May 11, 2011


Hi Dana, this is adorable. I love birds and this was a great photo opportunity. How sweet with the mommy near by keeping watch. That's what mommies do.

I'm so happy your 5K went so well. Your daughter being there was even more special. Your day sounds perfect. The guys rooting for you and loved ones together. It doesn't get better than that. I'm rooting for you too, from far away. Smile.

Surprise, Bill and I came in third in the bowling competition. A bronze medal. I struggled but Bill bowled well. We were a team. Now we go to State competition in Raleigh, NC in the fall. Our son lives there so it is all good.

Today was the bridge and we did not get a medal. It was fun just the same.

Time to work on getting the RV cleaned up. The refrigerator is slow to get cold. I pray that it cools off. They are a fortune to replace. It is always something huh?

Enjoy the rest of your day.
Love, Jeanne

Ah, so sweet - and so cute. I love witnessing special moments like this. They are a gift from nature.

Oh he's so cute, Dana. Don't you just love their big beaks when they're babies? We have a Robin in our yard who has taken a dislike to the van! He fusses in the side mirror and then poops all over the top of the windshield. Jeff doesn't think it's funny like I do! You got some great pictures and he must be a brave little guy to fuss at Twiggy and not run away.
Well it's finally raining here today. Crazy weather - too much rain up there and a drought down here. I had my Pink Saturday post all done last night - in Windows Live Writer and added something at the end and deleted everything. My longest post ever. So I'm doing a pink picture period and instead reading on my new Kindle which I absolutely love! I'm reading "The Land of Painted Caves" and it's so easy....no wrenched neck from a 600 page hardback. I highly recommend it! xoxo Nancy

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