelujah! Glory is the sweetest looking girl and you just made my day! I'm going to giggle myself to bed now after seeing the SR's costume. Thanks Dana for an uplifting post...:)Nancy

OMG, I am so late getting around.. I keep getting later and later it seems - this is just hilarious!! OMG, Stone Rabbit as a dog - and that handsome, handsome hound with those pink bunny ears - what a gorgeous (and talented) pup he is... I'm tagging you for Photo Tag, if you have the time... If you don't not to worry!! Have a great week!...Donna

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