June 23, 2009



Crack me up, Stone Rabbit!!
It does feel better, doesn't it? Is that your little cousin spraying you?

Amen to that sister! Missouri is hotter than - well, it is hot!

Try to stay cool.


excellent choice and a perfect photo depiction as always... we're under water rationing here in South Texas... Ricky and I so thankful that we have our own well for watering the garden...

your surprize is in the mail today... i hope you like it... i have a feeling you will..

lots of hugs... Dixie

Good one Dana! You're so clever! ☺ Diane

I bet even the stone rabbit is hot today. That should feel good.


too cute! can i join in next time?

What a cool looking Stone Rabbit - he's a smart one!

Thank you, Dana, for your sweet comment about Lilly - she loved cats so I'm sure she'd love your little kitty.
xoxo Nancy


This cracked me up!!

Hasn't it been hot as Hades??? Unbelieveable.

Great idea Stone Rabbit! We seem to have gotten our August weather in June too! Happy Wordless Wednesday.

Don't you just hate it when your hare gets wet???

Happy Wordless Wednesday Dana and Stone Rabbit,
Daddy said with us having August weather in June...all the gardens are going to burn up.
I have a frog sprinkler like your darling rabbit sprinkler.

Again Stone Rabbit has the right idea!!!!

Awwww I LOVE that little rabbit sprinkler...TOO cute!

i LOVE it!!!!!

hi dana :) a picture says a thousand words ^^ he he happy WW ...Kitti

Oh, this is too cute!!! Can I join in on the fun??!!

Happy Wednesday!! :-)


Hi Dana! I love visiting your WW posts...always something unexpected! I heart that bunny sprinkler! Our drought is officially over and we can water, too...yaaay!! Happy WW!...Debbie

Great idea for WW.

Oh, Dana! You're a hoot and I love ya! That Stone really knows how to enjoy his summer!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :0

LOL! that's a cute picture! He must be in Texas...100 degree heat all week long!

How cute! I've never seen a sprinkler like that before either. Looks coooooool. :0)

I'm glad you're taking such good care of TSR. Does he stay inside during the summer heat? ;-)

LOVE it!

You are so creative. :)

Dana, I am still having trouble getting through to typepad bloggers. I have changed my browser, so lets see if this goes through. I have written a comment on this post three times and nada.

By the way I love this wordless post.





The great thing about joining a new Meme is to meet new bloggers and find blogs that we will enjoy following day after day. Sometimes there are time restraints in reading past posts and profiles and deciding whether or not to follow (and I follow way too many blogs!). I was so touched to find that you scrolled back on some of my posts and that the empty nest post in particular touched you in the way you explained. I think your words resonated more with me than the initial comments from my blogger friends, that being because the awe I felt when so many ladies responded with their hearts and poured out their feelings. You took the time to go back on my blog (which is always humbling) and your words were that extra push I need to continue to hit on subjects that may not always be all sunshine and clear skies...

As I said, sometimes I am in a rush to visit all the participants of a Meme and I never join in on one unless I can do that. But I am sorry that yesterday I didn't get the chance to "feel out" the new blogs and that was a disservice to you and myself. That said, I read a little more and got to the post about your sister and it was my turn to get that "this is me talking" feeling. My sisiter died a year and 1/2 ago. Her death happened faster than I anticipated and I reeled from it for a long time and think I am still in denial. If you ever want to read my one & only post on her, I wrote it at the end of December, '08, I think... somewhere around then.

I am so happy you came to visit and left this reaffirming comment, and not only should I start to dig a little deeper in my posts, but I should dig a little deeper in the blogs I visit. I might miss out on following a wonderful one like yours...

Your new friend (and follower!!!)


Me again! Don't have typepad and can't find where I go to follow...

Nice to meet you!

boy howdy it has been hot!!
stay cool little bunnies...

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