February 20, 2009


Stella's got her groove on @ Bass Pro! I never realized it was such a Pink Saturday haven! ~ Robyn

LOL at Robyn's comment above. Who woulda thunk it??? All that pink in Bass Pro Shop and Stella caught some pink paper fish with it. We're all coming to MO for a pink fish fry! Happy Pink Saturday...Nancy

Whoda guessed that BASS PRO would have so much PINK??

What fun for Stella! I have been to the Bass Pro in Fort Myers, FL when we were there for our son's wedding. I don't remember the pink though. It is a huge place. Your picture of the outside looks just like the one there. It has been fun reading about Stella's adventures.

It looks like Stella had quite an excitng day! Lucky girl to have such an adventurous trip to the states.


I never dreamed there could be so many wonderful things to explore in an Outdoor World! And so much pink too. What a super tour!

This is my first Pink Saturday and I'm lovin' it. Now if I can just learn to get as creative with it as you are. ♥

Hi Dana, what a neat place to take Stella! I've never been to a Bass Pro shop. I'm starting to get jealous of that girl!

My husband would be in heaven to get to go to that Bass Pro shop. I just don't think he would have spotted (or even noticed) the things you and Stella found. With all of that pink I think I might even like fishing...MAYBE!!

take care,

I liked the pink reels. Happy Pink Day!


What a wonderful shopping buddy that Stella is. She is going to be a fishing queen.

Now, if only I fished I could be a queen, too.

Happy Pink Saturday, Dana.

We have a Bass Pro Shop close by; we've gone there for lunch. They have a large restaurant as part of the store. Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday!

I always enjoy wandering through Bass Pro Shops....always fun! I'm glad Stella thought so also. Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday and weekend!♥

Well know you've gone and done it! A post on Bobby G's most favorite place in the whole wide world...LOL. I did a post on that shop last year. I have to admit I enjoy going there too and have even bought a shirt or two from there. Who knew there was so much pink there? I had to get some fuses for my car last week and guess what color the fuses were...right! Pink. Haha! I was taking photos of the display and I know the guy helping me thought I was nuts as I gave him no explanation as to why I was taking pictures of car fuses. ~~ I didn't do Pink Saturday this week but had to come and see what the Stone Rabbit was up to. xo Lynn

Again, who woulda thunk Bass Pro Shop would have that much Pink. She has enjoyed many adventures in such a short time. Stella will miss you and TSR when she leaves.

This is so darn cute!
You're so good at what you do!!
xo bj

You always give me a terrific laugh on Saturday morning! I love it. I think Stella and the Stone Rabbit should take up fishing with so much pink.

Is Stella related to Flat Stanley?

Happy PS, Stella! How cute! Pink fishing poles. I enjoyed your story as always.

who knew you could find so many pinks at the bass pro shop> love the ugly stick

happy ps



M ^..^

Ok, I have to ask, did the salesmen there think you were nuts? I bet in the lunchroom you were the talk of the employees! LOL
Happy pink saturday to you and Stella and of course the STone RAbbit....
Love, Ann :)

Oh! A pink fishing rod!! Oh! I need one! Never mind that I haven't fished in years! Fun, fun, fun!

How cute! Love to find some Pink in the Bass Pro Shop! :D Happy Pink Saturday!

Who knew that there was so much pinkness at the Bass Pro shops, a shop that is usually so full of testosterone!

I've been following the adventures of Stella on Linea's blog. So fun to see that she went to visit you next!

Dang, Stella is having a more fun life than me! I've got to get cracking!


That is a darling story! What a wonderful trip...and just look at all of the pinkness in that store. I'm new to the group starting next Saturday and wanted to stop by to say "hello". WOW...Stella's dream trip!


I love your posts and this shopping trip was a real delight. Proves you can find pink almost anywhere you look.

Wow, Dana, you can find PINK anywhere!!! I love the pink reels and lures. What kind of fish can you catch with pink gear - salmon? Red (pink) snapper?

Looks like Stella is going to have a great visit!

Thanks so much! I laughed out loud. Nancy

Wow! Who knew there was so much pink fishing gear! But, seriously, not being a fishing type person I would just be heading straight for that fudge counter!!

Happy Pink Saturday!
Robin@Miscellaneous Thoughts

you are amazing!!

so cute like always
Happy pink saturday...

visit me anytime...

Marina at only cute things

Another fun Pink Saturday, Dana!
Does the Independence Bass Pro have Hemingway's?? That was the first thing we asked when Bass Pro opened in St Charles. Nope no Hemingways. Oh well...it's nice to take a little trip to Springfield now and then.

Looks like Stella really enjoyed herself! She had a smile on her face the whole time!

You always manage to find the prettiest in pink! And in the strangest of places.

That Srella does get around..and what a cutie she is. I know Stone Rabbit is having fun with his new friend.:). Hope you all have a great Pink Saturday and have a lovely week.

Cute pink post, it looks like a fun day! Happy Pink Saturday.

Great story of Stella and her little side trip to Bass Pro Shop! I wonder if more women are fishing now with all the pink equipment? I'm not a fisher person...too boring for me!

Dana, Stella will never want to leave your lovely hosting qualities. Her pink Saturday Bass Pro adventure has to be the most fun she has ever had. So much to see and so much lovely pink fishing gear. 'Unreel' is what I'm thinking. Mmmmmm fudge, that store has everything. Stella, stay away from that skunk. That looked like a close call.

All kidding aside Dana that was fun.

I wanted to thank you for the sweet things you always say about my family. My son is such a sweet guy to go with his handsome looks. He is full of fun and laughter which makes him loved by all who meet him. I am blessed.

Have a great week.


They have fudge at Bass Pro? Who knew. I think I need one of those mailboxes. Mimi

Hi Dana
I am so glad Stella came to you. I am really enjoying her adventures in your part of the world. Bass Pro looks a great shop and you took some wondeful pictures of her there. I am sure she will not want to leave you and The Stone Rabbit.
Hope you enjoy the remainder of your weekend.

Dana... I think I'd love to have been in the Bass Pro Shop... oh the looks you must have received from all the men-folk while on your little fishy pink shopping trip with Stella... What a hoot!
blessings. Dixie

Very cute, very clever story, and I loved all the animals that Stella got to see. But are you sure that bass wanted to give her a kiss or eat her alive??? He looked kinda hungry to me. LOL!

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday...


Sheila :-)

LOL I bet people were staring and whispering about the crazy lady taking pictures of the doll all over the store! WHAT A HOOT!

What a great store and who'd think they had so much pink! What a bunch of fun. Happy Pink Saturday!

I've gotta get me one of those pink fishing rods!!!
I hope the Stone Rabbit doesn't get jealous of Stella getting to do all of that fun stuff! hehehe

Happy Pink Saturday!

Looks like Stella fits right in to your fun shopping sprees, Dana! The Bass Pro kind of reminds me of Cabela's. Giant hunting/camping store. With fudge :)

hahahaha...such fun! Glad Stella is enjoying her time in America! ;o) And who knew there was so much PINK fishing gear??!! I'll take that pink tackle box...to store beads in... ;o) Happy Days, Dana ((HUGS))

Ah, one of me and my husband's favorite stores! We were just at our store here in SoCal on Saturday and I didn't see those pink tees and hats! I'm going to have to go back for sure and those!

Hi Dana, I just dropped by to say hello. Today is a banner day for me. It is the first day I don't have anyone here to take care of me. I am forever grateful for the help but I am so relaxed and peaceful by myself for a change. My cousin Bob left at 4:00am today. He was here for two weeks and is a wonderful caregiver. My dh went back to work at the local college this semester and hasn't been here for me. Now my computer time is my own for a change. Bob is not into computers. I am doing well and the worst three weeks is behind me. Oh joy!!!

I hope all is well with you and Miss Stella. Your post is terrific. How was the wedding shower?


Hi Dana
Please come by this evening. YOU are my featured site this week.
I should have it up by 11:00 pm. That would be Eastern Time..lol
Love to you

So much pink for a "boy" store...lol! Very cute post!

Omigosh. I love the pink ugly stick. MUST GET ONE!


Hope all is well this week. I've been away from Jillian's pages but I'm still lurking around! ;-)

Hi Dana!
sorry for the belated comment, but my laptop crashed this weekend so I'm trying to catch up for Pink Saturday.

I had such a great laugh and Stella is such a cutie! You make me laugh and I appreciate all of your posts!

Deanna :D

My Boys and I would go crazy in a store like that! Stella's looking quite 'dolled' up. Good to catch up on her journey...

Wow, you are funny, and Stella is a lucky girl to visit a Bass Pro Shop full of pink! Who knew? I have an Ugly Stick rod for fishing for Musky in Northern, Wisconsin.I want to trade it in for a pink one! My son is a 17 year old Junior Bassmaster World Champion and is sponsored by Bass Pro Shop. I did not know that I could actually have a pink reel to fish for bass with. I want one of those too!

I really really loved one of the light pastel pink fishing reels
any way of figuring out what reel this was? the pink reels right above the picture of the ugly stik rods...

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