February 25, 2011


Brrrr. I hope the Stone Rabbit didn't make you go outside, too, to make that snow fort! I know you both want spring but the wintry mix is so pretty. It looks like a picture postcard in your neighborhood. Today, we're having the most beautiful day - really cool and sunny, no wind or humidity. If only it would stay like this - I'm already dreading and whining about summer!
I haven't had a chance to say how wonderful that you've got an RN in the family. I know you're thrilled and I'll bet she loves her work.
Stop back by my place - I have a picture of your pen...you did want me to share it online with your phone # and all. lol I think they are soo neat. Well, I've been organizing all week long in the craftroom and it's like swimming against the tide so I'd better get back at it - that and pulling my hair out #%**!!! Wahh - xoxo Nancy
ps - loved all your pictures on this post - oh my - the kids are adorable and the little bird - send him to me! It's sooo cold!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Love your posts like always! Cute kids! And I really think that it's a female Robin in your tree. Who is the doggy? How come she is not getting introduced to all of us? :o)

~ Gabriela ~

Hi Dana, love your post today.I'm soooo ready for spring. Can you believe how much snow we have had this year!!! take care more snow this weekend...Pat H

We got some snow last night. I'm so ready for Spring! That crab apple tree of yours will be blooming again before you know it. Thanks for sharing all of these summertime pictures. They made me smile!
Happy Pink Saturday!

Why'd the robin cross the road? To get to the crabapple tree of course:@) Fun post Dana, a couple more weeks and we'll all be warming up and digging in the dirt-Happy Weekend!

What great photos and memories ! thanks for sharing them ... happy Pink Saturday.

Awww, the Stone Rabbit made his own igloo! We had some chilly weather here in SA for a couple of weeks but we are so looking forward to warmer weather!

Deanna :D

I loved the contrasts of the photos but I know it made you long for spring even more.

That poor little rabbit looks frozen stiff!!!! Great pictures!!!

Happy Pink Saturday Dana Sweetie...
What a beautiful share. I love, love the two sided share today. The snow looks lovely sweetie, but I surely do love seeing the summer share as well. I remember that beautiful red hair running about the Stone Rabbit's garden. She is so pretty.

I so adore the little robin all huddled down in the tree branches trying to find a little security as the weather once again changes on you all. So precious it is. Thank you for sharing with me this evening.

Have a glorious weekend sweetie.

Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Well you maybe having some winter but I'm afraid I'm going to beat you big time on the length of that winter.
I won't see anything blooming here until very late May into June. May is still winter in Alaska, it's break-up month, ice breaking up in the rivers, lakes and in the ground. Yes winter here is a tad long in the tooth I'm afraid and summer is darn short. Wildflowers all bloom here in July.

Oh my goodness! Brrrr....We are having rain and snow is forecast here for the first time since 1999. We never get but a dusting though. I hope spring comes for you soon!

Stone Rabbit made his own snow fort and is waiting for his buddies to come by....how cute is that? Very "cute." Happy Pink Saturday.
Joyce M

What a COOL post. Get it? Ha. I am a snow lover and even I am tired of it now. It looks like you got more than us. We even had school! I am ready for flowers, too!

I've so enjoyed my visit here!! What a fun post! Lots of smiles and laughs as I was reading it! I love the stone rabbits snow fort.

I loooved your post, I'm not sure where you live, but we too have snow! Your snow bunny is adorable and his(your)snow fort is the best!!! Your Grandchildren are adorable and the robin gets an honorable mention too, for being such a tough little trooper braving the elements! Great post, thanks for sharing! I'm here by way of 'Pink Saturday', I'm a newbie and enjoying meeting new folks! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

Dana, I keep imagining how things are when the sun is shining and we are so warm!!!! I enjoyed the contrasts of the winter/summer pics... I can't WAIT until we are back in the warmer months. Won't be long now, right??????

Hope you had a fantastic Pink day. I just came home from working at my antique booth...didn't find too many pinks there though!

Take care!


I can't even imagine snow, especially since it was in the upper 70's here in south GA today! This is unseasonably warm for us even if we do live in the deep south. I figure we'll have at least one more frost though...but could be wrong! Hang in there, spring will be there soon!

I think we are all getting pretty anxious for flower, green grass and blossoming trees again.
However, I think in my neck of the woods, we still have some stiff winter to go through. March and early April brings big, wet snow storms. Today the wind blew all day and drifted in our drive. Guess the tractor comes out again tomorrow to dig us out.

Thanks for the reminder of what summer looks like--I needed that!

Beautiful wintry and summer scenes!
Spring will come soon.
Happy Pink week Dana.

Great post...love the contrast...I am a new follower...Pinkim!

Don't tell anyone, but I am peeking in while at work. Happy belated Pink Saturday. I guess you are used to me being late.

You've made me cold with all of this snow and ice. Poor TSR. He needs to stay in the house when the temps drop.

It is almost time for a new banner, isn't it? Have you had your thinking cap in action?

Dana, your header is adorable. I love the way it looks. The Stone Rabbit is styling. I hope you are up and at em my dear friend. I wish you blooms on your crabapple tree.
Love you,

Love the stone rabbit sporting his new "doo".
We are suppose to have rain this weekend. Very strange. I loved seeing those sweet summer pinks Dana. I can't wait for spring either.
Counting the days.
Happy belated pink sat. my friend.
Stay warm.
Love Claudie

Hi Dana, I am back to tell you I am glad you are feeling better. My cousin Marilyn and her hubs arrived yesterday so no visiting yesterday.

Are you watching Idol? The singers will knock your socks off this year. It was so hard to say goodbye to the ones that were cut yesterday. They were all good. I love the new judges. If I am repeating myself remember my age. HA! I swore I would never do that. Never say never. LOL
Love you bunches my friend, Jeanne

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