May 13, 2011


Great job Dana. How lovely to have your family join you as well.



Wow! Good for you running the race and you didn't even look tired at the end! And running with the Planter F. and isn't it a pain! I have it on both heels but I keep walking and good shoes really help!

Those Porta Potties are a hoot....

Sure enjoyed the pictures, felt like I was right there cheering you on!
Happy Pink Saturday!

Hi Dana,
Good for you! You look wonderful! My SIL is in Sugarloaf, Maine right now running a marathon. My hubby ran marathons too a few years ago. Running is in their blood. Sure not in mine though. I admire those of you who can do it! What a great way to stay slim!
As usual the Stone Rabbit is looking good too! Happy Pink Saturday weekend.


Happy Pink Saturday, Dana. I am so glad you had such a special Mother's Day. Bridget sure favors her mother.♥

You look quite regal in your tiara. I must confess that I wouldn't mind having a tiara of my very own.

Good for you Dana, and the pictures are fantastic.
Happy Pink Saturday.

Awesome you are such inspiration!!
Happy Pink Saturday and Happy belated Mother's Day too!!

Kay Ellen

Wow - I'm so impressed! So happy that you got to have your family with you too. Happy Pink Saturday to you, Dana

Holy moly - I can't get over you doing that...again and again. That's amazing. Loved seeing pictures of your daughter, too, who is adorable. You guys are the Real Housewives of Kansas City Royals! I think the pottys are just fabulous and what a cute idea to have a Potty Decorating Contest. Great pictures and support from the peanut gallery....Hey! I said PEANUT gallery...stop thinking that!!! Congratulations to a gorgeous group of runnin' babes! xoxo Nancy

What wonderful captured pictures of the event & you! Good for you, Dana.
Have a beautiful PINK weekend ~

WOW! That is amazing! Good for you all!
The pinkish porta potties is hysterical!

Happy Pink Saturday to you. Wow, i'm impressed with your run. You are one lucky lady your able to do this. Thanks for visiting me.

The French Hutch

Hi Dana~
This is such a wonderful post! Congratulations! You are an inspiration. It had to have been so special to run alongside those you love too! The porta potties are a hoot! What fun! The man who has porta potties in our area has them inside a fort and calls it Fort Tucker which is his name. You see his truck and it says "Have porta potties. Will travel." Makes me laugh.
Thanks for a great post and Happy Pink Saturday!

Dana...this is FANTASTIC! A special event, on a special day, with special people. And you know what? Your posts are always so enjoyable.

Congratulations Dana on your run and the good time you had. I'm proud of you.

Good for you! Congratulations on your race. I have always been too lazy to take up running! I actually love to walk. Happy Mother's Day to you and have a terrific PINK weekend!

What a great accomplishment...good for you!

HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

HOW FUN! And my husband dealt with the same foot issue so I KNOW how hard it must have been. AWESOME JOB! And SUCH cute porta-potties. Cuter than ANY I've EVER seen! Thank you so much for a delightful visit full of your sweet family memories. Very enjoyable. :)

Wow - pure inspiration! I love the girliness of the porta-potties - and the pictures of your family. Seriously - YOU inspire me to get up and get going! Hugs, Patti

Hi Dana Sweetie...
Happy Pink Saturday and congratulations sweetie. I am so
very proud of you. What an accomplishment. I love it, and
you looked great at the end. WOW.

A tiara? Now how cute is that? Well I have got to tell you
getting a tiara is worth the finish don't you think? You all
look so gorgeous. I am tickled pink you wore it for the rest
of the day. I mean it was Mother's Day and you are a Queen for
the Day right?

Stone rabbit looks pretty darn cute in the tiara as well.

Many hugs to you both and SO much love, Sherry

Dana, how impressive and how fun! Lovely post.


Dana how wonderful, well done!!!!!! Big Hugs!

Hi Dana, You go girl! What an achievement!! You certainly deserved to wear the tiara all day long on such a special day.! At least the weather cooperated with you last w/k. This week another story. Can you believe how cold it is this a.m.? And those winds are unbelievable. At least now you don't need the air, I hope your guy gets there to fix it before we do again. With the winds blowing this morning and cloudy skies I hope you have a wonderful w/k. hugs ~lynne~

Dana. I had a great time reading some of your posts. It has been quite cold this weekend with two of our kiddos in tournaments we can't seem to get enough outerwear on. We are dreading our last game tonight that ends at 10:45pm....ouch! I have always wanted to go to Greenwood. Seems like such a drive from Overland Park. Looks like I might have to from your photos though. Thanks for the local heads up. I look forward to future posts. Congratulations on the 5K....Smiles...Renee

That was a wonderful way to start Mothers Day, and I applaud your success at becoming a runner. Love the pink potties.. A very clever way to make something unattractive have a touch of fun. Happy trails!

I Dana, I LOVE your post. I saw a photo on Facebook and it brought me to your post when I clicked on it. How neat is that? I love the photo of all of you together. Your daughter is pretty and looks like you in many ways. How wonderful it is that she was able to run with you that day. I can see it was a very special event and your best time yet. Kudos to you my sweet friend. Were you the woman on the bottom right with the pretty hair in your hubs lucky shot of everyone? There was a blurry woman's head and then I think you.

I know you are hooked on running and I think it is great. A great weight control program not to mention it is good for your overall health. I hope your foot is much better by now. Did you consider the shots in your foot. It really helped me and it didn't come back. It has been four years.

Blogger has been a mess these past few days. I couldn't visit anyone on Blogger. I'm glad you are on Typepad. Beverly said it was fixed now. I hope so.

Have a wonderful day Dana. We are going to FL early in the AM to hear our grandson's piano recital tomorrow evening. I am so excited about going. We missed the past two years. I pre-posted a neat story for tomorrow because we will be gone until Tuesday.

Thanks for sharing your Mother's Day 5K. It is a wonderful post.
Love you,

Oh Dana- You have accomplished so much in your running career! Congrats on another race. Wish my knees could still take running- I have to settle for a brisk walk. I got a neighbor to join me- she likes to bail a lot, though. I need someone who is committed! Oh well, I just have to push myself harder this way. I did a step workout at home one day this week - I sure miss teaching class. Thanks for sharing your Mother's Day run! :-) Sue

Thanks for visiting my blog today! Regarding the cupcakes, I just filled each entire cupcake with one color, however, you could do two. Maybe a "cake: colored one, let dry over night and then add your "frosting"...I need to make them again, because I might experiment a little more. Let me know how they turn out and any tips you have! Looks like you had an amazing race of a Mother's day!

Great Job! maybe next year i would love to walk it....have a great weekend stay warm!!!!!!

Dana, this is absolutely fantastic. What a Mother's Day! What a post! I really enjoyed visiting with you this morning. Congratulations, hugs and blessings...Mary

Congrats on your successful run! Gotta love those porta-"janes" with the pink carpets!

Dana, I am as proud of you as if you were my real sister running in this race. I am thrilled for you. I haven't walked much, quite frankly just because. Ben, (the dog) asked me the other day when will we start. It's hard to start but once I do I can't stop and feel guilty if I miss a day. I think after reading your post, today is the day to start. xoxo

You go girl! Look at those calf muscles! You are inspiring, Dana!

Wow, what a wonderful thing to do on Mother's day! Good for you! I love the pictures, your husband did a great job, and it looks like all of you ladies had a great time...thanks for posting. Pinkim from TrulySimplyPink

Oh good for you Dana! I am proud of ya! :) Have a wonderful week!


Hi Dana, Yes, we are home AGAIN. This was a quick but wonderful trip. Caleb played a concerto in three parts perfectly. I am so proud of him. Cody turned 16 and a good time was had by all. I called to tell our daughter that we were home safe and Cody answered the phone. I asked to speak to our daughter and Cody said, "Mom, it's grandma." My dtr. said, "which one?" He said, "Grandma Jeanne, the awesome one." Awwwwww, I just love that boy. BIG smile. I know how much your grands love you Dana and we adore our grands no matter what age. 'Grands' are our reward for raising our children to be children we can be proud to call ours. Blessings every one. Not that there isn't a hiccup every so often. HA! Let's be real, nobody is perfect.

About your photo that I asked about. I was looking for you in the one of the crowd. The next one is obvious as to who is who. The visor is a good idea. Did I tell you I am so proud of you??? Smile.

Love and hugs, Jeanne

Dana I am so proud of you! Brava! It is so wonderful that you've kept up training and running. You are a good motivation for all of us to keep moving! ♥ Pat

Hey Dana

That's a wonderful accomplishment - congrats my sweet friend.

Loved seeing all the photos and those POP are great!

Thanks for stopping by The Old Parsonage. Come back if you have the time!


Hi Dana!!!

Well look at you go!!! Congrats to you!!! Love those tshirts and the tiara adorable!!!

Things are crazy, crazy here! We are under contract to build a townhome in IL now. Our home in MI is rented out for at least 6 months. We were blessed to watch the Chickasha, OK torndao go into the clouds just before heading into my son's town. (We watched livestream of the OK KFOR-TV to see this, while our son was running the radar's there to help alert the citizens to take cover). Our daughter is being tested for autoimmnune diseases to see what is making her sick. So yeah, what a year we are having! We are blessed though like you said in your tornado post, to have homes and relatively good health.

Looking forward to the long weekend! I sure hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend with your family and The Stone Rabbit!

Kim V

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