October 22, 2010


Congratulatlions on your amazing "journey"! I most definitely think it took courage to even attempt such a feat! How wonderful that your son was by your side.
You should be proud of yourself...

Several of the races I've run in were military sponsored. So, I'll give you a big HOOAH!!! That was a great post, and you had a great time. Hoping I can break 40 minutes on my neighborhood 5K in December.

You are amazing, Dana!!

Just awesome Dana! Just awesome! Congratulations on starting and finishing your journey.

Was touched by your sweet son and his sticking by his mom. We have five wonderful grown sons- the youngest 23- and they amaze me all the time. And can't leave our daughter out -- what blessings they are.

So proud of you and happy with you!

Great post! Thanks for taking us along.:)


What special memories. I think it's so amazing that you have accomplished this...we are all proud of you!

Girl, you know I am so proud of you. This post has me sitting here crying. You know I have a soft spot for sweet sons.

Happy Pink Saturday, dear friend. Let me know when you want me to call you about TypePad.

Hi Dana,

Congratulations, you must feel amazing, and to have your son by your side encouraging you. You just memorized and embraced a very special time.


I have 3 words for you, Dana:

1. A
2. Maze
3. Zing!

What a sweet family you have. I especially love the time you had with your son.

Dana I am soooo proud of you!! All of you!! What a wonderful thing for you to do and I so enjoyed reading every word and all the photos. You made me feel like I was actually there. It was such fun reading about you and your son especially, doing this together. That is so very special! When I lived with my son and family, he and I walked during his work breaks together, so I know how awesome that time spent with a grown son is. You are so inspiring! ♥

What a great post Dana!! Give your son a hug from me. What a wonderful man he is to stick by his momma's side. I once ran a 13K with my brother who left me in the dust in the first few miles. I said never again, but your post was certainly inspirational!

What an exciting day for you all. Thank you for sharing it with us. Happy Pink Saturday.

Congratulations!!! I wouldn't be brave enough to even give it a try.
My daughter was there with her Navy Unit providing medical assistance. I'm glad you weren't one of them she had to help!
Keep up the running, or maybe turn it into a "fast walk." I was hoping you would carry the Stone Rabbit with you.
Rosie from Raymore

Well, I'm a bit tired after following your journey. So proud of you. Wow! Just think how I would feel had I actually run or walked with you instead of "reading." Looking forward to breakfast soon. Sharleen

Dana ~ CONGRATULATIONS to you!!!! I am so impressed...makes me want to go for a run (not)!

Congratulations, Dana! You. Are. Awesome!

Hugs, Cathy
...who has only WALKED a 5K, but it was for Breast Cancer Awareness and it felt good!

Oh Dana, I am so very proud of your accomplishment! I know you really wanted to get through the run without walking and you succeeded!!! Congrats on your milestone. You deserve that cute little charm! hugs, Sue

Congratulations Dana, what an awesome accomplishment! And like others have commented, that is so very sweet that your son stayed right by your side.

Wow!!! Congratulations again and again. What a wonderful adventure...no wonder you look so young snd fit! Couch to 5K...cute and clever and it looks like it worked out pretty well. Have a Pink Week and rest up for your next adventure.

Oh Dana, I felt like I was right there cheering you on. I actually got choked up. I know about those "slight inclines". My daily walk has one that looks so innocent but once you start walking it the legs burn so bad. Thank goodness the rest if downhill! Way to go Dana....xoxo

My dear friend, I am right there with you during all of the excitement and hoopla. Your story is written so well. I hate that my belated comment was necessary because 'this woman' was too busy to be there for you. Boy, was I busy!!! My company left yesterday at 10:00 am. It was pouring rain all day and I just chilled majorly. Cheri and I barely got off the couch. Cheri' mingled among nearly 50 people winning them over with her sweet personality. She usually sleeps a good bit of each day. Not that day. HA!

I love all of your photos, especially the ones of you and your son and Carrie, Mary and Jen. The camaraderie is infectious. A day to remember with the excitement of your sweet son running with you all the way. An awesome experience with much love and encouragement. I think your time is terrific. You HAVE come a long way baby. What's next???

I do love the bracelet and that delicious looking chocolate. I am thinking your bracelet will be full of running charms in the future. The words on the back of the shirt is right on. Congratulation once again. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. I just can't say it enough. HUGE smile here.
Love you much,

Delightful story. What a wonderful son and family! I'm still visiting around Pink Saturday posts. Have a wonderful week.

I am so proud of you for running a 5K marathon. You made me tear up at the end with your tributes to your son, Carrie,Mary and Jen! You did it girl! Congratulations!


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