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August 04, 2009


Dana... I think you're just going to have to come south on your next vacation and visit your fans here in Texas!

hugs. Dixie

Hey Dana!

Isn't Dixie the best!!! I wrote her and inquired about some globe zucchini seeds and she sent me some! I can't wait to see my first round zucchini!

Your new bunny is soo cute and so is your new necklace!


You see, Dana. Everybody loves you and TSR, and everybody thinks you're a hip chic!

Hello Dana!

I'm taking some time to catch up, this morning. I enjoyed all the posts I've missed.

These are wonderful gifts. That great Missouri plate must be pretty old, because I didn't see the Arch anywhere!:-)

I enjoyed your trip to Nell Hill's!

God morning Dana, I have been so busy these last few days I haven't been over to visit. I'm so glad I am here today to see your wonderful treasures. What fun to receive gifts in the mail. I know you had a FUN birthday. The little bunny is a great addition to your collection. Did I ever tell you my daughter collects rabbits? She has so many!!! The Domino necklace is very clever. No wonder the stone rabbit loves it.

We have been working in our yard this week. It has been so wanting our attention since we were gone so much. We planted 4 knockout double pink rose bushes. Pink Saturday here I come. I have to mention that digging in clay is like trying to dig cement. LOL.

Have a happy day Dana.

Love, Jeanne

very sweet gifts you received! love the baby bunny :)

You have a busy mail carrier. What nice treasures. I can understand why the stone rabbit wears the necklace; it looks so good on him!

Great gifts you received! Maybe you could get Stone Rabbit his own necklace!

Dana, What fun to get packages in the mail! And Happy Birthday!!

Love these gifts- so sweet:) and so nice of Stone Rabbit to share them with you;)

Happy Thursday!
Linda C

What a fun necklace. Perhaps the Stone Rabbit will you wear it every other day. Or perhaps just on rainy day to cheer you up. Have a wonderful day.

What a fun package to receive, Dana! That necklace is adorable.

When my son was little and wanted to buy things at a store (mostly matchbox cars at the checkout lane), I told him, "Sorry, it's not a buying day." From then on,he would always ask if it was a buying day before we went out. Based on his behavior, I made the decision as to whether or not he could buy anything on our outings.
... Maybe you should tell the stone rabbit, "Sorry, it's not a wearing day!"

What fabulous goodies from your blogging friends! That new little rabbit is going to feel right at home.

Awww, you're a sweetie to notice all the trouble I went to with those pink s'es for the Stone Rabbit. LOL Actually he looks pretty good in your necklace and it keeps him off your State plate which could be trouble if you know what I mean! I love that new little Lacy girl from Dixie. She and I are like ships passing in the night...the day we moved our store out of Blue Hills she moved in there! Isn't life strange??? I so hope you and your buds get to come to Texas next year. We will have to have a BIG blog party. xoxo Nancy

Love the little bunny! Your necklace is cute too! Have fun on your little shopping trip!

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