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April 08, 2011


Happy Pink Saturday, Dana.

Wow! That was a lot of birthdays. Happy birthday to all the birthday girls. I can see that you all had a great time celebrating together.

I wouldn't have thought of going to see Hop, but now you have me interested.

Looks like you all had a great time Dana! I always called the Easter Bunny the Big EB! The Stone Rabbit is sooo much more mature:@)

I hope the Stone Rabbit gets a chance to nibble some of those jelly beans! Happy Birthday to all the girls! Linda

Happy Birthday to the Birthday girls! That cupcake sure looks good; love chocolate and peanut butter together! The dress form is a wonderful gift and isn't it lovely to gift your friend with the very thing you know she wants! Happy Pink Saturday and give the Stone Bunny a pat for me!


It looks like you have had a wonderful time! I love seeing friends having fun, and what cool gifts and cupcakes. Thanks for sharing that, Dana.

Sending you pink hugs across the miles and wishing you a Happy PS...


Sheila :-)

You sneaky little bunny. I love the way you think. I'll bet Bonnie does too. How great to have such lovely friends. Birthday wishes to all of them.


Uh oh! I better not see it with the grandkids til after this Easter season as I just posted some fun and easy Easter crafts for kids and seniors to share with the grandkids - using JELLY BEANS. :) Thanks for a very fun visit for PINK SATURDAY.

Happy Birthday Girls! I want to see Hop! I have heard it is cute. Your picture with the jelly beans by your stone bunny cracks me up!! :)

Hi Dana! It looks like you had a wonderful time. I had to laugh about the jelly beans-I saw the previews on TV. Jelly bean sales may be down this year! Terri

I think I know why Stone Rabbit is looking at you funny in the last pic. HAHAHA
Happy PINK birthdays to all you great ladies. Birthday month's are FUN.
Now is that an AMERICAN cake tail gating party? I've heard of them, but we Canadians don't do that... maybe we should.
Happy PS Dana. Looks like the sun is shining for you now : )
Love you
Love me

Happy Pink Saturday, It looks like you all had a fantastic time celebrating those birthday's. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

You girls sure know how to have fun!!! I want to go see HOP too! Happy Pink Saturday!


Anyone who has dessert Before lunch is AOK and #1 on my list. You girls sure know how to party! I wish I lived close so I can join in on the fun. Happy PS Dana. P.S. My new thing is chocolate wine. Have you tried it? Yummo

What a fun time! So glad you got to spend some time with friends! :)

HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

Happy Pinks Dana Sweetie...
As always I love seeing your travels. You have SO much fun there in Kansas with your gal pals.
I love seeing all the faces at the birthday celebrations. I adored your gift to Bonnie. That dress
form is so EXQUISITE. I can see it now with an apron or lots of layers of jewelry strung on it.
How fun, and I can't wait to see what Bonnie did with her. Did she give her a name? Can't wait to find out.

That apron made from the vintage table cloth is SO pretty as well. Laura did an awesome job for Mary Ann. The colors are perfect for her. Love it.

As always you are a step ahead of me. I have not seen the movie HOP but so want to. I have a feeling those jelly beans in the movie are not the tasty ones we all so adore. I will keep you
posted once I see the movie.

Have a glorious weekend sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

What fun birthday! So much to celebrate!! I love that :)) and surrounded by special friends...

Happy PS swet Dana!

Kay Ellen

Good morning Dana, I am the only one awake, again! At least it is almost 6:30 AM. Yesterday it was 4:00AM. Last night I visited Beverly and fell asleep typing. I was going to visit you next and had to give up so now here I am. smile.

I know which flower you are in. The one with all the legs. The one where every one is naked!!! HA!

Oh, how I loved your party post and especially seeing all the dear friends having fun and loving each other. I loved meeting your friends. Your breakfast group is the best friendship club ever. The birthday parties are so special. Your gift to Bonnie is the best. I love the dress form too. When she puts a vintage dress on it you should take a photo and share it with blogland. Namely ME!!!

I am guessing a bunny let lose with some jelly beans from his you know what! Laughing here.

The first one up makes the coffee so I'm off to the kitchen. I will make lots of noise because I want some sister action going on around here this morning.
Love you, Jeanne
Keep on running for the 5K. And don't be too tough to give up if you have to!!! I am so proud of you.

What a great post...You can I can just feel the great friendships from here!! Pinkim from TrulySimplyPink

You always have so much fun Dana! I'm in serious need of FUN. Think I am going to go see a movie or something! And that peanut butter frosted cuppy cake. YUM.

Bella Rosa Antiques

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to everybody!!! I would think you would have taken the STONE RABBIT to see HOP! Haven't seen it yet but I have a feeling I may know what the jellybeans comment is about....and I love black jellybeans so much!!!! Love that wire dress form...she's a lucky gal to get such a special gift.

This looks like such a fun day Dana!

I bought two bunnies at HomeGoods recently. The cutest things. They are from The Stone Bunny, which made me think of you and the Stone Rabbit.

What a great group of women! I love the way you celebrate birthdays. Such fun! And yummy treats, too!


What a grand time you all had. I really loved your photos of the day. I hope you had a great weekend and that today will be rosy for you. Blessings...Mary

Hi Dana, Wow a busy week for me so far. I have been shopping, bowling and entertaining my cousin Marilyn again. I'm sorry I haven't been to see you. Today is bridge and it just goes on and on.

I had the same foot problem and this is important...the foot Dr. gave me a shot directly in my foot and it worked great. Get that shot before you run. It took two shots a couple weeks apart and using a contraption to heal my foot. It worked and it hasn't come back. This was over 4 years ago.

I hope your run isn't too painful. You are braver than me!!!

I know your girls will have a blast together at the Spring show. I'll be thinking of you and wishing I could be there with you. Especially the food! HA!

It was in the 40's yesterday and rain. We are in the 70's today. Crazy weather here too. I do think Missouri is crazier than NC.

Love, Jeanne

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