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November 22, 2010


Well I think you did fantastic Dana. I have a file around here some where called Glory Days. I was going to look up my times for this distance and I'm sure they are not faster and probably slower than yours and I was 41 at the time. On the marathon times I averaged 9:57 minutes a mile I remember that. You are a lot older than I was running and I'm so proud of you for doing this, and having the knees to pull it off you go girl !!

Dana I'm so impressed with you! You can do anything! Congrats on your run and your awesome medal!!!! Gobble gobbble!

Oh and have a super HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Bella ROsa ANtiques

Clap, clap, clap, clapping! You did it again and I'm still awed, amazed and impressed. So you did this in 11 minutes? Wow. Congratulations, Dana. Were you ever a runner before now? Really - it's beyond my comprehension! So when is the next one.
I'm watching Oprah's Favorite Things right now. Honestly - those women have no shame the way they carry on. haha if someone gave me the ipad alone I'd be groveling at her feet but since I'm not there I'd like to pretend to be above all that!
Are you having Thanksgiving at your house? We're having Turkey for Two this year...that's a first and I'm sort of looking forward to it! Have a wonderful week running lady! xoxo Nancy

Dana I am so proud of you! Are you getting skinner? Your pictures look like it. :) I am still just walking, then I run for a few minutes, then walk again. It really just feels good to get outside and move. I know you and the family will have a wonderful day on Thursday. xoxo

that's supposed to read skinnier! darn that spell check....it missed that one! :)

Good for you! and a medal too!! Wow, are shoes with you insignia far behind???

Go, Dana, Go! I am super impressed. You girls are amazing.

I was thinking of your sister as I looked at these pictures.

Love to you.♥

Love this! Only just saw it - I'll have to print it off and save all the photos. You and official photographer rock. Thanks! Love - RhN

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