August 11, 2009



I thought these guys were great from the beginning. I am sure no matter what, they have a career ahead of them!

I saw them last night! It is cool your family knows them.

Bob has had a couple of the dance teams at his school and he has seen the Beale Street Flippers while he was in Memphis.

This is pretty nifty Dana. I don't watch that show, but I think I might, after this!

How cool is that! I recorded the show but have not watched it yet. I remember them in the initial tryouts and they are very good in deed. You will be able to say "I knew him when....."

I agree with Stone Rabbit. Yahoo for the Texans!

they are great! that's so cool that you know one of them :)

I was soooo happy tonight when I saw them being voted into the semi-finals! They sing great and they LOOK pretty good too! LOL! So neat that your son and DIL know JC! I always watch American's Got Talent for the weird, wacky and wonderful talent that is so truly American!


Will wish these guys lots of luck. It is always nice to see someone with talent get a chance. Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving such a nice comment.

Wow, wow,wow, Dana, I am so excited for them. I love your story Dana. I hope the Texas Tenors WIN! I haven't watched this show. When will they perform? I know, duh!!! I watch very little TV. I wouldn't want to miss them.

Love ya, Jeanne

Love the post, MIL! Jen and JC will be thrilled to see it! Just an FYI to your readers, JC and Jen, his wife, are two of the nicest, most sincere people I have ever met. He is such a positive guy, always lifting others up, and he always has nice things to say to everyone. It's awesome when nice, genuine people do well in life. Please continue to vote for the Texas Tenors!!!

Love, DIL

That's awesome! I'll be watching!

The Texas Tenors have got my vote! Here's to them going all the way!

And, he's cute, too. Good luck to them. Please keep us posted.

How wonderful for them! He is really good looking...they all are, but him especially!!

Hi Dana...JC discovered your blog online, and he emailed me the link. I immediately recognized the house, and told him you are Nate's mom. Love the site, and thank you so much for the support!! They will be performing again on September 1st (8 pm CST, NBC). So, keep spreading the word, and VOTE! We need to help them advance to the finals! He's already in LA, and I'm headed out next week to cheer in the audience. Go Texas Tenors. Thanks again, Jennifer (JC's wife)

How fun to have a celebrity in your home!

(Like I said, I would stay all day here...but really gotta get!)

I need some help though! Before I leave, I want to add on to follow you...but I am on blogspot (blogger?) and you are on typepad. Help. How can I do this... like I mentioned also...I'm still such a computer/blogging newby!

Blessings & Aloha
...for now I guess I can add you to my bookmarks list.

I picked them for the start to win this contest. They are absolutely beautiful and are wonderful performers I just love these three!

I think the Texas Tenors would make a great act for Los Vegas. They would bring the housedown and I would certainly go to see them. Their style is so Vegas.

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