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May 07, 2010


Dana you are sooo funny girl!
I cracked up the whole time I was reading this.
I was suppose to go in and get this done but I have cancelled my appointment everytime for the past 4 years. The thought of drinking that stuff and the there she blows stuff, makes me run and hide! You are so brave.
I just love all the creative stuff you and the stone rabbit made with everything, and those bargain dessert dishes....oh my, what a deal!!
Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Mother's Day..

Good morning Dana, surprise an early visit. I am leaving in a few minutes to go to Atlanta for my sisters birthday. AND Scott's Antique Market. All the sisters will be together. I'll be back home tonight.

I gotta tell you this post is very funny. Only you would think of such a crazy thing. Ahem, I mean the Stone Rabbit. I love every bit of it. I love lemon and lime jello. I am also grateful your test was good.
Your creative juices were really going on this cute post. I know you laughed at yourself on this one.

I must go dear friend. Have a wonderful Mother's Day celebration with all of the special things the Stone Rabbit created. You give him way to much credit. HA!
Love you, Jeanne

That rabbit cracks me up every time! Happy Mother's Day to you!
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This was too funny and I love what you did with the remnants of your prep kit! I had mine done this past Dec. and the prep is always the killer! Being a nurse, I knew what was coming! The test itself is easy but the prep......Yuck!

Wow! I guess you really can re-purpose anything! That Stone Rabbit is just soooo darn smart!

Happy PS,

RAbbit is so crafty! LOVE IT! Also love that you went to Sonic immediately after the test, lol. Sonic-the cure for all :)

TSR is a very intelligent guy. I need to show this to Theodore.

Very glad your inerds are in good shape. I would have helped you with the lime Jello. It is my favorite.

Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Mother's Day, dear Dana. Your day sounds like it will be wonderful.

Ohhh,that sweet rabbit is such a helper. I'm so happy everything turned out so well. Happy Pinks and Happy Mothers day..

What a great story. Unfortunately, I know it's very, very true. I've been through it. Well, the first half. Not all that pinky present stuff. I'm glad you got a "clean" bill of health!

Dear heavens. I bet your doc loves you. This was hilarious. Made my day!

I love your stories...this one was a hoot and makes me more determined than ever to NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER go thru that...You are one brave lady!
Good thing you have your rabbit to help you....she sure is clever!!!
Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Mothers Day, too!

You and that rabbit are two of the cleverest around! I know that's a very important test to have, but I've never been brave enough to do it (and probably never will).

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!!

So glad all is well. Rabbit is as clever as you are. Enjoy your Mother's Day Weekend.


Well this party takes the cake! I've seen some pretty different themes before but this one, well, you win the prize by a land fall. Plus how creative all the little items are. Now I want to have a colonoscopy just so I can have a party like this. Wait a minute! What am I saying. Never mind, I think I'll skip the party, I've had this test before. LOL


Only Stone Rabbit could have come up with such a clever celebration! The best part is the test results--congratulations and best wishes for any future tests!

Oh my my my! I know exactly what the whole process is like... I thought I WAS GOING TO DIE! But, I made it. Can I tell you my skin never looked better afterwards?????? SO glad it all worked out well and they found nothing wrong. Cute hat, too!

You are so funny...You need to be on "SNL" with Betty White tonight. I'm so happy everything turned wel....You and the Stone Rabbit soooooo creative...love all your hard work..Happy Mother's Day.... we need to have lunch sometime....Pat H

WHAT a "moving" story. haha- who knew a colonoscopy prep could be so much fun! I've been here three times and got interrupted every time I tried to leave a comment! But I left laughing every time! Thanks for your sweet comment...you bet we'd be great friends...well we are but in person friends, too! I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day. xoxo Nancy

ps - I love those shaky numbers getting shakier!

Recycling taken to a whole new height, Dana!;-)

I bought those blackberries, at Dierberg's yesterday...they are so good and here's the best part...they were on their 10 for $10 sale...that's right a buck a carton. I did show restraint and only bought 5. They are every bit as good as they look.

Happy Mother's Day!

What a great story about a not so fun prep!!! Glad the results were good.

Hope you are having a great Mothers Day!♥

Your a real trooper! What a cute and creative story this was! Informative for us that haven't had one yet. Now I know what to expect. Yikes! I loved the crafts utilizing your supplies. Pretty neat!

LOVE it! Too cute!

Well that is the funniest thing I've read in ages, I so enjoyed it and can't believe all the ideas that came out of your 'test' equipment. I totally agree the worse part is the prep as the test, who remembers with that forget me drug.

You had me laughing at the start but when you got to the bookmarks...I was crying! I wish I had that kind of creativity!

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