May 27, 2011


Oh goodness, Dana. I am laughing so hard that I have tears rolling down my cheeks. I am sitting here alone laughing aloud. Oh my! Oh my! Oh my. This is just absolutely priceless. I have to go watch it again. I can hardly wait for everyone to see this.

You are just too ... good. Happy Pink Saturday Big 3rd Birthday. I can't imagine what it would have been without you. You are one of my blessings. Thank you, dear friend.

LOL I knewwwwww the stone rabbit would have a gooood birthday surprise.

Oh Dana ~ that's just terrific!!

Susan and Bentley

Happy Pink Saturday
A lovely post :)

I think Twiggy wanted a cupcake! Cute post Dana, Happy Pink Saturday and have a fun Memorial Day:@)

Happy Pink Saturday Dana Sweetie...
Oh I am laughing and laughing sweet friend. You are so stinkin cute.
I loved this movie. It was the BEST. Stone Rabbit looks adorable in
his little 3 hat, and your cuppy cakes were just wonderful. Thank
you for inviting me to the party. The blue birds sang wonderfully,
and Dana my friend I had no idea, why you sang as wonderful as the
blue birds. I love it.

Have a glorious weekend sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

I am sitting here cracking up while my 17 year old son is sitting on the couch wondering what in the world mom is doing on the compy....... save me a cupcake! Happy Pink Saturday! and thanks for the giggles! :)

That was terrific, Dana! It sounds like your sweet kitty was singing too. Thanks so much for the smiles. I hope your weekend is full of fun! Hugs, Terri

DANA!!!! This was too cute!!! I loved hearing your voice (and Twiggy's..lol!) and thank you for a delicious pink cupcake! YUM! I haven't had one of those Hostess brand cupcakes in years!

So glad to have known you rthrough all these Pink Saturday years!

Hugs, Pat

This is so wonderful, Dana! I always like seeing your stone rabbit as part of the pink day!
Happy Pink Saturday!

Happy Pink Saturday!

~ Gabriela ~

You spent a lot of time and thought into this. Great job.

What a great birthday video!!! I can't wait to show my husband tonight...yours is one of the blogs I always tell him about---I just love your Stone Rabbit! I'll have to try one of those strawberry cupcakes...MMMM!!!

HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

Happy Pink Saturday!

So much fun!


Very cute as I love rabbits.

Hi Dana! You're just wonderful! I loved your Pink Saturday party video! You're the most creative one, or is it Stone? :) Loved hearing your wonderful voice!!
Happy pink and I wish I had a strawberry cupcake!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

I can never wait to get over here to see what the Stone Rabbit has for us. I am never ever disappointed. Thank you Stone Rabbit for that delightful piece. I smiled...I grinned....I loved it. xoxo Lynn
P.S. Tell Dana I said hi. :)

Oh Stone Rabbit you talented devil. You decorate bake and sing. Love it.



That was great! I also enjoyed the question you posed and Beverly's answer. Good question! (Great answer from Beverly). Hey, it's neat to "hear" your post! Thanks, Jenn

Dana, Dana, Dana! A video!!! How impressive. Love the decor and mmmmm cupcakes. It was so fun to watch! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. Were you a teacher? If you weren't you should be!

It has been a real treat getting to know you and I look forward to more bloggy posts from you.

PS. I have to say I felt bad after I announced the birth of Bebe ... but after working in TV Newsrooms for so many years I had heard so many awful stories. I was so paranoid about announcing my pregnancy on my blog I just waited until all was clear. Not a great excuse but it is the truth. :0)

Dana you goofball nutbrain!!! That's so cute - you have a voice and you sing!!! I love it. I have to go watch again and again! You didn't give the SR any talk time, though...does he talk? Thanks for such an entertaining video and hasn't it been fun these past three years. Speechless in Pflugerville - Nancy xoxo

Cute!! Love the video. Happy Pink Saturday.

OK, Dana, now you've done it...I'm needing a pink cupcake...seriously, I have cupcake envy and it's the Stone Rabbit's fault...what a darling post!

Love the video:) Sorry I haven't visited lately but I've had and am still having blogger issues!!!! Hope your friends in Joplin survived the tornado...I have prayed for all those people; it's so sad. Give the Stone Rabbit a hug for me and keep the great posts coming!

Kay Ellen said I had to stop by! She is my daughter...and said you two have been blogging friends for quite awhile.
Now I know why she insisted I stop by!

What a creative birthday post,
I am sure Beverly will truly be blessed by what you posted.

So nice to meet you Dana.
Oh, I almost forgot if you have a moment stop by my blog for a chance to win some sealah tape.


My first visit but not my last.
A fabulous post for a fabulous occasion.
Made me smile!

Hi Dana,

What a lovely idea to post a greeting card. During the last three years you have made me laugh so many times, brought a smile to my face and introduced me to so many wonderful adventures with the Stone Rabbit.

Pink Saturday has painted our town pink for three years and has introduced us to so many wonderful friends. I am thankful for it all, especially that I met you.

Have a Happy Pink Saturday and a lovely weekend.


Dana...TRULY ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!

What a sweet "Happy Birthday" from the Stone Rabbit and family! :-) Happy Pink Saturday!

Happy Pink Saturday! Love the pinkness! Come visit soon. Hugs and enjoy a beautiful weekend. Anne

Happy PS 3rd Birthday - there's a lot to celebrate!

What a fun piece of animation!! You are so smart and clever!

Happy Pink Saturday!

How fun! A delightful post for Pink saturday! And what fun to find another smilebox ecards fan! They are so terrific and I love this cute one you made for Beverly!

Awww..that was so cute! I loved it! Im last on the blog list if you care to stop by, I'm having a giveaway.

Happy Pink Saturday, what a cute post, have a wonderful weekend! Hugs Marilou Hope you can stop by!

What I love about Pink Saturday is all of the wonderful "pinkies" I've gotten to know. Happy Pink Day Dana!

Hi Dana, I tried again today and I think it is working. I LOVE your smile box. Perfect to celebrate a very special Pink Saturday. A very clever idea from a very clever person.

I love you PS post and I love you.
Jeanne xo

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