June 21, 2009


Cute post! Did you see that Mary and Ben had the opportunity to meet Jane Albright? She stopped us in Crown Center b/c she fell in love with Mary's toe-worn ruby slippers and asked if her husband/photographer could photograph Mary's feet! I imagine we might see that photo in a future display someday! Neat, huh?!!!

A Wizard of Oz birthday party...what a great idea. Miss Mary will be turning 5 in August and has been in love with Dorothy since she saw the movie...around the same age as your grand girl!

Such a cute post, Dana!! I wish we could have taken Miss Gabi. She would have loved it!

Good to see you!! I didn't know about this exhibit but it looks wonderful.

What an enjoyable day you must have had. And during the month of February no less.

how fun! that's my kind of place. maybe someday i'll get to visit there. i love the Wizard of Oz!

Dana... what a wonderful exhibit! and you got to take sweet grandgirl to see it... I think I'd have been tempted to touch Glenda's dress too...she's my favorite...

I have a little surprize I'd like to send you... would you email your mailing address to me? I'm not going to tell you what it is... it just said "Dana" to me... and since you've given me so many smiles.. I'd like to send one to you...

hugs. Dixie

Wow, that was a wonderful exhibit...especially for a little girl on her birthday!!

What a magical outing for her! I'd be wanting to touch everything too. :) xo xo

What a fabulous exhibit! REALLY neat!

Dana, That was a cool exhibit. I hope it visits our museum here - or I Hope we didn't miss it. Such a fun day for a cute little Grandgirl! ~ Robyn

That's one of my all time favorite movies, I didn't realize it was that old. Of course, I've been watching it for 50+ years, so I shouldda had a clue, huh?

Hi Dana :)

That looked like so much fun! I would have touched her dress myself and I'm not 3 LOL

I think we'll have to go there someday soon :)


What a neat birthday celebration idea.

Great story and cute pics! Sounds like it was a fun exhibit and great for the kids!

How fun! Did you buy your grand girl the dress and slippers for her party?

Can't wait for Part II.

Hi Dana - I hadn't heard about this and it looks wonderful. The picture of her in the balloon is absolutely adorable. I loved these pics - who doesn't love The W of O??? One of the munchkins lived here in Pflugerville and I would see him and his tiny wife in the grocery store and was just starstruck! Your granddaughter has the most amazing head of red curls - gosh she's adorable. Thanks for showing us the exhibit. xoxo Nancy

Hi Dana
Thanks for stopping by for a cup of tea. It really cheered me up! That Oz exhibit looks like a lot of fun. I love the red hair on your grand daughter.
Hugs, Rhondi

I hope this is going on a while longer cuz I see a trip in our future!!

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