October 02, 2008


Wow, haven't seen those numbers here yet...but I did notice that gas was down to 93 dollars a barrel, so maybe this will trickle it's way down to us all.

Love all your little gifts, especially the soap dispenser!

Bonnie is one of the sweetest souls.
I haven't gotten around to sending her card yet, so please, please, send her my well wishes and a speedy recovery and tell her I am including her in my nightly prayers.

Jill xoo

How fun are those Halloween gifts! I might need a pumpkin stack soap dispenser. Great find on "cheap" gas. :)

Good morning, Dana!
Wow, gas prices aren't that low here in California. I would've taken a photo too and that meanie shouldn't be honking at you (patience, patience).

What cute Halloween goodies from Bonnie. There's nothing like a friend that knows your taste/likes so completely and so thoughtful of her even picking something out at the hospital giftshop - now that's a true shopper & great friend. I am glad to hear she's doing well and you're picking her up a tasty lunch too.

As far as GH goes, I know who was shot at the wedding, but that's it. Dry socket in this house w/my daughter. I hope by next week to be able to post again. Thanks for checking on me ;)

Have a great weekend, what a nice friend you are, I can tell Bonnie knows that already (and she's one back).

Bye, Stone Rabbit (for now).

I thought I was looking at a vintage sign!!! LOL And you tell the Stone Rabbit he may try but he can't hide! I see him.......... LOL ;-)

You found the cheap gas. I haven't been out yet today so it may be that price here, but yesterday it was still 3.65.
Bonnie gave you some great gifts.I'm going right out to find one of those EEK! pins. Too cute!

Morning Dana,

WOW, that is a GREAT gas price. I filled up yesterday and paid $3.29 a gallon. Yours is a bargain!

You have the best-est friend. What adorable Halloween gifts you got. LOVE them!! I'm glad Bonnie is doing well after her surgery.

Oh, and I see you stone rabbit....lol

I hope our prices go down here too! Love all of your sweet goodies....

$2.95 a gallon?!? Where do you live? I am on my way to fill up! We are still at $3.85!

Dana you are the best! Thanks for lunch and the recovery gifts. I read your other blog about the halloween swap and want to remember to look at your blog next week and see all the goodies you got Thanks again dear friend.


Wow, you sure got some beautiful gifts. I am surprised Rabbit didn't grab that EEK pin! He is so into fashion!

I was at the gas station yesterday...filling up my truck. It was the first time in longer than I can remember...that it was FULL before the price hit $100 boy it's sad when you say HOORAY because you can fill up for less than onehundredbuckaroonies. But I'm with you...I'll take the hoorahs when I can get em!

Hey! You did good finding that gas for that price...Our's is 3.59, but I am surprised, because just a few days ago it was higher...the halloween treasures that your sweet friend gave you are really cute! It sounds like you both had a fun day! Hope you have a great weekend!

Dana I backed up to comment on this post as I somehow missed it. Busy as heck getting ready for 13 house guests for a big family wedding on Sat. We are full up. The RV, the cabin and my house.lol What fun we had.

I agree with your energy analogy and we better wake up now! Sigh. The stock market really affects us and it is scary.

Your Halloween gifts are wonderful. Bonnie is a true friend indeed. Friends are a treasure to love and keep close to our heart.


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