May 31, 2009


Dana, I love your patriotic flair on your porch! Just precious! You always do things so well, and this is just more evidence. Fun and bright and cute! Love the arrangement on the shutters and the bandanas, too!

Happy Porch Party!


Sheila... who was late arriving and am now first up, LOL! ;-)

How totally NOT shocking that your porch is gorgeous! I love the mop bucket...and the daisy arrangement..and that old Uncle Sam bank...the whole thing just looks festive and marvelous!

Hi Dana, Your porch is fantastic and I love all your decor touches. Everything is special and you have some unique flower displays. The patriotic theme is perfect. The shutter display is a great idea.
So nice to meet you.
Have a great week.
Celestina Marie

Dana... what a festive party you and stone rabbit are throwing today! you can just leave those decorations up for the next couple of months!

loved teh party... now I have to run to the next one!

hugs and blessings. Dixie

Oh, what a cute porch..love all the flags. Everything looks so great. I have searched high and low for a basket such as this. I am just DYING for a daisy arrangement just like this for my porch. I just can't locate a basket shaped like this. Yours looks so so cute.
Thanks for that yummy cupcake and tea. I loved it all. I had a fabulous time at your porch!!
xo bj
Did you invite Bryan?? I didn't see him...did he leave before I got here? RATS!!

Yikes, Dana - your porch looks so gorgeous I feel like I should take my post down. I had such plans and then got sick! I adore all your wrought iron plant holders and your green green grass. I told my neighbor how much I'm loving his couch and he said "Yep, the further east you go the more couches you see on the porch" haha so not only am I a trash picker I have a couch outside! Well, I love that tiered server you made and the mop bucket and all the flags. Now I'm going to put my pink mask back on so I don't infect the rest of the world! xoxo Hillbilly Nan

Hip, hip, hooray. You and TSR have done it once again. Your patriotic theme is close to our hearts.

You have so many unusual pieces, and you are so creative in the way you use them in your displays.

You've done a great job with all of your plants, and I especially love begonias and asparagus ferns.

I'm off to my morning adventure. Please make sure you save a cupcake for me.

Dana, Everything is done up just so perfectly out on your porch deck! Using the mop bucket as a planter is such a cute idea, and even though you said you economized on the plants, everything looks so good! When it grows and fills in, everything will be so lush! Thanks for sharing your par-tay. :-) Sue

Ok, that is one GREAT porch!! I love how you used the shutters, and I didn't notice the hinges until you mentioned them! I love all the flowers.

Good morning Dana! What a wonderful porch you have. I especially love the old shutters and the old galvanized mop bucket!

Come visit my porch if you have time!

buttercream icing?! my favorite!! {add some toasted coconut and we've got the world's best cupcake!} :)
your daisy bouquet turned out wonderful. so pretty.
boy, that friend bonnie...you are a lucky gal to have her.
ps we will be at the downtown days in lee's summit this weekend. hope to see you and bonnie there!

wow! What a patriotic porch you have!
You have a gorgeous and restful place to relax!


You have a theme for this party...I love it! The planters and all of the decor is so cool. I love the bunting on the railings and that you used hammered aluminum outside. The cupcake looks mighty delicious too.

I LOVE your patriotic porch theme and the cupcake was delicious....thank you!!!! Hope you are having a great day!♥

Dana, Iam happy to see your patriotic theme and I love your tree. Tell the stone rabbit I love the boa and the great job done in decorating.

Come and sit with me!

Hi Dana, this morning finds us in Yellowstone and it is beautiful here. Lucky, lucky us.

Now, for your wonderful porch party. Since I already had a little preview of your beautiful porch the finishing touches you made are nothing short of wonderful. I purposely did not show the photo I took on your porch when I was visiting you because I thought you were saving your photo for the porch party. I think I will post it on the fourth of July which is Saturday this year. It is festive and red white and blue. What do you think, is that ok with you? Ok, back to your porch and your lovely flowers and fun accessories. As always, you did a great job and Rhondi will love it as will our many blogging friends. And me too.

Bill is urging me to go have breakfast so I'm off to eat and explore the park.
Photos will follow this week. I'm loving it!!!!
Hugs xoxo,


Your porch is so inviting. Love all your little touches. Your daisy basket turned out so cute. I'm going to have to try and make one. I'm a shameless copier. Mimi

how fun! i love all your decorations but i really love that flag holder! so neat :)

Oh what a lovely post! Your porch is so pretty and I love all the patriotic details!!!! But your stone rabbit is my favorite of all :) Anyone who loves bunnies is a friend of mine :) The cupcakes looks sooo yummy, my favorite! Thank you sao much for inviting us!

Happy Porch Day
I love the things you so cleverly repurposed...the lamp base that is a flage holder(pure genius), the mop bucket planter and that glorious bird feeder you bought at a craft show...that is a must have...
I love your mounted multiple flag holder and your lighted grapevine tree...
everything is so pretty and festive and I might say Stone Rabbit looks mighty dapper in red, white and blue

Hi Dana :)

Did you know that we "met" one year ago this week? I know this because we met at Rhondi's porch party last year! I thought "how cute is that stone rabbit and his funny mom?!" So did a lot of people ;)

Your porch looks so cute all dressed up. I'm really really really jealous of your mop bucket! I have to have one!! Tell Stoney I love his boa ;)


You have a great porch! I got so many ideas; I now have to have an old mop bucket, and a twig tree. I think I've got enough spare parts to make one of those rustic planters, too. THanks Dana and Stone Rabbit for the great tour...

Dana your porch is wonderful...I love all the vintage touches! Enjoy that porch!!

I LOVE all of your creative garden planters! I just went to the nursery today and bought some flowers. I can't believe it's June 1st!

Have a great week!

Your porch is so pretty Dana! I love how you used the shutters and I didn't see the hinges until you mentioned them! You did a great job with your daisy arrangement.

I think when we get home, I'm going to see about putting a tree of some kind on the back porch. I love your twig tree!

Wow, you did a great job! I love all the touches you used!! The ice tea and cupcakes look pretty darn yummy!

Hi Dana, I love your patriotic theme, everything is so nice. I have some of those chafing dishes in the attic, I see it's time to go get them and see what I can do with them. I really like the shutters and the daisy arrangement. The stone rabbit looks so festive in his boa and the cupcakes look fantastic!

Awesome pics! I love the floral arrangement in the basket! Gorgeous!

Dana, Your patriotic porch is beautiful and inviting! I just love it all!!! :) ~hugs, Rhonda

ADORABLE! love the sweet details like the bandannas and buckets. very nice and all set for the 4th, too!


What a lovely porch party! And so many clever ideas! I love the shutters and the daisy basket, and your placemats and napkins! Your flower pots ... everything!

Have a lovely day!
Margie :)

very adorable porch Dana..I like the red,white and blue color theme. I think all your accessories are perfect and not over done. I too have 2 mop buckets and LOVE them. I love to put Bacopa and Lavendar in them. I think I'll try the Lantana too.

Dana, the porch is so pretty & patriotic. I'm loving the bird feeder & your twig tree.
Great idea painting the pots. I have one in need of some paint & you've given me an idea! ☺♥☺ Diane

Sooooo many great ideas!!

I enjoyed your Porch Party!

Your porch is gorgeous Dana! I love all your decorative touches and all the idea you incorporated from other creative bloggers. You are all so inspiring.

I wish I had a porch ...but it only exists in my dreams.

Is your new grandchild expected soon?

Hugs, Pat

Everything looks so nice Dana! I kept my patio simple this year and I really like it.

Thanks for sharing! Hope all is well with you!!!


Hi Dana - Your pictures gave me some good ideas for my own porches. I never thought of painting plastic pots before - good idea! I also like your flag stand and your rusty plant holders. Everything looks very, very nice!

I would love to know where you found your multiple flag holder. That is the cutest ever.


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