April 15, 2011


Oh my gosh Dana! What a fun post. The kiddo's are so cute and their G'ma house outside toys including the sidewalk chalk are like our G'kiddo's G'ma house outside toys!, right down to the color. :-)

I love this post and the aerial view of KC MO. I just always think KC MO, instead KS even though there is a KC KS. It's wonderful they actually flew over your house!

WOW, WOW, WOW, Dana, this post is so much fun and a very BIG surprise, especially for your DIL. The photos of your son and your DIL are priceless. However, I adore the photos of your adorable grands playing outside with you taking the cutest photos. Also, getting some running in while chasing your grand boy. Smile. When we lived in Florida I was with two of our grands soooo much. Seeing you playing with your grands made me tear up. I miss those days very much. Now they are both teens. Where did those years go? Isn't it perfect that the toys were pink for the most part. Your grand girl driving that little car is a hoot. She is having the time of her life.

The aerial photos of Kansas City,MO are spectacular. I can only imagine what your grand girl was thinking knowing her mommy and daddy were in that plane. It brings back a memory of my Uncle who flew in the 2nd World War. When he came home from Europe he bought a plane and would fly over our farm circling dipping the wings and all of us would wave and scream. He was my father's brother and we loved him so much.

Thanks for a very special post and bringing back a special memory. I wonderful post Dana.
Love you, Jeanne

Happy Pink Saturday, Dana.

Good for them! What a exciting surprise. They must have loved every second.

And, look at all the fun you had with your two little buddies. They are adorable. I love these photos. I often look back at old photos like these, and they bring such sweet memories.

So fun.

I think the pink piggy cookie jar is very fascinating too, little Grand boy!

oh what fun for everyone!! Darling pictures of your family...what a wonderful share!
Happy Pink Saturday!

Absolutely the "funnest" post! Loved the grandkids and all the fun they were having and thank you for the airplane tour!
Afternoons, or anytime with the grands, is treasured time!

How fun! Your grandkids are adorable and I'm sure that day was full of happy memories!

HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

Wow, what fun! I love the airplane ride and seeing KC from that angle! Your grandbabies are adorable.

Happy Pink Saturday!

What an awesome post, love this little guy, love the plane and I can't believe you are wearing shorts and...I am wearing... still my sleepers!!! LOL!

~ Gabriela ~

I'd be playing with that cookie jar too Dana:@) What a neat day for your family, something you don't get to do often! It's so fun that you have all of these great pics-enjoy!

Happy Pink Saturday Dana Sweetie...
Oh my gosh, what a Flying High Post. I love it. I can't decide which I loved more, seeing that red hair flying in the wind from the grand daughter driving that car so fast, the little guy playing with the oinking cookie jar, or your precious DIL's face in that photo. Is that fun or what? What a wonderful surprise. I love the fact that they flew over your house and went around several times to say hello to you all below. How precious is that.

Now Stone Rabbit, you have been keeping secrets. If I had known you were a licensed pilot, I would have had you fly me out to visit Dana a LONG time ago. Look out now, because you are going to be booked solid for a month of Sundays, maybe even a year of Sundays.

Happy Pink Saturday Sweetie. A wonderful post as always. Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

Oh my goodness~~~so adorable!!
Your grandchildren are just precious Dana!

Love the airplane ride too:))

Happy PS!

Kay Ellen

Cute Story!!! HPS!!

EEK!! I couldn't have got in the plane! Big planes are hard enough for me. What a surprise. Your grandkids are just too cute!! Lucky you! Happy Pink Saturday Dana!!

Oh my goodness! What an adventure!

WOW! What a GREAT DAY for EVERYONE! Grandparents and grandkids, included! And what a sweet treat date for your kids! I'm so blessed to have half my grandkids close by and enjoy days like that often. I can't wait til I can see the rest and have fun with them as well. Thanks for such a fun and delightful visit for Pink Saturday.

What a fun post this was to read!!! You captured the day so beautifully! Your family is Just beautiful!! Happy Pink Saturday! Pinkim from TrulySimplyPink

how fun Dana, I'm so happy you got to enjoy the ride through their eyes. Sweet grandbabies too. I count that as a lucky rabbit's foot!!



Happy Up-Up-and-Away Pink Saturday! Lots of stuff going on and some good times by all. I would've loved to have been a pilot. The best part is the scariest part, taking off and landing. But nowdays, I simply don't like to fly. Go figure. I do wave at lowing flying aircraft, mostly helicopters. Ha. Enjoyed my visit. (Remember me? I quit and am now re-blogging. Ha. Ha?) Happy Pinks, Jenn

Hi Dana. This was great! Love the aerial view of KC! Pictures with were awesome would love to take a small plane trip over the city. Your grandchildren are adorable....We need to have lunch soon. Take care Pat

Very very good post! Looks like it was an exciting day for all of you!

Hey girl! Great post and that look on your daughter-in-law's face...oh my word! lol There is no way I'd ever get in an airplane..it would be a 'beam me up Jesus' moment for sure! Those grands are adorable...I've got two of mine living right next door now and I love it! It was so good to hear from you sweetie...take care and have a great week...Picket

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Love the post! :o) SUCH a fantastic day. That boy of yours (and that man of mine) sure is romantical! And, I'm STILL amazed that he kept it all a secret from me...no easy feat, as you well know! Thanks for watching our precious babies during our great adventure! They sure love Nana and Ucka Ucka! Love you, DIL :o)

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