June 08, 2010


What an adorable post, Dana! I love that you kept so many things from your wedding. I am the same way. I even have the dye tag for my prom shoes, receipt for my class ring and so many other treasures.

You, your groom and wedding party look so cute. I can't wait to hear about your wild reception :)

Happy Anniversary and many more!

What a wonderful wedding and memory and post! You look so beautiful and really...not much different now! All of this sounds so familiar! Three years before you we got married - my dress was made by a local seamstress...ditto on the a/c, I had my sister and friend for bridesmaids but you really outdid me on the reception. We had cake, punch, nuts and mints in the parish hall! We hadn't known each other all that long and I'm sure no one thought we'd last...and last...and last...lol. Yep, I would have been totally against my own kids marrying so young, too.
Congratulations on this wonderful occasion. Sending you a big hug across the miles! xoxo Nancy
PS which is your sister?

Dana! You sentimental little bunny, you. I love it. Love that you've saved all that stuff all these years. I wish you and the Mister many more years of joy and happiness together! May God bless you both. xo xo Love, Cat

Congratulations on 42 years of marriage Dana. I adore this post. It is so you to save mementos from that very special day. I am sentimental like that too. It runs in my family. We still have our mother's wedding dress. My sister wore it when she was married.

I love your detailed story and the photos. You are the 'best' when it comes to spinning a story. This one is the sweetest.

Your wedding gown is beautiful. Did you keep it? I kept mine. I have shared it in a previous post. Your bridesmaids look quite love in their yellow dresses. Would you believe I made my girls matching dresses that is very similar to the pattern you used. I too used trim the same way. Very 60's style. I liked the bows. It was in style at the time.

You look beautiful in your wedding photo and very young. Your hubby is very handsome. I was 23 when I married Bill in 1963. We are three years from our 50th. Where did those years go? Is your sister standing next to you?

My future MIL gave me a surprise shower in her home. I didn't think anyone could ever surprise me. I too received some thin revealing nightgowns. Would you believe I still have two of them? Baby dolls were in then. the quilt your mom made is a very nice treasure. You should mend it for sure. Hang it on a quilt stand.

This is a special post and I am very happy to have shared it with you. It is the perfect storybook wedding, with you as a lovely June bride. I almost feel like I was there. BIG smile.
Love, Jeanne

I tried to comment earlier and it wouldn't post for some reason.

CONGRATULATIONS Dana!!! WOW that is a long time. I LOVE this beautiful post and how special that you still have that wonderful pattern, your corsage and the table pretty. Hope you have a wonderful anniversary date!♥

Oh wow, I loved this post! My anniversary is in two weeks, can I steal your idea and post one like you??

Congratulations Dana to you and your Groom! What a sweet story! I think your wedding and reception sound perfect to me! I too married my husband after only dating for a few short months! That would scare me to death to to let my kids do that! lol

Here's to many more Happy Anniversaries!


Precious post. I love that you have so many keepsakes from your wedding. My girls dresses were yellow also. I have something most people don't have - the signs that went on our car....I should show those sometime....Happy Anniversary!!

Dana ~ Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! 40 years - that's fantastic! We have been married 33 years : ) I too am Protestant and hubby is Catholic. We had to meet with the Priest and go through marriage classes so we could be married in Catholic church. He attends church with me in my church now...... : ) Hope you had something fun planned for today.

Wonderful post and I love all the things you have saved from your special day. I used yellow as an accent in my wedding colors too...love your dress...mine was homemade too. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi.

That's so sweet; I love your dress.


Dana! I am a day late, but I hope you had a wonderful anniversary!!!

I loved reading all of this, and I especially love how sentimental you are. And you know what? I think the dresses are darling! They were in style then, and I bet the loved them. They both look cute as can be! I love yellow, too. I served at my cousin's wedding, and we (the cousins) wore yellow to coordinate with the yellow theme of the wedding. It was a reception in a garden as I recall, and it was in June as I recall and HOT! ;-)

Mr. Magpie and I eloped, and then we restated our vows before the family and had a family dinner and then a huge party with everyone the next day. I think it was the non-stress way to do it, but seeing your beautiful dress really makes me smile. And to think you and your mom made it! That makes it even more special!!! You were and are a beautiful bride and have a handsome groom!



I LOVE this! What a sweet post! I love how you have saved all of those little trinkets and tokens...you and I really are kindred souls, MIL! :o) Most of all I love you and Bucky!

Happy Anniversary (a day late)!

Love, DIL

P.S. I love that the grammar and spelling guru misspelled 'anniversary'. That makes me smile! So uncharacteristic of him!

Happy 42 nd Anniversary Dana! I loved your story!It was very similar to mine except I'll be married 36 years this October. We planned and paid for everything ourselves and when I think back I wouldn't change a thing!

I love that you saved all the mementos from your happy day!

Congratulations on 42 years! I hope you remind your fellow how lucky he is that you married him and the Stone Rabbit is a product of your union.

Oh Dana this was such a LOVELY LOVELY post! You were such a pretty bride...I love so many things about your wedding. Your gown story, the things you've saved, your courtship, well, just about everything! Happy Anniversary to you and your awesome hubbby!

Congratulations! Love your Beautiful post...This is soooo similar to mine. Bridesmaids yellow with daisy. Roses with daisy. Cake white with daisy yellow, and white mints,nuts punch in the church basement. (NO AC) June 22, 1968!!!!! Wow where did the time go??? Hugs Pat

Happy 42nd Anniversary Dana (& hubby) - such a sweet post and so neat you saved those special items.

How fortunate we are, Dana, to have stayed married. There is no other way to get what we have now. And thank you for sharing your journey, and encouraging the rest of us! I made my dress, too, and still have it! I do think small weddings are the best. Congratulations to you both!

Dana, What a lovely bride you were and your dress is amazing! You sentimental sweetie - I love how you have saved everything! Thank you for sharing your memories with us.


Congrats on 42 years. I think your husband is a very lucky man, and you must have picked a winner!

Many, many more happy years to both of you.

Raymore Rosie

Ohhhhhh Dana! Happy Belated Anniversary!! I too hope you have many, many, many more years together. What a beautiful, beautiful story. It brought tears to my eyes. Your wedding photo is wonderful and you are just gorgeous in your beautiful gown. By all means, hang on to those ring boxes, and other precious mementoes. I wish I still had our boxes. Big Hugs Sweet Friend!! ♥

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