October 07, 2008


WOW! What a fabulous swap! The Stone Rabbit looks great with his new collar.
Can I borrow those candlesticks? They are to die for!

Hi Dana,
Looks like you had a great swap! I may have to join in on something like this in the future!

You and the stone rabbit are very photogenic!

What a beautiful treasure chest of Halloween goodies. Yes, they do look great all together too. I like Stone Rabbit's collar. Happy Halloween. Karen

Hi Dana, Great Loot! I LOVE the candlesticks!!! ...especially adorned with the spider and cheesecloth bows! The collars were cute and unique too! Great swap! ~Rhonda :)

Dana, you even received some 'vintage' candlestick holders. Yeh! I tried to find something vintage and failed. I believe your card that is framed may be vintage too. It is clear that your partner was thinking of you and the stone rabbit when she made the collars. How cute.
You did good girl!

However, I may not visit you again unless you tell me what is in the envelope NOW!


Hi Dana, Your first swap was a doozey. Love all your items. ~ Lynn

What an awesome swap box of goodies! You certainly will have fun this Halloween. I assume the open last envelope will stay a secret?

Wow Dana!

What a stash! I love it all. I'm VERY curious about the secret envelope though. wink!

I saw what you sent to her too. You did good girl!

Happy Halloween.


Oh-h-h-h, you got such sweet goodies! I love them all. Those candlesticks are TO DIE FOR! Love those fun collars, too!


My goodness, it looks like Christmas at Halloween!

What a sweetie for sending you such warm and thoughtful gifts.

Jill xoo

OMG Dana, you had the best-est swap partner...LOOK at all your goodies!!! She did a fabulous job and I LOVE all of it. The stone rabbit and the crow look especially wonderful in their bling collars...cute, CUTE!!


Love the real cat, Frankie and the glitter crow!

~ Gabriela ~

What a fabulous swap! You girls really did it up right. The collars are so clever and I love the black cat glittery cone you made for Viv.

What a totally awesome swap! Love all the loot :)

I think the mercury glass candle holders are my favorite....lucky you!!

Boo! Boo! Boo!

I love all of your spooky goodies.

And, you and The Stone Rabbit are both spooky and special in your collars.

Wow, some spooktacular gifts you received there :)



This is an awesome swap box! WOW! Such wonderful goodies! Enjoy!

Me again Dana, I covet those mercury glass pieces you got. :)

Dana when you have a minute can you email me at:

[email protected]

You got some wonderfully cute things my dear! And anything that makes kitties happy, well, even better!

: D


The collars look great on "Glitter Crow" and "The Stone Rabbit"!! I am so glad you liked everything and thank you for linking my blog with your goodies to me! This was a really fun swap and ready to do it again!

Love all the goodies you got, and the stone rabbit is looking oh so cute in his new costume : )

Hi Dana. Hope you're doing good. I just love the black cat card. :)

Wow...what a haul! Viv is creative and VERY generous too! And I think the stone rabbit looked very dapper decked out for Halloween!

Hi Dana, looks like you got some great gifts from your swap partner. I just love the matching collars she made for you and the Stone Rabbit. Too cute!
Love, Ann

Great swap Dana! Wonderful packages filled with delightful hallowe'en goodies!

Hi Dana,

What a fabulous bounty you have there, and Stone Rabbit is looking very festive :)

I'm going to have to stain a batch of cheesecloth now! Wow!


OMGosh....this is the most wonderful Halloween gifts! I am totally loving every single thing she sent to you. And,knowing you and your fabulous decorating talents, you will have it all looking soooo spiffy!!
I am leaving town Sat. morn. for a WHOLE week and YOU WON'T TELL ME WHAT's IN THE ENVELOPE!! :O(

Hello again Dana!

I also wanted to thank you so much for your sweet comments while I was away celebrating my anniversary! I appreciate them and your friendship!

This looks like such a wonderful swap! Viv really outdid herself on finding perfect goodies! I love the crow the best.

Hugs, Pat

Wowee, Kazoweee, you hit the jackpot. What a wonderful and generous box of gifts. Woohooo, I am loving all this halloween/fall excitement. It is fun to see your presents.

What an amazingly huge haul! I'm loving the halloween collars ;-)

Hi Dana :)

I just finished catching up with you too! Everything from the rally to the pink posts and I had a ball reading them :)

Heidi asked me to do this swap and I should have, but I'm a chicken LOL I love your gifts and the stone rabbit looks smashing!

Hugs for you sweet friend :)

Wow! What beautiful gifts! I love each item:)

What spooky treasures! I just love it all!

And those pink snowballs...Too much fun!

I always have such a great time when I drop in!

What spooky treasures! I just love it all!

And those pink snowballs...Too much fun!

I always have such a great time when I drop in!

What spooky treasures! I just love it all!

And those pink snowballs...Too much fun!

I always have such a great time when I drop in!

What a wonderful box full of goodies. My favorites are those awesome candlesticks, and The Stone Rabbit's collar!


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