March 18, 2011


I have the giggles after reading this delightful post! I'm glad that Izzie was able to play fetch without further problems. My favorite pic is of Izzie and The Stone Rabbit because they are both being very attentive..lol!

Deanna :D

Go team Dana, TSR and Izzie. Do you have a team name? I'm watching my Blue Devils right now, but it is half-time.

Happy Pink Saturday to your very own "Team Pink".♥

Well I sure love that pink tennis ball, have never seen one of those.

I wish spring would arrive here in Idaho, sweetpea. Still waiting... Your granddog is a cutie but I think our great granddaughter is a tad cuter. Really, I DO! ;-)

Well Izzie is a beauty and I suhwear Rabbit gets bettern better lookin' every week!
Happy pink Saturday !

Happy Pink Saturday!

Well...I really think Izzie is always right you know...Love your festive banner!

~ Gabriela ~

I love Izzie, Rabbit and a good day of spring. I sure hope it gets here soon.
Happy PS

Lovin' the shot of Izzie giving the ball the "hairy eyeball" stare! Have a great weekend Dana-Happy Spring:@)

Wow Dana, you were on it with your link. Good job. Smile. I tried but somehow I picked up my old giveaway link. When the old link showed up I just clicked on it. Wrong. I did it last week too. Beverly said she would fix it for me. What would we do without our tech rep.LOL.

I love Izzy's ball game expertize. He is just a little guy. The expression on his face was so cute when he didn't want to play catch on the grass. You capture the best photos Dana. I bet STR was a bit jealous.

I just spent the longest time doing a post for Claudie's birthday. I hope she likes what I did. It was fun.

We are Springing here in the mountains. Finally. I picked some triple daffodils that are growing at the bottom of our yard. I didn't plant them, they just popped up. I will post them next week.

I was happy to see you have a yard again. We need to mow soon. Bill is not looking forward to it at all.

I am starting dinner now and the problem is...I don't know what I am cooking. HA! Bill asked, "How long will it take you to make up your mind?" He did give me a good chuckle. Going out sounds good to me.

Happy Spring and Pink Sat.
Love, Jeanne

Such an absolutely adorable post!

I always look forward to your tales and this week was wonderful! I love Izzie and the pink tennis ball! And your law is beautiful!

Our yard is greening up and Bobby G. cut the farmette for the first time today also. When I came home and opened the car door the fresh smell of wild ONIONS was in the air. LOL...not my favorite spring time smell. Love your cute little grand--dog and his pink fetch ball. Happy Pink Saturday Dana. xoxo

J'adore Izzie!! What a fabulous furbaby! Also, may I say The Stone Rabbit looks quite handsome in his top hat & bow tie!
Licks & Wags, Niki

Hi Dana! Izzie is the cutest thing! I know all about picky dogs. My golden retriever, Molly hates having to go out when it snows. My son has to dig her a "rest room" so she'll go out in the winter. Isn't it funny how we'll do things for our pets that we wouldn't do for a human? I love Izzie's pink ball. It definitely suits her! Have a great weekend! Terri

Izzie is such a cute dog, Dana! We had temperatures in the 70's today and I could finally open my windows..it really felt like Spring! I hope it lasts :) Happy Pink Saturday! ♥ Pat

Looks like they had a wonderful time. Too cute.

I love the first of the season fresh cut grass scent too!! My dog will chase any ball covered in mud or whatever and I do mean whatever!! LOL Have a wonderful pink Saturday!!

Looks like the Stone Rabbit is enjoying spring. Happy Pink Saturday! ~ Sarah

We are extremely jealous of your green grass that needs mowing already...well my hubby probably isn't really..:)
We've had a little taste of Spring this week, but they broke then news tonight that winter might be returning this coming week.:P
Oh well, I'll just drop in and look at your green grass.;)

Have a great week, Dana!


YEA...you were first on the Pink Saturday list this week. I always look for your site. I enjoyed giggling along with the Stone Rabitt and Izzy. How cute? Sooooo cute. Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day!
Joyce M

Stone Rabbit, your lucky to be seeing green at your place. We still have snow on the ground and it's my birthday, and it's the first day of Spring tomorrow. Be happy, tell Izzie to let mom throw it where ever she wants to ... I think your pal Izzie is a tad spoiled.
Happy PS all of you.
Love Claudie

Hey - I posted. I wasn't going to but someone noticed! Who woulda thunk??? Well - that Izzy is waaay cute with her pink tennis ball. Back in the old days when I played tennis we used cave bear guts - wait...that was the racket and the ball was white! I'm so happy for you, The Stone Rabbit, Izzy and your Yard Mowing Man that spring has come to your house. Did you see my glass blowing masterpiece over on Facebook? What an experience even though my "flower vase" looks like a big blood clot! Ewww. Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to go see the moon tonight! Love, NancyMoonWatcher

Izzie is extraordinarily photogenic.

Such a darling post. Izzie is very smart about not picking a ball up in the grass. Who knows what dog might have been in it!

Hey Izzy could come to Florida for a day just to get into practice on hot grass! Yup, were in Lakeland, the interior of the state Fri and Sat watching our only princess granddaughter play in her softball tournament. It was HOT mid day let me tell you. My SIL put the tarpy thing overhead so we could sit under "shade". Tell Izzy my granddaughter said, the field was HOT HOT HOT. Think we hit high yesterday! Not one single cloud in the sky and almost no breeze. Life is good and your grass will warm up a littl emore each day. I am rambling.......too much heat! Blessings

Cute! It's nice to meet Izzie and hang out with the good ol' Stone Rabbit for a few minutes this morning!

HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

Very cute! I loved this...and I really don't blame Izzy at all...I wouldn't like my pink ball with grass and leaves on it either...
Pinkim! TrulysimplyPink

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