March 21, 2011


I wonder if the Stone Rabbit enjoyed his evening trek.

Have a great week, Dana.

Great shot, Dana! We did see it too but not as nicely as you did. This isn't supposed to happen again for another thirty years??? I also like the photo of the Stone Rabbit. :0)

Hope all is well in Dana's world!

Bella Rosa Antiques

Hi Dana, We were watching the moon too. Bill got some nice shots with his good camera. I will share them on Wednesday. We had some cloud cover too but the moon peeked out finally.

Dancing starts tonight. I love watching this show. I think you watch it too. I have not paid attention to the line up at all.

Bill is home for spring break this week. We started cleaning the garage. What a huge job. We still have boxes from when we moved here. I am ready to donate to the Goodwill. I am going to be strong and dump stuff. I wonder if Bill will do the same. He is a pack rat and has a terrible time getting rid of things. This is a subject that we can get into it good. HA! I should take pictures and post it. Hmmmmm.

I hope you are getting some good weather, we sure are.
Love, Jeanne

Great shot we missed it!

Oh my gosh, Dana- your moon pictures came out incredible! I'm really impressed with your photography. You killed me with the one of the SR in the dark. I'm so glad you were able to see some of that gorgeous moon. xoxo Nancy

Hi Dana,

Wasn't it wonderful? It was quite clear here in Massachusetts. I could actually see the man in the moon. The first time I have seen him, since I was a little girl. Great photos, by the way.

Have a lovely evening.


Good morning Dana, I shared my (Bill's) moon shots today. It was very interesting to see the moon like this. The first shot is so different. He got close but you can't see anything but a big moon glare. I really love the second shot through the trees.

Bill is home for spring break and we are working in the yard and garage. Correction, I am working int the yard, WE are cleaning the garage. HA! Bill hates yard work. We have a new blower and I was anxious to try it out. It worked so well it blew away most of the mulch and the leaves. I need to dial down the power. Just learning...

What are you up to lately with no sale to work on? You never said it it was a good sale. I hope it was because I know you work hard getting ready for your sales.
Happy days to you Dana,
Love, Jeanne

Thanks for posting the photos--I slept right through it here!

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