October 28, 2008


Dana! I love the tree you picked. How could you ever resist bringing home a kitty? The one with it's head in the gourd would have done me in. xo Cat ^..^

Hi Dana :)

What a fun and beautiful place!! We love cutting down our own tree and I am very serious about it too LOL We have to find a new place this year though. I sure wish our pumpkin patch sold trees.

That picture of the kitten with his head in the gourd was too precious for words!

Oh and I mentioned you on my post today ;)


Those sweet kitties are "working" kitties. They were sleepy cuz they are up at night keeping the joint free of pesky little rodents! I forgot to tell you all that part! Those fur babies are keepers for the owners of the tree farm. dana

Very fun!

That is a gorgeous tree! Can't wait to see it decorated...Kathy

THAT is a gorgeous full, puffy, scrumptious tree...where did you say this farm is...hmmm and theres a big yellow circle so I can find this easy right? Gee...maybe I know where I'll get my tree this year afterall! Take care woman!

What a beauitiful place! I love this idea of picking out your pumpkin and Christmas tree the sane day! How did you not come home with a new fur-baby?? They were sooo cute! I am typing with one hand as my dd's kitten sleeps on the other :)

I hope you're having a wonderful week!


What a beautiful farm and a perfect time to pick your tree (I can't believe it will be November on Saturday...how is this possible???) Thank you for sharing your tree shopping adventure. It's so nice to cross things off of you to-do list!

Oh my goodness, Christmas trees already??!! I don't understand why you need to paint the trunk. What is that for?



Hey Dana! Stop by my blog I Boo-ed you!

How precious! It was all beautiful, but I especially loved the kittens. They were even dressed for fall in their orange and black fur!

What a fun outing for you two! I love that pumpkin place. What fun! The kitty pictures are so cute.

Oh my what a great post! I thoroughly enjoyed everything you posted.
I LOVE those little kitties and the pics of them are sooooo good!!
I did see your post on the weekend thats a great way to select your favourite tree before the snow HITS!!

The scenery was lovely too...thank you for sharing and have a lovely day.

Hi Dana!

I'm back from Denver, Colorado. We went to a fantastic baby shower for my DIL given by her sister.

"Pumpkins and Pines" is such a wonderful place! The tree you chose is magnificent. I loved the kittens in the basket -- what sleepy heads!

Hugs, Pat

What a GORGEOUS place to pick out your tree!! That is just the neatest thing to go find your tree, tag it and then go pick it up after Thanksgiving!! REALLY neat!!

I am so glad that your craft shows have been going well even in this economy....wish I was closer cause I would love to go to one you were in!

Oh, those kittens were irresistible!!!! Nothing much cuter than baby kittens....little balls of fluff!

Pumpkins, pussycats and Christmas trees, what more could a girl ask for? Such a beautiful Christmas tree farm. You guys really plan ahead. Karen

Dana, what fun that must be to pick your own tree like that! I would have to mark mine with something like you did or I would never be able to find it!LOL Nancy

What a fabulous outing filled with Holiday fun!! Have a safe and happy Halloween!
kari & kijsa

Dana, this looks like so much fun. You are such a smart girl. The Stone Rabbit told us all about just how smart you are, but we promised not to embarrass him.

Oh, Dana... Now you've gone and made me miss our 'tree hunting' days! Last year we caved and got a FAKE tree... What a beautiful tree farm you go to! And those kitties are just too precious!...Donna

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