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April 26, 2011


Girl, you had my tummy speaking very loudly to me, feed me some cinnamon rolls, these looks delicious! Mr. P's mother was famous for her cinnamon rolls. I have to admit after almost 35 years of marriage I've never attempted to make them. You sure have given me the fever to do so. Try and stay dry over that way . hugs ~lynne~

Can you hear me saying - Daaaaaanaaaaa! This is just plain mean. First I was drooling all over my phone when you told me about these, and now ... you are showing them to me. Darn, they look good. I believe I can smell them.

Mean, I say. Just plain ole mean.

But, I still love you anyway.♥

The rolls look great Dana, good for you! Yeast is a beautiful thing-enjoy:@)
PS-I just read the the PW will have her own show on FoodNetwork starting this fall. Should be fun!

Wow - I am so in awe of you and your baking skills - the rolls look delicious. I see a whole bunch of baker/bloggers making these lately! Yeast...who knew it could do other things besides make you miserable haha.
On a sad note...I just got back from New Braunfels - LaVerne's mother died last Saturday and the funeral was today. We had gone down last Thursday as LaVerne had taken her back to her assisted living from the hospital and gotten hospice so she could be at home. So with the help of hospice LaVerne and her sister were able to care for her there. Hospice is so wonderful. She had a stroke a few weeks ago and then another that there was no recovering from. LaVerne was the last of us who had a mother - end of an era for us.
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and didn't get the brunt of the storms that hit St. Louis. It was 98 here today. Ugh...summer is here and it's only April. xoxo Nancy

Yes! Fear of yeast! I had it too! Until recently when a friend helped me by teaching me how to "proof" it first.

Your rolls look so yummy....do I dare try to make them too???? Her book looks fabulous. May have to get one.

Enjoy! And Happy Easter Dana!

(Love that pink pyrex bowl)

OMGosh your roll looks wonderful!!! I need to buy her BOOK! Pat

Mmmm Yummy...I bet they didn't last long. ;)
And what a neat tip to roll towards you, I never knew this.

BEST CINNAMON ROLLS EVER!!! YUM! (P.S. I hope you have some in the freezer waiting for me! Make sure they are hidden from Ucka Ucka!! :o)

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