January 15, 2010


Oh Dana sweetie...
I am so glad that you and the stone rabbit received your little package of Pink Love. Giveaways are so much fun.

I love this post. Stone Rabbit is so happy to see a friend that didn't throw snow at him, and even more so, he has found a beautiful patch of grass. I love it sweetie.

Thanks for sharing today. What a sweet Friday post.

Country hugs and much love, Sherry

Looks like your snow scenes will soon be replaced by the promise of Spring. We haven't had snow for a few days, but I know that it's not over yet.

I'll bet that is a welcome sight. Snow is always so beautiful at first...until you have to drive in it, or shovel it and it gets all gray and dirty. Hope you guys are getting a warm up - what a winter, huh? Bundle up, stay warm and have a Beautiful day! xoxo Nancy

Hello Dana! It's been ages since I've seen your rabbit. Hope all is well with you!

Our snow has melted so we're not slipping and sliding anymore but it's still cold. The stone rabbit looks like he's freezing his concrete buns off, sugar!
Over from Claudia's Dipity Road

Hi Dana, isn't it wonderful to see bits of grass again? Even with the sloppy roads I'm screaming YIPPEE!! hope all is well your way..hugs ~lynne~

Morning Dana,

Aren't you glad your snow is starting to melt. How wonderful it must feel to see the grass again! Hopefully this weekend you continue to thaw out.♥

Oh, yes this is definitely Finding Beauty when you can see a patch of grass again. While we didn't have snow here in Florida, I am find beauty in the warmer temps.

Delightful post!

Really Dana...melting? It is a little milder today, but I know there's lots more to come. Hopefully the Stone Rabbit won't have to put his boots on any time soon lol
Happy FFB
Love Claudie

I'm glad that things are warming up a bit for you. We hit 40 degrees here today. Yay! Have a lovely weekend.

Oh Dana! That tiny patch of green grass is beautiful indeed! Loved your post today! It's always fun to see what the little stone rabbit is up to! ~tina

fun in the snow...so pretty

What a cute post, you should become writer for childrens books.

We also had our snow melting for the past couple of days. I am heading south pretty soon and won't be dealing with it.

Looks like he is ready for spring too! Cute, cute, cute!

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