August 07, 2009


What a cute little mug! It sure does seem to be a lifesaver for you...lol.

We used to have a Ben Franklin by where I grew up but they closed down long, long, LONG ago. How fun for you to visit one!!

Hope you and the Stone Rabbit have a wonderful weekend!

Oh how cute. I still find the occasional price tag on something from Ben Franklin. I really like that mug but it sure is keeping you busy. You'll have a message on it someday soon saying "Get off my back, already!" LOL Happy Pink Saturday to you and the stone gang. xoxo Nancy

What a cute mug! You are having too much fun with it. So you had a birthday! Happy Birthday!! We used to have a Ben Franklin, but it was closed several years ago. I didn't know there were still some around. Happy Pink Saturday!

This one is just too, too cute!!! Love the mug & you're sooo clever!!! ☺ Diane


I want to see that movie too. Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday.

Cute cute cute! I love that cup!!
Can't wait to see the movie! Meryl Streep is my hero!!

Oh Dana, you DO come up with the cutest blogging ideas!

That made me smile. Don't you just love Ben franklins I always go to the one at the Jersey Shore when we are there on vacation.

You have the most talented pets!!!! As always, I love your blog. We haven't had a Ben Franklin around for years and years. I remember (am I that old?) when they called them the five and dime! Happy PS!

Dana, that post cracks me up!!! I remember Ben Franklins, I loved those stores. How fortunate that you were able to find one still open and then be able to shop there. Remember penny candy!!??Happy Pink Saturday, Char

Always fun to stop by Dana.

I can always count on a laugh and a smile!

Glad you had a great road trip. If you ever come to Southern California you email me!!!

Bless you!!!


Dana, this is just precious. As always I love to see where stone rabbit is coming into the scene. Love that mug. I need one of those myself. Way to cool. Thanks for sharing on this beautiful Pink Saturday post honey. Please stop by and say hi. I love to have you visit. Country Hugs, Sherry

Hey Dana! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment! :D And what a wonderful mug! And love the many uses you found for it! As always, you crack me up!

yapping cat

That was fantastic. I need one of those mugs too!
Have a wonderful pink Saturday!

You have lovely pinks in your post !
Rini the Netherlands

Hi, Dana,
Cute post!! I probably need one of those chalk mugs to keep me in line, too. We had a Woolworth's in my town when I was growing up. My girlfriend, Pam, and I always had to pay a visit there to buy a "pearl" or "diamond" ring. Thank you for visiting Bunny Cottage. Have a super weekend. Vicki

Dana, cute and clever post. What a neat mug, I had not seen one before. The clothespin as an added touch is too funny. Loved our Ben Franklin store while growing up too, Wal-Mart is just not the same....
Have a great weekend!

The chalk mug is great! Your adorable Twiggy reminds me of my quirky gray tabby, Arthur. It's amazing how they get their point across, isn't it?

Happy Pink Saturday! Thanks for a wonderful, cheerful post! So clever!

I've never seen mugs like that, what a great idea. And a perfect gift for someone special too.

Please stop by The Old Parsonage anytime, I love company!


Hello Dana, we have been gone all day and just returned home. We drove to the Pisgah Inn for lunch and returned home. A drive through the mountains with my sister Jane Anne and her dh was great fun. The Pisgah Inn is about 100 miles away. A long way to get lunch!!! It was delicious.
Now I must get busy and visit my pinkies.

Dana, only you could make the cutest post with a mug. Not just any mug, a mug you can write on with a pink rim. I enjoyed it all. I don't know how you can manage without the help of the stone rabbit and his friend. Maybe he could be the boss once in a while.

My sister wants to see the Julie, Julia show too. We are anxiously waiting for it to appear in our small theater.

There is a story about the priest and the castle. I will post it soon. The castle was amazing.

I'm glad you had a very happy extended birthday. I remember the Ben Franklin stores too. I always loved to browse around those stores.


You are so clever with all the ways to leave a note to yourself. That mug is worth its weight in gold. Love it!
Joyce M

that's a really neat mug!

I love the Ben Franklin Store!! We had one of those when I was growing up!! Cute stuff!

What a great idea for a mug! I could really use one of those, as I forget why I walk into a room lately. You always come up with such great finds.

Happy Pink Saturday,


Hey Dana!

Thanks for stopping by! I remember going to Ben Franklins stores. That is where we bought all of my flowers for my wedding way back then.

Your new mug is way too cute! I didn't know that they made mugs for you to write on!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Happy Pink Saturday, Dana! Love the chalkboard mug! What a clever idea! Darling post!

Have a lovely weekend!


Hi Dana...this was such a fun post! I love to see unique pinks, and these were great! Love the kitty, too! Thanks for visiting my pink post today...I am also very computer challenged! This editing is easy - er!, not necessarily easy! LOL. But that's just me...I know how to type on this thing, that's all...everything else is Greek! Did you notice that the picture is gone from my header? I wanted to change it, and lost it, and don't know how to get another one on there! It's so frustrating, all I can do is laugh! Anyway, have fun with it...even with the mistakes, it's great to be in blogland!

Dana, I always love your posts! What a neat idea - a chalkboard on a mug. Perfect for those daily reminders. Boy, I miss Ben Franklin, too. There used to be one in the small town my parents lived in and we would spend hours there. There is a small one about 45 minutes away from me and now I am reminded to pay it a visit. Happy Pink Saturday!

As always Dana, an adorable blog post and always amusing. When I was a young crafter, Ben Franklin was a secret place tucked in the back of a shopping center. I loved that place. I could find all kinds of fun things for my projects. But it was more like a variety store then or a Five and Dime if you will. Welll....of course that old store closed up and they built a big new one. It's a wonderful crafting store but not as neat as the old store. Happy Belated PS.

What a cute and clever post!! I need one of those mugs (preferably in pink lol) Is that thing microwave safe?

Happy Pink Saturday!

First, I cannot wait to see the movie, second, I grew up in Marceline (just down the highway from Macon) and three, I didn't know Macon had a Ben Franklin! We used to have one here in JC but it went out of business years ago!

Darling post, and now I want one of those mugs!

I am SO LOVING that mug!!

haha...great post. Love that mug! Thanks for stopping by!

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