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May 12, 2010


uggh, us too with the cold and rain. i wish it would go away!

We've been having the same DREARY weather here, too! Can't wait til it goes away but I like your positive attitude! Thanks!


We are having the same kind of weather up here this week- and I have to say that today, it's starting to get to me... I need sunshine:)

Looking forward to the promised brighter days this weekend!!:)

Great photos,Dana! Thanks for showing us the beautiful flowers-- that helps!!

Linda C

I'm glad you did manage to get a break from all the rain. We haven't had much rain, even when we had the tornado warning the other night. It is really dark and cloudy though tonight like it could pour at any time. Western Oklahoma is under the tornado warning right now. Hope it doesn't move our way later on tonight cause I really want to sleep!!!!!

The three of you make a great team. I sure wish we could get some rain. It is so dry here.

Your grass looks so green and healthy, and you'll be having pretty impatiens soon.

Storms came through again last night and this morning. We are in a bit of a lull, but still gloomy.

Izzie is a cutie.

Now I'm waiting anxiously here for the same sunshine to come out. Oh yeah! I need to have a day off too! This weekend?? (praying)

Hope you don't get too much bad weather up there; wish you could share your rain with us, I'd welcome it!
I see where you were in Texas a while back and visited Canton! Wish I'd known, I'd have driven over to say "Howdy" in person, since I'm only about an hour from Canton! Maybe next trip!

Izzy is so cute and those eyes, they look so bright. And I'm sure she and the Stone Rabbit get along so well. It's been cold and rainy here in NE, too. And windy, that I don't like! Have a great weekend and hope for some sun!

Hi Dana, I am sitting in our room at the Days Inn right now. We drove all day to arrive in Springfield, Ohio. We just had dinner at the Cracker Barrel. Tomorrow is the big extravaganza antique show and we will be there at 7:00am. I came to keep Caralie company. HA! I came because I love the hunt. We will shop two big outside shows and one day of antique shops. We will be home Sunday night.

Your post is very cute. Izzy is the cutest dog. He and the Stone Rabbit look like they are enjoying each other. I do hope your weather improves. My SIL Shirley, always complains about the weather in her area being so unpredictable. It is probably the same where you live since you are not that far away from each other. I hope your flowers are able to be planted soon.

We did have fun doing our garden. I do hope we have some luck with it. The plastic stays on all season. It prevents weeds. It is watered from the bottom only. Time will tell.

I am tired from riding all day and packing til late last night. I could fall asleep right now but will try to stay awake for a bit.
I AM taking pics to share next week.

Love, Jeanne

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