June 19, 2009


What a beautiful tribute to your lovely sister...and her daughter is gorgeous...

What sweet memories of your sister. I am sure your niece is so happy to be so close.

I was profoundly touched by your post. The way you positioned the pink material to describe what you were saying is just brilliant. I'm so sorry for your loss but what a wonderful gift to have your beautiful niece so near to you. I'll remember this post forever as being one of the most touching and most poignant I ever read.


Such a beautiful post and tribute to your sister. I am sure she is smiling down on you from heaven while you are making different things out of her pink material! Your niece is beautiful.

Dana - thanks for sharing your story about your sister - I was so moved reading it. Oh my - she was so young - it's so hard to understand. You wove such a nice story with the pink fabric and I understand completely why you keep it as is. I have a piece of my mother's fabric that she never finished and I have never been able to do a thing with it other than take it out every so often. Your niece is just gorgeous - and there's that red hair again. Now that is something spectacular that you redheads have going on in your family. Wonderful, wonderful post. You're such a talented writer. xoxo Nancy

Dana, what a poignant tribute to your sister. I am happy that you have a living memory of your sister in her daughter and that she is close by. Big hugs to you, Sue

Dear Precious Dana,
I think my throat is swelling shut from the tears that are trying to explode out of me.
wow...I just used up a box of kleenexes. I'm sorry, but I just have one sister, 2 years a part and we live miles a part.....that was the most beautiful post with the pink wool and how it just so resembled your sister watching over your shoulder as you posted.
I am a weeper over every thing...fun, sad, romantic, hurt feelings.....you are quite a lady and although I am 54 I hope to grow up to be just like you.
you are an awesome lady
hugs and love to you

Dear Dana,
I forgot to say what a very beautiful niece you have...you can tell you are related and how very beautiful to have her living close to you. God is good to us.
My precious grandma was a red head.

What a beautiful post and such a lovely niece. Happy pink Saturday

A lovely tribute.

Dana- I enjoyed your post. It was a real tribute to your sister. I felt like I was standing beside you watching you go through life. Your neice is a lovely girl- i am glad she settled near you.Sweetpea Sue

Well Dana I am so glad I read this before I put on my makeup cause big ole tears are rolling down my face. What a beautiful tribute to your dear sister. Your niece is so beautiful and isn't it wonderful that she lives so close. You can tell you are related because your faces favor one another.♥ The circle of life continues on.......

Oh Dana, this is such a lovely post and loved reading it tot he end. I know you didn't meant for this to be a sad one but I did feel it - a little. No wonder you couldn't bring yourself to alter that fabric in any way possible - it is perfect the way it is. And I'm so glad to hear that somehow, someway things turn around and you get to have family living close to you

Happy Pink Saturday!

Dana, I'm just sobbing, that tribute to your sister is awesome! Funny how the oddest things, like fabric bring back such vivid memories. You and your niece are both so lovely and so blessed to live near each other, I'll bet your mom and sister are smiling down on you!

Absolutely wonderful, beautiful tribute to your sister, and thanks for sharing this story.

OH Dana; What a touching and lovely story about your sweet Sister. She sounded like a great friend to you and you to her. How Blessed you both were to have each other even for such a short time... and know your beloved niece to live so close to you, not to mention having part of your dear sister in your niece, the best of both...

Hope your weekend is a lovely one, I just love that Pink fabric, and I would not be able to cut it either...


Tears all over my keyboard, thanks for sharing such a beautiful story of the love you have in your heart. Happy Pink Saturday

Such a lovely and touching tribute to your sister. I can relate how not being friends while growing up, but as we mature and have families of our own, we become the best of friends. Great photo shoots of the pink fabric and agree, it should be left as is and passed on with your story.

As I read your post, I thought how wonderful it would have been to have a sister as special as you. What a neat tribute. I know she is looking down and sending you her love. I close now, cause I have to find a kleenex!

What a sweet,loving tribute to the love you shared with your sister. I think maybe I should go call my sister now.
Have a lovely Pink Saturday.

dana, this must have been so hard to write about. i lost my sister in march of 2008 and my brother the november before. i still think of them both often and it breaks my heart. loving memories and loving friends and family have helped but i know it'll take a long time to begin to heal. thanks for sharing your story. happy pink week!

Dana, you've made me cry again. This is such a wonderful post, and a glorious and touching tribute to not only your sweet sister, but also to a very special love. Your sister must have an extra glow seeing you with her sweet daughter. (And, I see that beautiful red hair runs in your family.) God just gives us so many wonderful gifts, doesn't he?!

Happy Pink Saturday, dear friend. I would have loved to have a sister of my own, but I have been blessed with wonderful friends.

wow, what a sweet story, you can feel the love you had for her in your words.

I really enjoyed your story and the walk down memory lane with you. I was thinking, what a great piece of fabric to curl with in a chair with a book. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

Dear Dana, what a lovely tribute to your sister. The way you arranged the fabric in so many different shapes added so much to the post - the idea that you won't change the fabric, but that it can be what you need it to be. Beautiful. I lost my brother when he was 44 - almost 20 years ago. It is so hard, isn't it? Happy Pink Saturday.

Your post touched my heart so deeply. I hope your weekend is spent surrounded by those you love and is filled with sunshine.

Dana, what a lovely memory and tribute to your Sister, you have me in tears here! But that's okay because I just enjoyed your ending with the happy story of your neice. She looks a lot like you!!!!!

Happy Pink Saturday.

What a sweet story and such wonderful memories! Your niece is beautiful...love that red hair!! That pink fabric is full of memories and will always be treasured.

Dana...this is such a wonderful tribute to your sis. Ican;t even see my screen...hugs, bj

Aww Dana, your post today is sad, happy and sweet all rolled into one. I have never had siblings but my husband, Mike, has two. One in Independence and one in western Kansas.

Today we all spent the day together in Independence celebrating the birth of a new great-niece. I took pictures of Mike and his sisters together, as I always do.

On the drive home to Raymore, I said, "It must feel nice to have sisters." He replied, "My sisters think of you as their sister." I almost cried.

What a special story and tribute to you sister.

What a lovely tribute to your sister. I have been wearing a turquoise bracelet lately that reminds my of my dad who died almost 5 years ago. He bought it for me when we traveled through New Mexico on an Indian Reservation when I was 13.

I also have leftover fabric from my grandmother when she used to sew dresses for me and my sister when we were younger.

Such wonderful memories. Thanks so much for sharing!

what a beautiful post. your niece looks a lot like you and i bet she looks a lot like her mom. that's great that she lives nearby. very special. i love the pink fabric. i love that you expressed your love for your sister with the fabric in so many ways. how wonderful.

I just found your blog and read about the pink fabric and your sister. How awesome that you now have the fabric. The way you positioned it was very beautiful. I have two sisters who live nearby and I never miss an opportunity to be with them and let them know that I love them.
Thanks for such a wonderful story and I know you are glad to have your niece nearby.


BEAUTIFUL post, MIL. I loved reading about your relationship. You are so blessed with your way with words (and pictures). Simply beautiful.

Love, DIL

Dana your niece is beautiful. Her mom must have been a knock out.
I have one sister, and sometimes it's hard to ever think of her "gone". She has been beside me through all the good, and the bad also. More good than bad, thank God.
Memories can be different for all of us. I adore the pink "undone" piece of fabric. Cherish it, use it like you have done today to keep her near and dear to your heart.
Love you
Love Claudie

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