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March 23, 2011


Hi Dana!

I'm going to look for Corelle dishes next time I need a new set. They look beautiful!

Thanks for your congratulations on our new grandson -- we are so thrilled with the new addition to our family!


Hi Dana, I am up late because Bill is not ready for bed. I am also all a stir over watching Idol tonight. The game is on. These singers are all so good I can't even think about who might win. This is the best group of singers ever. I hope you are watching Idol. The new judges are awesome too. I do NOT miss Simon at all! Jennifer Lopez is so wonderful as a judge. Better than anyone so far.

Mmmmmm the strawberries look delicious. Ours (the local strawberry farms) will be coming in soon. I too like Corelle dishes. I have some beautiful fruit ones in the RV. I should bring them in to use because we are not using our RV that much. A change of pace from my green vintage dishes. White is something I have never owned except my soup tureens. I agree that they go with everything but I love color. Beverly loves white too.

The basketball is getting interesting now. Duke is a contender as well as Ohio state and Kansas. I hope the Gators do well. We'll see.

Well,I am giving up. We have had a big day. Guess what, we won first place in bridge today. We were surprised because we didn't think we did that well. It was fun and we bid a slam and made it. (A six bid and 7 is the most you can bid) We made lots of points on that hand. We won $8. We pay $2.00 each to play. Not much money but it makes it a bit more fun.
OK, I'm fading fast.
Goodnight my dear sweet friend,
Love, Jeanne

Good morning, dear Dana. I wish I was there to have some cereal topped with strawberries with you.

Jeanne is right. I do love white.♥

You know who I want to win. Go Duke. They are playing the late game tonight. I don't know how I will make it - and then have to get up to go to work.

I have a set of white Corelle that is my everyday dishes and I love them. ALL the reasons you stated are so true! I got mine at the Goodwill as a huge set for under $20....score for me!

I have some Corelle dinner plates I got at the CorningWare outlet near here a few years ago. Instead of white accent pieces, I use clear glass. It goes with everything, too; except it's breakable, although none have broken yet in the 20 years I've had them. I have four sets of 12 dinner plates, one for each season; plus a full set of Christmas china my Dad bought me 25 years ago. I still have my Corningware square pot like yours, plus the detachable handle, which I got when we got married in 1967.

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