May 23, 2011


Heartbreaking, isn't it? I love that you posted on this tragedy and incorporated it into a Blue Monday post.

Happy Blue Monday, Dana.

I am sorry about the tornado news, will be praying fr you and those are badly affected.

Would you mind peeking at the blues at my page? Thank you and have a great week ahead.

Oh Dana, We heard about it on the news. What is with these terrible storms. Even a warning can't help when people are out and about shopping etc. We were once within 1/2 mile of a terrible tornado like that. It leveled a gas stationed and a whole shopping strip mall. Many homes were wrecked and 37 people were killed and many were injured. It happened at 1:00 in the morning. We lost power and had debris everywhere in our neighborhood. It really scared me. This happened in Fl. I hope your friends are alright. On the other hand, who can be alright when death and destruction surrounds them. My prayers go out to the people in that town today.

Thank you for your sweet comment about Caleb and my daughter Christina. I too wish I had taken piano lessons more seriously. I gave my piano to my dtr. Diana and her children are not taking lessons. However, all the cousins love to hear Caleb play.

Your flowers are looking very pretty. Life has to go on even if is a hard thing to do when sadness is everywhere.
Love you, Jeanne

I know, I saw it on the news. So sad. Glad you are ok though!! Enjoy the plants.

Such a horrible spring for weather disasters. Glad you all are ok:@)

It seems lately, every storm has damaging winds in it. So sorry so many people are losing everything they have especially so many lives. I love working in my yard as well. It is relaxing to me.

My thoughts as well!

So sorry Dana! I hopped over here several times today to see if you were near Joplin. Glad to see you are safe but so sorry for your friends nearby. What a blue monday for sure. Prayers tonight for all involved. Silly me, I was thinking I was having a bad day today but I know I am not.

What a terrible tragedy that happened in Joplin on Sunday...I immediately thought of you, then remembered you live in the Kansas City area. From the pictures I saw on TV, the city of Joplin looks like a bombed out area during World War II - just horrible. My prayers also are with the people who now have to pick up the pieces as best they can.


I just can't imagine how it must be for all those folks in the damaged areas and what they now must go through, so sad.

Dana, I am holding them close in my prayers. There is so much tragedy around us, and everyone needs our prayers.

I have watched the news of late with such a catch in my throat! Oh, how I hurt for the people who have lost everything, and I'm glad you are not among that number, my friend. This is just too much. I think the whole country are Missourians or Alabamians or Japanese, even, when something this horrific happens.

Thanks so much for your well wishes. I can't sit for too long, yet, but I'm praying that will be resolved soon. In the mean time, I'm sending you all my good wishes to stay safe and happy!

Much love coming your way...



I have cried and cried for Joplin. That was the most terrible storm, taking so so many lives. The last count I had was 127, I think, with over a thousand unaccounted for. I think during a storm such as that one that if you don't have a place underground, you will be in trouble...I think this is what happened to the ones that lost their lives. We don't have a basement nor storm shelter..I always thought our inside, walk in closet would be where we would go...I think those Joplin citizens thought the same. So very sad.

Thanks so much for coming by...
hugs, bj

Oh Dana - it's so awful and I just watched todays news and I just can't get through it without crying. A wife whose husband lay over her and he died protecting her and the mother whose little boy was torn away and they just heard he was dead and the pets in that big warehouse. It's all so so sad - and it could be you or me or our families - you just never know. They are all in my prayers for sure. Do you have friends there in Joplin? My grandson's mother lives in OKC and thanks goodness they are okay. How far are you from Joplin? Let's pray the weather lets up - stay safe. Leaving for bunco now but just now saw your post. xoxo Nancy

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