June 17, 2011


Happy Pink Saturday, dear Dana.

Girl, you are just too hard on yourself. I think you are fantastic - and you make us all proud.

Look at you with your fancy phone. Do you know all the uses yet? It looks pink and pretty to me.

I'll be at the porch party, but it will be more of the same for me. The only time my porch changes is for the holidays. Maybe I will go ahead and decorate for July Fourth.

umm hmmmm soooo you had to walk twice in a how many mile run???? and you went up hill?????
Okay first I give you credit for putting on running shoes.. never mind actually running.
third place? FABULOUS ... I can tell by the look on Mr.Stone Rabbits beaming face that he agrees with me. (())

So love that phone, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Dana. Good for you my friend ... you stuck with it & did great!

Happy PS weekend ~

Great job! You are inspiring. I couldn't run around the block. Love your iPhone cover! :)

I was huffing and puffing by the time I got the end of the post.....I can walk, but running stopped a loooooong time ago! Good for you and third place is great!

Wow - you go girl!! You've totally impressed me!

Happy Pink Saturday - hope you have a fabulous weekend :o)


Dana - Congratulations - wow you placed. I can't fathom walking that at this point so you are my hero! Barbeque? haha And you have that new phone to go with the Harley - a biker babe who runs. No texting while you're on the bike, okay? The phone really takes great pictures, too. I hope it wasn't too hot during the race. It was 106 today - I'm dying here, Dana. Plus the drought is awful so I'll probably miss the porch party. Looking forward to seeing yours. Take care of your foot! xoxo Nancy

ESP - we posted at exactly the same time. You must be feeling my pain about the heat and I think my foot hurts and I have this urge to run! I'm gonna call the SyFy channel and see if they want to do an episode of "Psychic Bloggers"!

Well congrats on your run.....and all the loot too. :-)
I thought it was great that you ran....let alone grabbed a 3rd place....and to think you did it carrying a camera and tripod too. I mean....how else could you have taken those great long distance shots of yourself running? ;-)
Love the visor.
Wishing you a pinkishly beautiful weekend....

What a "sweet" husband to purchase an Iphone for your anniversary. Wa hoo .... that you placed in the race. Stone Rabbit must be proud.
Joyce M

Hi Dana, Bill is letting me use the iPad. Typing on this thing is hard. Your banner is awesome. Love reading about your 5K. Your pictures and your new phone are terrific.

I can't get wordy on this thing, have a great weekend. Bill says hello.

Love Jeanne.

Well done in the race and what a sweet hubby you have too. Hopping over from Pink Saturday. I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. Hugs

I am impressed Dana!! I think you did great. My only participation in such races is to be a volunteer at the snacks and treats table!

I had to laugh about the barbecue rule.

Can't wait to see your Harley!! Do you think it will be pink?

Hi Dana! We were lucky and missed the storms last night. ATC stands for Artist Trading Cards. They are small little art pieces done in any medium. I love your pink phone shell! Have a nice weekend! Twyla

What, no beer after the race?!?! Remember - success is in the effort. You didn't quit - hurray for you!

Hi Dana,

The Cinch book binder is what I have for book binding. I love it. When I worked for a scrapbook store we at first carried the Bind It All machine by Zutter but none of us liked it or could figure out how to use it. Then when the Cinch came out, we fell in love! I have done a few demos for it and it is so easy.
I recently heard that The company that makes the Cinch, We R Memory Keepers is coming out with a new even easier version soon which I would expect them to premier at CHA in late July. So it might be a couple months before it would be available to purchase.


Now, Dana, women have worn hats for centuries - I don't believe you'd look like a bag lady. That's what milliners did - matched the hat to the lady! Too bad everything is off the rack these days. Your yellow visor suits you, though. I'd have to embellish it with some fluff. Just sayin' - Joy!
Miss Kathy

Congratulations on the run...congratulations on finishing! Stone Rabbit looks good in your medal. Love the new phone, but if truth be told, I was so jealous of the rain clouds pictured in the sky I could hardly concentrate...we really could use any you can spare. Have a Pink Week.

Hey, girl, I'm impressed. You must be in fabulous shape. Having read your plan for the next race I must jump in and say if you can't do barbecue before the race, you'll have to do it after. I hope you have a rosy weekend. Blessings...Mary

Oh my goodness...I applaud you!
You did great...and there are always
lessons to be learned...starting out
with a hill is NOT a good thing.
Stone Rabbit loves your medal and
wears it proudly!

Thanks so much for visiting with me
for Pink Saturday!

Pink Sparkles,
Stephanie ♥

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