July 24, 2009


Hey! Can't believe I'm the first to post. Been so long since I took the time to read any blogs. Your's, of course is my fav. Glad you had a good time and thanks for the tour of the store - it is indeed awsome. I was last there when Stan Williams had his book signing of "The Find". Mary Carol was, as always, a delightful host. Love her tablescapes - love your purchases!

Ooooohhhhhh, so much eye candy - I didn't know where to look first! I would be in heaven in this store!!! (I might break the bank too...) Great post Dana! I love your shopping tours - they're sooo much fun to read about!

So happy to hear that little grand baby is doing well. So when do we get to see another picture!!!! ☺ diane

Dana... Looks like you guys had a wonderful time... love your great buys... i thought you might get that little birdie in the first photo for stone rabbit... he'd probably like that!

Happy to hear that grand-boy is doing well... sending hugs and happy P.S.


Dana, I'm so happy to hear about your grandson doing better!

That is a NEAT store, and I want that black cabinet! What a fun piece. Glad you had fun with Jeanne.

Happy Pink Saturday...


Sheila (come sign up for my giveaway!)

Happy Pink Saturday, dear Dana. I have to say that the pink pillow is very flattering to you and Jeanne. ;-)

That looks like just the kind of store I could leave some money in. I saw a lot of things to love.

What a wonderfully fun day, Dana! Your purchases and the store look perfect. There is a store in our town which looks very similar, though not the same name. What fun to meet a fellow blogger!

Wow - that looks like a fabulous shop and what a fun trip. My friend Judy has one of those pillows and it is sooo cuddly. Wonderful news about the new baby boy...so glad that he's doing good and aren't new babies (and old babies for that matter LOL) just the most wonderful thing? Have a wonderful day, Dana.

xo Nancy

Happy Pink Saturday! Isn't Nell Hill's just the best. The rabbit cake stand stole my heart...hugs ~lynne~

LOL! Of course you found something pink! Dana can always find it...

What a lovely store. Gave me some good ideas for doing our living room and I've been stuck on a paint color. Thanks, Dana!

What a super idea. I wish that every area did this kind of thing. It looks as if everyone had a super time. Happy Pink Saturday.

Dana ~ first I am so glad your grandbaby is doing well! Thanks for showing us Nell Hill's - I think I will have to take a trip across the state and visit. It looks beautiful!

Happy PS!

Sounds like a lovely trip! Good buys too!
Happy Pink Saturday!

what a gorgeous store and a gorgeous friend.

Happy Pink Saturday!

What a fabulous shop!
I love everything in it!

~ Gabriela ~

Good morning my wonderful friend. Your post today is up to your usual perfection. Maybe because 'we' and our friends are the stars, sort of! Nell Hill's is such a beautiful store and I can't wait to post all about it. I haven't even downloaded my pics yet. The pink pillow photo is a hoot. Maybe we should have closed our eyes. LOL. You sure captured the beauty of the stores artistic displays. I am waiting until I get home to unwrap my purchases. I just want to go home. I am homesick. keep thinking about the fun we had together and was sad when we had to say goodbye.

Love you my friend...Jeanne

LOL! I was wondering where the pink was! (leave it up to our men to keep us on point) Nice find!

Oooooo, that store looks absolutely devine! I saw lots of things I would have liked just from the few pics you had! Love what you purhased though!

So glad to hear your little Grand Boy is doing well. I'll still keep him and his family in my prayers!

Lucky you to visit that store with Miss Jeanne! It looks like a wonderful place. I love those green walls!
Have a wonderful weekend. I am glad to hear that your sweet grand baby is doing better.

Hi!! you and Jeanne are so pretty ladys!

fantastic post!


Hi Dana, Another fun day with Jeanne. I would have gone crazy in that store, too. I love all of the things that you bought. ~ Happy Pink Saturday! ~ Robyn

Hey Dana! First of all, Thank goodness that new little darling is so much better now. Yeah!! And cool that you met up with other blogger friends for a trip to that fabulous store. What fun! Happy Pink Saturday and weekend. xo Lynn

Hi Dana,

That looks like a FABULOUS store. If I am ever in the area I definitely want to go. I LOVE all of your purchases. How fun to meet Jeanne. She is sooooo sweet! I would love to meet both of you someday. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

I love all of your purchases! I look forward to seeing them in upcoming posts :)

The tablescape with the lantern is just gorgeous...I would love to visit there one day!

So glad to hear that your grandboy is doing well. I just love to feel their little baby breath when you hold them on your chest. So precious!

Have a great week!

Oh like you said, nothing can be more perfect that be with lovely company and in a beautiful place. Shops/stores are really more interesting to look at when they are displayed as if they were in one's home.

I can't get over that very tall centerpiece (that resemble a lamp post).

Love those tall rustic cloches. Ok now, battery operated candle and then back at Jeane, I saw a singing candle. How unusual!

Happy pink Saturday!


OMG Dana, What an awesome shop, I saw about nineteen things I would love to have including your wire cloches. I know you all had a great time, I could see in your smiles and the twinkling eyes. Glad you shared.


definitely a fun fun day! that store is amazing. love everything in it and everything you brought home, lol! it's good to see you again now that i'm back from vacation :)

Hi Dana - what a fabulous time you all had at Nell Hill's! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I would have had a hard time resisting everything in there. Happy Pink Saturday!

Had the Grands for a few days so I am a day late and a dollar short for Pink Saturday! We just had so much fun and time got away from me☺

But, I didn't want to miss all the pinkness that brings sunshine to my weekend. And, another cool, sun-less day. My gardens look horrible this year. Nothing is growing...sigh.

Your good news about your grandbaby is bringing a little bright spot into my day.

So, your sweet blog post is cheering me up! Thanks so much for giving me something pretty to look at other than the dark clouds outside my kitchen window.

Dana, I'm so sorry about the scare you and your family just went through with your grandson. I had no idea, because my computer wouldn't let me visit anyone's blogs and then it died on me. I'm so glad he's okay now! Thank God.

I'm glad you were able to meet Jeanne, but I'm so jealous I wasn't there to meet both of you and visit that wonderful store!

love to you,

Dana I see sooooo much love standing next to Jeanne. How wonderful to find such beautiful friendships through the internet.
I'm glad you all had fun.
I love your watermelon post. So glad baby is doing well.
Your the best!
Happy PS
Love Claudie

I would SOOO love to shop there in person some day! I have one of her books. Very talented lady!

Thanks for the tour! My blogger friend from Omaha and I are going to finally meet and make that our field trip...Nell Hill's! Can't wait to get there in person! :o)

Hi Dana!
I saw your photo on Jeanne's blog thsi morning and had to come by and say "Hi" and tell you how good you looked also, and how glad I was that two of my favorite bloggers had a chance to meet!! Nell Hill's looks like a fantastic store to shop in ...I would have been so tempted by many things ..that black window doored cabinet...oh wow! Loved that!

I'm so happy to read that your grandson is continuing to do well. Keeping him and your family in my prayers!

Hugs, Pat

Hi Dana, just sent you an email!

Love ya...Jeanne

ps. I am having trouble with my comments posting again. I switched my browser, I hope this posts

wow- I am on overload from seeing all the great items! I want it all:)

So glad to hear that your new grandbaby is doing well:)

I'm off to comment on the OZ birthday party:)

Linda C

Pink sure puts a smile on my face! Funny - when I began reading, for a moment I thought that the "PINK" item you found was the rabbit - I figured- "if not colored pink the "shaped" pink" - ha-ha, silly abstract me :)

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