May 26, 2009


OH No! Which one broke, Dana?

I wish I could help, but I never got a chance to buy one of those famous S&P sets from Target.

So sad. Good thing the Stone Rabbit is made out of stronger material!

Hugs, Pat

Uh Oh!! I'm sorry one of your birdies broke. The wind must have blown one out of the nest.

Oh No! Did this just happen today? Poor, poor stone rabbit - he feels so bad so don't tell him I was hysterical at seeing his tear. I'll watch out for another one for you! So you might come to Texas - that would be wonderful to meet and spring is the perfect time to come. You will love Round Top and we'll just have to have a big ole blog get together! :)Nancy

Hi Dana, hooray, we have internet. We left MO. this morning and now we are in Estes Park, Colorado. We drove in rain most of the way. It is cold here and Rocky Mtn. Nat'l Park had snow. Tomorrow we will check it out. I hope we get some good photos to share.

I'm wordless about your little bird. Love your post as always. I hope Whitney can make the Stone Rabbit feel better. LOL.

I'm glad you liked my post for Sharleen. Did you see that Stan, the author of The Find, commented on my post today. How cool is that? I hope Sharleen liked it too. I had more photos, but at midnight last night I was too tired to do more.

Thank you for your sweet comments Dana, Bill says thanks too. I too had so much fun with the breakfast club!!! I loved that they left comments. I did go to your post and lifted the photo of all us, I hope it was ok.

Take care.


Too cute!!! The bunny looks so sweet with the tear in his eye!!! I love those little Target birds...so glad to see them out and about again!!! Oops I almost forgot the broken bird:(!

Have a wonderful Wordless Wednesday!!!

Dana, your poor poor birdie. Stone Rabbit's tear says it's okay and that real bunnies can cry.... and eat quiche, too, I bet! :-) Sue

OH - - - more than the concrete rabbit are crying over the spilled shaker!!! That's toooooo sad.

Thanks for finding me through Dixie's blog. This whole bloggy community is sooooo fun.

I participate in four memes, but don't want my blog to be ONLY memes, so I've cut it off at those. On Thursdays I do a twofer with Leigh's "Thrifty Thursday" and Deborah's "Vintage Thingies."

On Friday I do "Favorite Family Foto" and on Sunday I do a rerun your favorite posts from the past called "Sunday Favorites" hosted by Chari.

I'm liking what I see over here at your blog too!!!

Dear Dana,
So sorry your little birdie got so broke up over Wordless Wednesday and Stone Rabbitt has gotten very tender since whitney came to visit...lol
Happy Wordless Wednesday.
I LOVE...LOVE your pink saturday post when Jeanne came to visit...she is a doll. how wonderful you were able to meet her.

Oh oh...wait I have some glue to offer??! Sweet bunny shedding a tear..

Im so sorry your bird got hurt! But they pictures were great.

Hi Dana! Ooooh, I am sooo sad for your Target birdie! And I see that the Stone Rabbit is sad, too. Maybe his new friend Whitney will make him feel better....she surely is cute! I read about your visit with Jeanne...so much fun!! I love meeting other bloggers!! Hope you are having a great week!...Debbie

Hi Dana! Oh, No!! Disaster has struck. I wish I could comfort little Stone somehow! Poor thing. Just have a nice burial for little Target bird and run, don't walk to the nearest Target and get another set! Then Stone have have the leftover birdie for his playmate!
BE a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

oh no the poor bunny! cute photos though!

I'm speechless. ;-(

OH IT MAKES ME SO SAD.................ANN

OH NO...how in the heck did THAT happen?!?!

So sorry your birdie was broken. I'm sure bunny didn't mean to do it. Warm wishes, Esther

Hi Dana
Happy Wordless Wednesday,
Please give Stone Rabbit a big ole hug from me.
I am so sorry about his
little feathered friend.
Maybe you and I can cry for Stone Rabbit so he can just be his strong tough self.
Blessings to you sweetie .

Ohhh, the other little birdie looks so lonely now. It's always sad when a bird falls out of it's nest...

My stone goose says to give Stone Rabbit her sincere condolences.

Linda C

Oh nooooo, I'm speechless!! Poor little bird....

Oh, no! I'm so sorry, Dana... :-(




Oh no Dana!!! I couldn't believe it...there were no words...poor birdie and poor Stone Rabbit. I hope you can replace him...
have a lovely evening...otherwise...

Dana! That's terrible! I know how much you loved them.

Hope you didn't get too much rain.

Thank you so much for stopping by earlier and agreeing to pray for Connor!!! It means the world to me that you would do this!!!

God bless you!!! Have a wonderful evening!!!

Your poor birdie! The SR looks really sad and I can understand it completely!

OUCH! I feel a tube of crazy glue has to come to the rescue.

The birdies looked so cute in the tree. Sorry one fell out of the nest!

Hi Dana, thinking of you for about a minute. We just came back from a two mile hike where half the trail still had snow. This is a 60 second message because I am about to collapse for a nap. LOL.

Have a great day.


Sorry about your birdie ...
but Stone Rabbit shows his love and concern.

Thanks for sharing with us once again.

Betty in Oklahoma

The birdie...NO!!! It was really cute. Now you have to search for another. Thanks for sharing. I like the bunny!

I got a set of the Target shakers, too. I did comment that they seemed top heavy, and who would have designed them like that. I'm sure your's won't be the only one broken. So sorry. It looks like it broke mid-shoot.

Well, he's in birdie heaven now, or maybe salt and pepper shaker heaven. I'm not sure which. Mimi

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