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March 04, 2011


Giggle giggle! You know good and well if I lived in stubborn ole Mizzory I would be out running with you...in fact I might be OUT running you! but since I don't I can LIE about it!!! U R my most fittest friend - none of my other saggy belly friends could hold a candle to that sexy spibelt belly!!! xoxo Nancy
PS - What?? you don't text? It's just the two of us then with our antique phones! The last two nontexting talkers!

OHHHH myyyyy ... I would have to add depends to my Spibelt because you have me laughing so hard...well you know :)) It looks very dashing on Mr. Rabbit too.
Happy Pink Saturday !

Hahahahaha! Your post is awesome! Always one of my favs: You totally crack me up and I love how you share your new items with Mr. Rabbit :)

Oh Stone Rabbit, you look so adorable wearing your Spibelt and the lip whistle. I had to spray my inhaler twice while reading your post as I only can emit a wheezing laugh at the moment! Hubby and I think we should definitely get us some lip whistles!

Deanna :D

You are so funny! My favorite item is the pink tootsie pop! Now that may help me run another mile. I've never seen the lip whistle. I'm going to be on the lookout for one. Looks like you are well prepared!

Well if you get that tummy I'm coming for some lessons LOL.
That Stone Rabbit can wear anything and still look stylish.
Happy PS my friend.
Love Claudie

I always enjoy seeing what you post. Great fun.

I have one of the first Spibelts. They are an Austin original. It's a great piece and I use it when exercising and traveling. Love your March header. ~ Sarah

Hi Dana, what a awesome post today...you go girl we need to go out for lunch soon...have a great weekend.Pat

What a fun post! Put a BIG smile on my face. Those definitely look quite handy and I LOVE that they adjust for any size tummy since mine is often fluctuating - especially right now. I think if I had one of those, I would add my iPod so I could listen to praise and worship hymn songs or educational podcasts while running. (I tend to get bored during exercise, sadly - otherwise I'd do it more :) ). And may I congratulate Stone Rabbit on his great looking green St Patricks Day outfit - he's totally ready for fun party activities - on and off the blog :) Happy March to you as well! :)

You are so funny Dana!! I need one of those belts too. I usually tuck everything in my pockets. Then they jangle!! Still not running yet but I am getting in about 25 miles a week just walking the dog! I'd run with you if I lived close enough. Have a wonderful pink weekend!

Every week I wait to see what the Stone Rabbit is up too next time. Who me? Running. I think not. I would have to wear depends to run and laugh at the same time. tee hee

What a great post... You sure have a lot stuffed in that belt! :)

Great idea!! HPS!!

Good morning Dana, your post today makes me want to walk fast, not run. Smile. Love your SPIBELT. It looks so small and you have it packed! My favorite item was the Tootsie Pop. Good thinking. I bet it is better than an "energy bar" Smile!

I hope your spring sale is successful. I know it is hard work to have a sale. I have decided to do a flea market sale in April. The seniors do a huge sale twice a year that pulls in a lot of customers. The table is $10. and I have stuff to get rid of badly. Good stuff, so I will give it a whirl. It is inside at our community center. 'Inside' being the key word here.

I forgot to say I want that tummy badly. HA! The Stone Rabbit makes a great photo
Thank you for your sweet comment about my family and me. You always make all the hard work sound so hard. It's not, when the people you love are the reason you have the event, it is a labor of love. You do the same thing, it is just a smaller crowd. I 'love' your imagination to whip up some fun. I mean it!

Love you bunches, Jeanne xoxo

Hi! I'm new to Pink Saturdays and you made me laugh with your orange lips! lol! It reminded me of those pacifiers! Great way to make everyone smile! : ) I love the Spibelt, it looks so much nice than my old fanny pack, probably holds as much too except my tummy doesn't look like that shapely model! lol! Your post was delightful!

I'd for sure be running with you Dana! (or at least walking fast) I love that belt. It's perfect for a traveling belt too because I hate carrying a pocketbook around with me. I just started walking again up the lane and back with Ben after a long cold winter. He was so excited to start walking again that he had to sniff every post and every rabbit hole we passed. I had to keep giving his command word to "let's go". As always Dana you make me smile and are my favorite pink Saturday blog. xoxo

You know I came over here specifically to see what the stone bunny was wearing today...I am amazed at all you can get into that thing...and of course, no one should leave home with out that whistle! lol...(I need to know, did he pick up the diamond ring) I want pictures... Also, just how big does that thing go? I think I want one...I can't believe how much stuff you and the bunny can get into that thing!
Happy Pink Saturday! Pinkim! TrulySimplyPink

Girl you look great!!! Note to self, gotta take up jogging... and watch out for the pigeons. Happy Weekend:@)

How fantastic that you're a runner!!! I don't think my old knees could take it but I have taken up yoga and zumba! Love all of your things you take along on your run, especially the shopping list. Have a great week!

lol...loved your post, how you got all those things in that little belt is amazing ! The whistle had to be my favorite in all that inventory...and....Stone Rabbit looks "sporty" and ready to run...))smiles))...thanks for visiting my blog....

Okay, you almost made me spit my drink with the photo of "your tummy". I want one of those, too.

You are an efficient and prepared runner. I'm sure the neighbors are noticing that you are "hot".

Happy Pink Saturday, Dana.

Horray for you doing that run-wish I had that stamina or will!!!!!!! Cute accessories-makes me wish I had some-but I still don't want to run!

hmmmm.....the photo of "your tummy" has me almost convinced to take up this sport.

I love the whistle. I think I need one, even though I don't run, it would certainly put a smile on my face and a puzzled look on the faces of those around me.

Hi Dana
That was a very inspiring post as far as running and exercise goes. Good for you for doing that. It is so good to be active. I like your spibelt. It holds all the precious things you cannot run without. Nice pink too. The stone rabbit is loving his too...or wearing yours. You can share.
I hope you've had a good week....you'll have to show us how fit you are!

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