July 30, 2009


What a great trip. Happy birthday, Dana! May it be filled with lots of pink.

Happy birthday road-tripping to you! i can't wait to hear all about it when you return.

Happy Birthday Dana! Have a most enjoyable road trip with your friends. Better check that Lug bag before you leave, TSR may be a stow away.

Have so much fun! Happy Birthday and find lots of goodies!!

Happy Bairthday, Happy Road Trip, and Happy Pink Saturday.

What a wonderful trip!!
Love all the pink!
I love Independence!!
Love, Sue

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday dear Dana,
Happy Birthday to you.

I hope you're having fun -
and taking lots of pink pictures.

Oh, and Happy Pink Saturday, too.

July girls rock!!! ;-)

Happy Birthday Dana! What a fun way to celebrate!

It was my hubby's b-day on Wednesday.

Have a great week!

Happy Birthday Dana! I hope your road trip is FABULOUS! Love the cherries!

Good morning Dana. I wish I could be with you on your birthday road trip. I'm guessing you are shopping right now. I used to go on road trips with my sisters who are still in the antique business. Those days were so much fun. I miss it soooo much. Love your PS adventure on the road. I can see you are having sooo much fun. Your T shirts and hand bags are too cute. You are definitely a PINKIE. Me too!

My birthday wish is two days late, I think your BD is July 30th. Just think, Pink Saturday gets you LOTS of birthday exposure. All the better!!!!!

Love ya...Jeanne

Happy Birthday Dana! What a fun way to celebrate!


Dana--Happy Birthday! How fun to celebrate with a road trip, blogging friends, and shopping--an unbeatable combination! I may have to look into that sale for next year. Hope your grandson is doing well!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Lovely pink finds!

~ Gabriela ~

Happy Birthday!
That shopping trip looked fabulous!
Have a perfectly pink day!

Happy Pink Birthday, Dana!! I just know you are going to have a great road trip and come back with the best stuff and the funniest stories. I can't wait to hear!

Have fun!

Happy Birthday Dana!

I am tickled pink with your finds. What a wonderful way to spend your birthday...shopping with close friends.

Happy Pink Birthday.


Dana ~ Where is it you are going for this sale? Would love to know!

I am sooooo jealous! A road trip with the girls! How divine and I love, love, love your t-shirts...Junk Master...lol. And your matching bags...what a hoot! What fabulous friends you have Dana. I went on a day trip antiquing yesterday and we had a blast. (future post). I didn't do Pink Saturday today but I had to some see what my bud was up to. xo Lynn

Happy Birthday Dana!
Have a wonderful trip:))))

I just ran away last week with my girlfriends... have FUN!


I know I sound like a broken record but it's raining and cold again this weekend in Michigan. Summer, sadly, may never make it north so ♥Pink Saturday♥ is one of the bright spots in my day! Thanks so much for participating this week and giving me a little lift out of the clouds☺

Love all your rabbits LOL. Happy Pink Saturday and it sure looks like you had fun at the sale.

What a wonderful thing to do for your birthday! That yardsale looked great and I love those pink flip flops! Happy birthday and happy pink saturday.

Happy, HAPPY Birthday to you Dana!! That big sale looks like a GREAT one! Oh, I wish I could come along on some of your ventures...you gals have too much fun!!!

Happy Birthday and Happy Pink Saturday, Dana! Your trip sounds like such fun!

what a great day and love all the pink that you found

Oh how FUN! I love your wardrobe but your luggage cracked me up! Yep - looks like you guys were bound to be trouble on the road! Happy Birthday to all of you! xoxo Nancy
PS Check your email...I'm still laughing.

Fun outing! I went with two friends to a flea market today but the only pink thing I got was a little bit of a sunburn. Some other stuff though!

Happy Pink Saturday!
Robin@Miscellaneous Thoughts

Happy birthday! I enjoyed your post.
Have a nice week ahead.

Happy Birthday, Dana! I've been on a blog break but wanted to come by to wish you a very Happy Birthday!!! Hope it was wonderful, and from the looks of things, it was. I adore those Wild Raspberry girls. They are so sweet. Looks like a great road trip. Can't wait to see what you bought!


Sheila :-)

Your shopping trip sounded like a lot of fun! Happy Birthday, by the way. Love the cherry covered bags and those pink flip flops. Enjoy your next trip. Come and visit with me at Bunny Cottage. Vicki p.s. Sorry for commenting so late for Pink Saturday.

How fun!!! A birthday road trip!!!! Hope you found lots of great stuff! Can't wait to read all about it!

Wow, I see at least half a dozen goodies I'd want to take home in those photos. I gotta check out those girls with their aprons!

Happy Birthday Dana! It looks like you gals had a great time, but then again you always do ;)

Happy Birthday to your granddaughter too! Her party looked spectacular!


oh boy...i'm glad you can't see the sweat that was dripping off of me!!
we had a great time meeting you and "my friend bonnie"
hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration!!!

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