October 16, 2008


AWWWWWW! I remember that party fondly! What a day! That was such fun!

Hope you are having a great week!

Love, DIL :o)

We didn't want to add insult to injury by letting the flag fall into a puddle of "beverage," so we held our beverages tight while keeping Old Glory from hitting the ground.

He looked so proud!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!! I am looking forward to what you and The Stone Rabbit are up to next!


P.S. My next giveaway will be easy peasy!

I do believe you are as "nutty" as me! (Lovingly spoken) I love your blog stories and pictures. Thanks for sharing such CUTE items and I love your rabbits - they are quite a group!

Betty in Oklahoma

I remember it well. As I was taking the photo of yh, I thought the flag pole
was coming down. Thanks to the youngins' all was saved. Anyway, great flag raising/house warming party!

I noticed the stone rabbit and his chickee friends didn't have a beverage, honey pie! They get warm running around too, ya know. LOL God Bless the USA!!!!


This was so cute!

Jill xoo

Loved it! So funny!

I've never seen a flag pole like that.

I would love to have a flag pole, too!

Did you get my package? Let me know!


I love the picture where he is hugging the flag pole...that proud look on his face is priceless!

What a great idea for a party! Thanks for sharing those photos with us....we all need to be more proactive in showing our love for our country especially in these days!

Nice reason for a party! We have had a flag pole for years and recently added a spot light directed on the flag so that it can stay up round the clock. Raising and lowering it in good weather isn't a problem, but come winter in Michigan, I am too bundled when outdoors to manipulate clips and flags.

Oh dear I was chuckling before I even got to the end of the story...you were telling it so well.
Well I'm glad everything turned out well in the end. That is such a nice thing to do, to have a flagraising like that. So patriotic. Loved your story.

Come by my blog tomorrow...I have a giveaway.

Have a nice evening

Very cute. Never been to a flag raising ceremony.



What a great party. And what's a party anyway without a little laughter?!

Looks like that was a fun day for all even with the near miss. I'm that just added more excitement to the day!

What a riot. I saw that one coming, Dana! Your hubby is a good sport for letting you blog about it! Have a happy weekend. Warmly, Cat ^..^

Love that story!! And I love the style of flag pole!

Dana, I didn't get to you until now because guess what? We have company again. My niece from California and her mom, my sister, are on their way to Washington DC. A couple of days to visit first. I adore them of course. This is the sister who lives in Atlanta.

Now for the flag raising party/open house. This story and the action photo's are great. You go Bonnie! The whole event when the flag was raised was hilarious. thank goodness for the fast thinking guys. I love your
story today. Have a great day.


Dana, this is a great story. I do believe the flag raising episode must have been the talk of the party.

Hi Dana :)

That is too cute! Rich would have had a heart attack with that near miss LOL

Love the Bathroom Diva pics!!


That is so funny. Sounds like it was a great party to me!! Glad there were helpers there to aid your husband when the "little problem" happened! He does look like a proud, happy man with his flag!

Whew! I was worried there for a second... when you pointed out where you were standing I thought...no I hope the flagpole doesn't come down and hit her somehow. Nice save by all and those guys must have had something really good to drink since they didn't let go of their cans. So glad the good 'ole Red, White and Blue was saved.

I didn't know there was a Flopsy and Curly too. Guess the Stone Rabbit is the extrovert of the three animals, huh?

Happy weekend, Dana!

Rofl...I knew where this was going. So glad you didn't disappoint! Too funny that the two men didn't drop their drinks for one second!


Great story and I'm so glad it had a happy ending!

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