October 14, 2008


hehehehehe!!! Now you and the Stone Rabbit will be famous in the hallowed halls of bathroom beauty Divas!!!!!!!

You ladies are crazy. Looks like you were having a blast thought. I was telling Shelia that I wasn't sure I could do that and she told sure you can. Maybe when my daughter and I are at Disneyland we will get one there in one of the bathrooms. If we dare that is. LOL! Have a great week! Oh and that is a great shot of the Stone Rabbit too!

OH CRAP! I'm totally cracking up here and I'm at work!! You're gonna get me in trouble. I love that it was a GROUP SHOT. I think that's the first I've ever seen...and then the rabbit gets in on it!! TOO FUNNY I can't wait to hear Sheila's description of this one!

Dana!! You didn't tell me you were bathroom snapping!! I'm so glad Nikki came to tell me so I can officially make you a legal diva on my post for tomorrow!! You all look glorious and I thank you so much!! Stone Rabbit is a little honey bunny and he will join the ranks of the Divas too!! Thanks for doing this. Now don't you just fill so fulfilled in your life!! lol
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

My aren't you the cutest things ever! Looks like the Stone Rabbit had fun too!

Well, a diva group. I like the idea - if one is good, four are better. Right?!!!

And as always, The Stone Rabbit trumps all. ;-)

Dana, I am really having a good chuckle with your post today. Safety in number right? This way you aren't the only one feeling silly. I like the way you think. The stone rabbit is the cutest! Sheila will really get off on this one.

Thanks for your visit and comment, these things are so easy to do. Christmas cookies are a huge event in our family. We all get together and bake all day. How about Christmas cookies in May. smile.


Hello Dana,
You girls are crazy looks like fun. I think we are neighbor! Not really I live in South Kansas City. Love your bnlog!!!!

Hi Dana,
Your posts usually make me laugh out loud. Glad I'm here by myself!

You girls are fun, and I'm so glad you didn't forget the Stone Rabbit!

You asked if I'm still working...yes til the Christmas break! Counting the days til I have my freedom again!

Hello Sweet Dana! You girls sure know how to have fun! What a fun tradition you have started! Girlfriends forever! I will be joining you all again for Pink Saturday! See ya soon Dana!


This cracks me up! You are just the kind of girl I'd like to invite you to a little party I am throwing at my blog -- Blogapalooza on October 29. Here's a link with all kinds of information:


Hope you can come!

Looks like the "bathroom brigade"!! LOL And did the rabbit wash his hands after he piddled, my sweet little bunny?!?! Hmmmmmm?!?!?

What a bunch of POSERS!!!LOL at you wacky gals and your shenanigans!!! I came over here to spoil your evening too and you made me laugh, darnit! Anyway, go read the bad news on my blog. Well, you're from MO so you probably knew this already. Have a miserable day, your friend Nancy

What a diva that stone rabbit is!

You ought to forward your post to Hy-Vee. Maybe they will send you some coupons for the positive publicity!

Dana, you have wayyyyy too much fun!! It looks like your friends are as crazy sweet as you are!! I'm glad The Stone Rabbit got to have him picture taken!

Morning, Dana! Did you see you and your bunch on my blog?? Your are so Divaish!!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

It's me again, Dana! Oh, thank you for doing this. You are just my kind of gal. If I lived close to you I'd join you in your fun times. I'm so glad Stone Rabbit had a fun time too. Poor baby needs to sit on the potty sometimes.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

How fun! Glad I'm not the only one who ends up running to the bathroom! I love TSR's bathroom photo and your pumpkin soap dispenser!

Congratulations Dana, on becoming a Bathroom Diva. Kudos to the Stone Rabbit, too!

Dana, you're always up to some fun craziness! I've seen some others snapping bathroom photos, but I haven't joined in yet.

Lots of bathroom divas in this post. I love your friends! They have a great sense of adventure don't they.

I will be checking Shelia's blog to see you all and the Stone Rabbit in all of his glory!

take care,

Hi Dana, I just met Sheila recently and her bathroom photo capers. She seems like a lot of fun....just like you. :) Lynn

hahahah...love you and your bathroom divas!! :)

I was just thinking about you, Dana... Please send some of that rain this way to cool things off, please??? You all look so cute and are having so much fun in that bathroom. This is the first I've heard of it. I can't think of any bathrooms around here that would be decent enough to do that outside of my home. Anyways... love that photo, you ladies better keep it down in there ;)

Oh, hi Stone Rabbit, nice photo of you too!

Such a good Bathroom Diva photo, Danna! Everyone has such an amused expression.
Stone Rabbit looks good too, he has such nice lines -- just like a model :-)

Hugs, Pat

Peeing my pants with laughter...Bathroom Divas!! What next??! Who knew public bathrooms could be such festive places?! I'm off to investigate...LOL! Thanks for stopping by my place--lovely to see you! :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

Your posts make me smile ;-)

Yay, you've all become Crapper Snappers too! I'm so proud of the stone rabbit for joining in! I'm part of the bowel, I mean BATHROOM, movement too! Isn't it fun? And I love how Shelia added your friens in as well!


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