July 07, 2009


I have one of those culprits here also...I have started to label my box of ice cream..it doesn't work....but I feel a little better!

Oh man!!!!! I hope you ended up getting some more ice cream to share!

I just called my husband in from the porch to read this post. I howled. He said, "That's what I do, leave a couple spoonfulls for you." I feel your pain.

The "he" at this house frequently does the same thing, only I don't have a stone rabbit to HELP me keep a glass half full attitude!!!!

Great post as ALWAYS Miss. Dana

Hi Dana,
I just spent the last 15 minutes reading post after post as I have not been around for a wee bit - and my goodness girl - your stories are so much fun! I think I am going to have to use your icecream story a bit in my kindergarten classroom next year. Don't you think it would be fun to write a story about 'who' ate the icecream and put the empty box in the freezer!!! Love the 4th of July parade - love the Wizard of Oz party - anything with glitter gets me going - and LOVE the false teeth!

That sounds so familiar!!! Poor SR looks so sad to have missed his ice cream cone! The poor little fella!

Dana, that Stone Rabbit is a guy after my own heart, and speaking of the Stone Rabbit... he got a shout out on my blog. I want you to come over and see his Spanish cousin... Pepe. ;-) I spotted him hiding in St. Augustine, but he wasn't quick enough for my Blackberry!

If your DH hadn't eaten the ice cream, I might have been accused as I have a special fondness for that creamy goodness. ;-)


Sheila :-)

Loved it, Dana!! I hope you replenished your supply of chocolate chip ice cream and got the first scoop!:-)

LOL... do all husbands do this? If Ricky empties the ice cream box and I find it... I just return it to the freezer for him to find when he's having an ice cream attack... ;)

happy summer!

We have that same culprit at our house. And, you might be shocked to learn that it is a male. ;-o

Same thing happened to me last night. A brand new jar of fudge sauce...oh, I couldn't wait and then...an empty carton in the freezer. It's a pandemic and it's sweeping the nation. Apparently affecting husbands in every state. We better slap some pink masks on them! Hugs to you and the SR, Nancy

Oh no, I thougt only my teenagers did that kind of thing...hehehe

You could have taken those exact pictures at my house with my teenage boys here.

Soooo sorry to hear this! Especially the part about the Tigers losing but the Tigers took 2 in the series!!!! :-D

Hope all is well! Can you believe my flamingo is still NOT in the garden! We have been too busy to look for him. Poor thing!

Have a great night!

Dana, another fun post...and yes this is a male disease. No way would we leave just a spoonful behind.

Similar story around here - it just happend to me the other day. ~ Robyn

MEN! No matter how hard we try to domesticate them...it's just a lost cause. LOL!

My kids do that with the milk!

Eating all the ice cream? Now, that's grounds for divorce!

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