October 10, 2008


Dana...Thank you for visiting me. I enjoyed reading this post. Patty is a beautiful woman inside and out! The friendship you share with these ladies is truely a blessing. You all look very stylish in your glitter shirts! It also looks like you are having tons of fun!

Wow, what an inspirational post, Dana. And Patty - you rock! You guys have such a tight group - it's clear you all love and support each other - and have so much FUN together! LOVE the Cracker Barrel shirts!! The sparkles show up GREAT in the photo! Hope your sale is going great!!...Donna

Why o why can't we have a cracker barrel! I lvoe them.....I LOVE those shirts...just not fair. I love their food too...yummy. cherry

Such a wonderful inspiring story! Glad to hear your friend is & has been "in the pink" for so many years!

Happy Pink Saturday, Dana. I wish you great success with your sale.

One of the characteristics that I so admire in you is your strong bond and loyalty with your girlfriends. I know what it is like to have friends that you treasure - people that you know will be with you through everything life brings your way.

I salute you and your friends for you are each an example to all of us of what is good. And, my heart swells with Patty's 15 years of the cure. I pray we all will soon be able to beat the horrible monster that is cancer.


Jill xoo

Dana, what a beautiful friend and story. My sister is a breast cancer survivor too. The longest year of our lives. I am teary just reading all of Patty's journey to being cancer free. Once you have experienced this with someone you love you never forget. It is a wonderful story to share and of course cancer free is the best news to hear.

Loved your photo with Bonnie and Patty. I used to do antique shows with my two sisters for several years. We dressed alike too and had the time of our lives. Hard work seems easier when you are with people you love and I cherish those times so much.


Happy Pink Saturday Dana. I know just how you feel about a close friend that you almost lose to breast cancer. It makes you cherish her all the more forever. What a wonderful story.

Good luck at your sale, I am sure that you three beautiful ladies will steal the show.

Dana-great post. sounds like you have some real friends there. That is one of life's best treasures to have a friend like that. Where was you sale at?

Happy Pink Saturday, Dana!!
Be a Pink sweetie,
Shelia ;)

What a wonderful post and what a great friendship you have. Happy Pink Saturday! Hugs, Bobbi Jo-AZ

O.K.! My head is starting to swell...with PRIDE, just knowing you! You are a great friend and both Patty and I will agree on that, I'm sure!! Having you as a friend is a blessing! Also its great that Patty is CANCER FREE FOR 15+ YEARS! YEA!!!!

this is a wonderful tribute to a fantastic friendship. Dana, you are so lucky to have such great friends. You all look so fantastic in your glittery shirts.

I bet you gals have a lot of fun together!!!

!&###!!!$$!!**^^^ yea - celebrating Patty and girlfriends. What would we do without our friends to get us through the tough times? Loved this post, Dana, and hope you had a fabulous sale today. :)Nancy

I'm glad for you and Patty that you can celebrate life with Bonnie. Happy Pink Saturday :-)
Stop by and check out my post. I'm giving away 3 books!

What a wonderful post! Patty and you are lucky to have each other!
Have a wonderful pink weekend!


I loved your post today. What an inspiring story of true friendship.

Love that pink shopping bag too!!! What a great and pretty way to stay "green".

Happy Pink Saturday!!

Friends are just the best!! You are so lucky to have 2 very specials ones!!

Happy Pink Saturday!


Hi Dana,
That was such a sweet story of friendship and love. You and Patty are so blessed to have a "sister" you can always count on.

What an amazing story, thank you for sharing it. Happy Pink Saturday xx

What a great pink post, Dana. How great that your friend is 15 years plus a survivor!!
Happy Pink Saturday...Kathy

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful person with us! My grandmother was a 15+ year survivor and I had a lumpectomy in April-everything is ok!
Hope you had good luck and a lot of fun at your sale!

Wonderful post Dana. Hope you are having fun at your sale. I can imagine how your friend feels at each check up. We go thru that with my 33 yr. old daughter in law. She has to have a check up every three months and it's very stressful. Happy Pink Saturday.

Congratulations to your dear friend for her 15 years of suvival! Fabulous! I really love your style of fun and celebration. Hope your sale went well today. blessings...

What a sweet post about what sounds like, is a wonderful, dear friend. What a joy! And fantastic news that she is a 15+ survivor!


I love little stone rabbit..and I also love your blog. I believe that your friends have a very loving friend also..that's you.

Soooooo, ya got some innocent chick to rabbitsit the stone bunny, huh?!?! Oh, sweetpea, how do you do it??? She is a true friend.....

How lucky for all three of you to have each other. My best friend lives in Houston so I see her on very rare occasions. It's such a blessing to have great friends to keep you going in tough times and to help you laugh and celebrate.

The 3 of you gals look great in your matching tees! Good luck in your sale. Glad to hear Patty is 15 years out. My son went with me when I went wig shopping...I ended up with 4 (all totally different) and did lose my hair. I only wore them when I went out since the chemo put me in menopause and they were horrible when the hot flashes came. I had completely forgotten about the Tamoxifen until you mentioned it. Hated that too but glad it's all over.

What a great post, Dana!
-C ^..^

I loved your post about your friend, thank you for sharing it with us.

Hi Dana, Patty sounds like a incredible woman! ...beautiful, too! Love the halloween shirts! Hope you are having a good and successful weekend at the sale! :) ~Rhonda

Good morning Dana, I hope your sale went well yesterday. Thanks for a great comment this AM. I am glad I am not the only blogger that can really get into a comment. I enjoyed your paper doll memory. I chuckled over your 'paste' comment. That paper doll my mom dressed probably only survived because my sister could not have children. sigh. She did have step children but they were older. We are lucky to have many of our mother's treasures. I would rather have her. smile.

Have a wonderful Sunday. Rest up, I bet you are worn out from yesterday. I remember how much work a sale is.

Love, Jenne

Oops, Jeanne lol

Where is Handcrafters Dana? I don't know it.

Hi Dana,
What a great story and friend. Happy Belated Pink Saturday to you, your friends and of course the Stone Rabbit!
Love, Ann

Great post, Dana. My family and I are also very lucky to have Patty in our life.

HI Dana...thanks for this post. It was very inspiring to read. Hope you are doing well!


Such a great post. Patty is a great example for us all, in the way she dealt with her cancer. And how lucky she is to have a friend like you! And it looks like you're pretty lucky with the friends you have as well! You all always look like you are having so much fun together!

Have a lovely week!

Hi Dana,
This is a wonderful story and a source of hope for those battling this disease. You girls look great in you CB shirts!

My dad always said if you have one or two true friends in life you are the richest person in the world. So YOU are the richest person in the world!!



What a fabulous post!!! Patty sounds like a WONDERFUL person and I am so glad she has stayed cancer free for so long...what a great inspiration!!

Hope your weekend sale went well. Don't ya just LOVE Cracker Barrel?!? I have to stay out of there cause I want every thing!!!

Don't you just love all the goodies from Cracker Barrel! I've looked at that shirt. :0) Good friends are hard to come by..I know you treasure these ladies and it's such a wonderful feeling to hear about a 15+ survivor.

Happy belated Pink Saturday to you!!

Queen of Dreamsz

Gotta love Cracker Barrel! Great post! Hope your sale went well!


Were here's my dollar, because I was just going to ask where you found the terrific shirts, too!
Patty and Bonnie are some lucky ladies to have a friend like you. Tell Patty she is a courageous lady; keep on keeping on Patty!

Dear Sweet Dana~
Thank you so very much for the sweetest of comments on my blog! It means the world to me! I am so very blessed to have met you! Your blog always brings a smile to my face! Things have been tough but I have gotten over the hump and feel stronger emotionally and physically right now. It's with the love of friends like you! Thanks so much!!! A great BIG HUG to you!!!

Ohhhh Dana, thank you for the sweet comment you left me! I try real hard to find different things for Pink Saturday, but I'm running out of goodies, tee hee!

Hop on over to my blog and check out my post "Pumpkin Cheeks", I think it'll make you laugh!

Margie :)

What a beautiful friend and story.This is a wonderful tribute to a fantastic friendship.
Blessings, Virginia

Hi Dana
What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful friend! I'm so glad she is a survivor! You all look so good together. I hope your sale was a success!
Hugs, Pat

That is a very wonderful Pink Post. You are lucky to have such good friends to share so much with though you would never want to share that bad period with your friend again. Hooray for 15+ years...
I've enjoyed reading your post and I'll be back to read more.
Come by and visit my blog when you have time.

Have a good day.

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