December 03, 2010


Hi Dana! Love pumpkin rolls, I HAVE to make one for work every Halloween! I tried to talk them into something else this year... did not go over well! Lovin' your Christmas header:@)

Looks Delicious!

Happy Pink Saturday!

That looks absolutely delicious and I don't know that I have the culinary skills to make it! I do have a big bad Kitchen Aid mixer that would whip those eggs up practically by themselves! And yep I did notice your pretty pink spatula. I wish I could have a taste of that pumpkin roll right this minute! We've spent the day putting up our village that really hasn't been up in ernest for 10 years! And then I got nostalgic and thinking Dec Pink Saturdays was Christmas I did my post and then read it was a recipe!!! So it's tagged on to the end but one that's loved by the fam. My tree isn't up yet and I still have pumpkins on the porch but this is a no stress year for me! Sending you a hug across the miles, blog buddy. xoxo Nancy

Mmmmmm! I love pumpkin roll!
I haven't had one with nuts though. I will have to try that.

Happy Holidays

Happy Pink Saturday Dana Sweetie...
Oh my how I love this recipe. I am definitely going to give it a try at Christmas this year. Every year I try one new recipe that I think the kids would love, and this is it. It looks so wonderful, and I could smell the pumpkin when I opened the blog page. Yummy for the tummy.

Oh I hope you and Stone Rabbit don't mind, I had to taste test that frosting myself and was it ever DELISH. Yum. Come on Stone Rabbit, Momma said to share now. Give up the pink spatula.

Have a beautiful weekend Dana. I love popping by for a visit. Stone Rabbit is such a delight, and so are you. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Oh my goodness this looks so good! I would LOVE to try it! I just don't think I would ever be successful to get it out in one piece! But it sure is worth a try! Thanks for sharing this with us!

It looks so yummy. Thanks for sharing!!
Blessings~~~ Daphne

I'm going to have to share this recipe with my husband-he just made a pumkin cake he said is wonderful-thanks for sharing!

I bet your daughter-in-law thinks you are the BEST mother-in-law EVER!!! All that work for her - what a delight and what wonderful family memories you are creating with her. Happy Pink Saturday!

Wow that looks yummy and anxienty producing! I may have to try it anyway. Thanks for sharing. hope your pink weekend is grand.

Oh, yum! I wonder if parchment paper would work for both the ejection from the pan and the roll up? May have to give it a try since this sounds so wonderful!

Happy Pink Saturday!

I was busy all morning in the kitchen making something similar, a Buche de Noel. I've just sat down to rest and look at a few fabulous blogs. My heart goes out to you because I know the work that went into the pumpkin roll. =)

Yummmmmy !!!! stay warm....Pat

This looks like it will taste absolutely divine...BUT I'm sure mine would be a disaster!

Dana, this loks delicious and beautiful. Thanks for sharing!
Happy Holidays! ~ Sarah

Beautiful, it looks really good. That stone rabbit is such a silly rabbit. Grin.
Happy PS

It sure looks yummy! The things mom's do to make the family happy! Every year I faithfully make the tree sugar cookies and of course, home made cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning breakfast! (And for Thanksgiving, Easter and once in a while they are a birthday request. These cinnamon rolls take about 8 hours start to finish!) I'm sure your family appreciates your effort as much as mine does! : )

Hope you're enjoying the holiday season thus far!!!

Wowie, Dana! That cake roll is amazing...I've never had one before but you made it LOOK SO EAZY! :0)

I did notice your pink spatula right away and thought that all of the PINKIES have to have one in order to bake!!! I do too!

I think the cream cheese icing would be my favorite part too.

Thanks so much for sharing it with us!


Where's my comment? I could have sworn I left one. Oops! Maybe I was too busy licking the bowl and sneaking some pumpkin roll. My husband loves this, too.

Happy Pink Saturday, dear Dana.

That looks so yummy...I think I would have to fight stone rabbit for the frosting! LOL!


HOORAY for pumpkin cake roll!!! I LOVE it! Love the post, too! Your DIL appreciates it EVERY TIME you make it! It is such a pain, but worth it! :o) (At least I think so!! :o) Love, DIL

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