November 04, 2008


I voted today, first thing this morning, along with my hubby. We are in a very small area and have NEVER had a line at our voting place....well, it took us about 30 minutes in the line that was there. Not bad considering what I have heard about some of the areas. Lines that might take hours. Anyway, I too was thrilled with the large turn-out for our area and I do figure the lines will be much longer as people were getting off work and going to vote.

Hi Dana

There were very long lines when I voted this morning! It was good to see such a wonderful turn out. There is no early voting in NY either.

No stickers were given out to us! I would have like a free Starbucks....lol!

Hugs, Pat

See, I learn something new every day. I thought EVERY state had the same voting laws, especially since this is a federal election. So I just assumed everyone could vote early. Plus, we didn't get those cute little stickers, no fair!

Hi Dana, I too am watching and praying. I believe McCain will not be able to win. He just won GA. sigh.

Thanks for your comment on the cabin. I was lucky to have furniture to fill up all the rooms. It was fun to decorate. I am going to paint out the flowers on the walls when I get the energy.

I agree with your post about not needing bribery to vote. We voted early and it is a good thing because I was not well today. I'm feeling better now.

Hugs, Jeanne

I am back because I just want to make it clear that we are for McCain. I read my comment and thought it might not be clear. I think you know who I supported but now there is no doubt.


I voted! I live in the Twin Cities and at 7 PM I walked right in and voted. No lines. Only a handful of people were there with me. But I did get my cute little sticker. ~ Robyn

Stone Rabbit is one smart lil bunny! And good for you for getting out and casting your vote!

I am bummed...our polling place didn't give stickers and this was my dd's first time voting and was kind of looking forward to the sticker (not that that was her reason for voting but a sense of pride for her).

Have a wonderful day!

We voted about 10AM. We vote at the county fairgrounds..isn't that a neat place to vote, out in the country? We had about a 15 minute wait in line. We were in the A-L line..the folks in M-Z got through quicker, because it was a very short line. I thought that was interesting. We used paper ballots and sat side by side at a folding table, used for dinners and other fair events. It was a beautiful day.

Our daughter told us, Starbucks was giving free coffee to voters. She said they preferred to pay for fraps, instead! It was our 18 year old granddaughter Xanti's first time to vote. A special day for her.

Hmmm, I thought I posted here yesterday. I must be losing it.

I tagged you today at http://lazydayandsundays.blogspot.com/ and hope you'll stop by later to check it out.

Hi Dana, If you can use a laugh come over and read my post today. SMILE


Wow, body piercing? What are they trying to do... well, I guess I could get my ears pierced again but they really shouldn't try to scare people away. Hey, maybe next time, they'll offer tatoos... I would take the donut if it was a jelly one... Hmmm, I think they should start offering facials, manicures... spa treatments.
Happy night, Dana!

That's just one more thing I love about stone rabbit.. He has so much common sense... Donna

Free beer! ??? LOL.
Today I went for my flu shot. They were giving them at the local pharmacy. I was fully prepared to be waiting in line for a long time but nope...I was the only one there. In and out in five minutes. Hi Dana ~ Lynn

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