July 15, 2009



I'm so glad to hear that eveything is okay, I knew it would be.

Jill xoo

Wonderful news Dana! Loved that sweet picture of hubby holding that precious little guy. Bet your little grand Miss is going to be very clever & crafty like her Grandma! ♥ Diane

That is FABULOUS news but I just knew he was going to be just fine. It sounds like you and the Granddaughter had a wonderful time. I bet the Stone Rabbit was in on the fun too!!!♥

Dana so relieved to hear everything is back to normal. I'm sure it seemed like an eternity until you got the good news. Take care and get some rest.

Dana... I am so happy to hear that Grand Boy is home and healthy again. He had us all worried... and sweet little Grand Girl had to warm your heart during her visit...

Grand Kiddos... they are a blessing.

hugs. Dixie

Praise our Lord. I am so glad that little dear is at home with his family.

Great news! Warm hugs to all of you.

Such good news!!

That's wonderful! I am so happy for you!

Dana, I am very glad to hear that your new grandson is home with his loved ones. Precious pic of his grandpa holding him. Hugs, Sue

I am relieved to hear the good news. So happy for your family!


Great news about your sweet boy, Dana!

Looks like you and grandgirl had a very productive visit!

Wonderful, wonderful news!
I'm glad you updated us on the wee one.

Praise the Lord for answered prayer. This little boy will be blessed his entire life.

Betty in Oklahoma

Dana, so thankful he is home and ok.

I thought of you yesterday when I was in Target and saw a darker stone rabbit☺

God is Good!

This is such wonderful news. I'm so happy for you and your family.

I love your blog. I wish you were my next-door neighbor. You seem to have so much fun with life! You always give me a smile.

Congratulations on the birth of your new little grandson. How precious he is. He most certainly did give everyone a scare and I'm happy to hear that that seems to be resolved. I hope all the very best.

Its so precious that you had your little granddaughter to keep you busy...*s*...you had lots of fun things to do too.

thank you for sharing..
all the best!!

Oh, I'm so relieved to hear that he's all right.

Grandkids: it's wonderful when they come, and wonderful when they go!

Dana, so wonderful to hear the good news on your dear grandbaby. Praise God.

Deanna :D

Dear Dana,
I am just "PRAISING THE LORD," and the staff of the hospital for such glorious news for GRAND BOY.
With "tears of joy" it is so wonderful to hear good news. He is so precious.
Angel Hugs

Dear Dana, God is so good. I know you all are so happy that everything is ok and Grand Boy is home. Praying for his continued good health,

Purple Hugs,

Dana I am so sorry that it has taken me this long to catch up with your wonderful blog. You have been through quite a scare. It is so frightening when such tiny babies have to go throw spinal taps. I am happy for you that he is home. I will be following from here on, and I am just catching up reading your older posts.

Praise the Lord, Dana! I am so happy that all turned aout well --I was so worried.

Enjoy that little blue bundle of joy!

Hugs, Pat

Dana - I am just now reading both of these posts...I read on facebook about the baby being admitted to the hospital and my heart just dropped. Came straight over here and saw your last post. Can't imagine how scary that must have been - you and your family are in my prayers. Thank God he is okay. Rest up so you can take care of both those darling little ones. Sending loving hugs your way...Nancy

I am so glad your new Grandson is doing well now, and is going to be okay! I love the picture of him in his grandfather's arms. God is so good and cares very much for us.


I'm so happy everything has turned out for your new little grandson and your family! Sending you lots of love and hugs!!!

OMG! I thought you had ANOTHER grand baby... my mind is not clear today... just shoot me! LOL

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