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June 24, 2011


I can't believe she is already 5! What a fun party! I was a little surprised that the frosting wasn't pink. LOL
Have a great weekend!

What a cute and fun party! Gosh they grow up fast! I bet 5 years has flown by to you. Love all the pink!hg


Love these kind of parties! She is adorable!

~ Gabriela ~

Such fun your little dumplings party ... she had a grand time. Where was the pink frosting, for sure?!
Love the umbrella ... They grow up too fast.
Happy PS weekend ~

What a fun party! I love that they decorated their own cupcakes!

You know, I have looked and looked, and we just do not have those pink Hostess cupcakes...:(...enjoy one for me ok??

Bet the kids had a blast Dana! Love all of the activities and the umbrella in the sprinklers is fun! Have a great weekend:@)

Dana, I always realize half through reading your comment, that I have the silliest grin on my face! LOL....I love her outfit and the flip flops on the wrong toes...too funny. Looks like they had a grand party! My grand-girl had her party last week too. Last year they sent out all these invites and not too many came and just as many didn't respond which was a shame since it was a specialty tea party. This year they sent out 20 something and every single person came and then some. My son and d-i-l were overwhelmed. LOL

Anyway, Loved your post as always and yep, I plan on showing my cupcake wrappers later in the season. They turned out so cute and I saved over $100.00. Have a wonderful weekend Dana. xoxo

So sweet a pink party. Happy Pink Saturday!

That looks to be the most fun party ever! And a wild success! Love the cupcakes and the Miss Kitty theme. Happy Pink Saturday from the UK!

I always loved the birthday parties when mine were at that age!
Your little cupcake is a cutie and you know she had the "bestest" birthday!

Oh how fun....
And look at all that lovely pink!
Wishing you and yours a pinkishly beautiful weekend....

That stone rabbit knows a good breakfast when he sees one!
Happy Pink Saturday..xo Tami

How sweet - I hardly ever see kids playing in the sprinkler anymore. Don't you think it's great they're learning to enjoy simple pleasures? And her party was the sweetest and you just never outgrow Hello Kitty! Aren't we lucky to have such adorably perfect grandchildren?!! I'm always amazed at how big she's getting and I've watched her grow up right here on your blog.
haha - I had to read Lynn's comment to figure out what the heck you were talking about her feet! Didn't slow her down one bit!
Rain? Yes Please...I'll take 5 inches! xoxo Nancy

Happy Pink Saturday! What a wonderful birthday celebration :))
The kids are soooo cute!!Happy Birthday to your sweet granddaughter!!
I still have not tried those PINK hostess cupcakes! Pass me one please?


Happy Pink Saturday Dana, Thanks so much for stopping by as I know it is hard to make the rounds, no way can we visit everyone in one week! Your Granddaughter is darling and I have a granddaughter about 6 months older, such a cute age. I love her toes and scooter and the party looks like so much fun! The Hello Kitty pin the bow on was agreat idea! Love it! Have a wonderful Pink filled happy weekend, Blessings Marilou

Darling party with the red headed grand girl!!

Darling Fifth Birthay Event. Pinkness all around. Those scooters are so fun, my granddaughter loves hers. I had a big chuckle seeing the pink umbrella when using the sprinkler. So cute.

Happy Pink SAturday my friend~ Oh to be little again...what fun! Love that big pink umbrella!


Great party ideas - looks like everyone enojyed the day.

Hi there!
Stopping in from Bev's pink Saturday. Love the cupcakes....


Hi Dana, what a darling birthday party. I love there were activities for the children to participate in. I'm sure it made the party even more special. I loved the scooter shot with the flip flops on the right foot.. and the umbrella being put to good use was darling.
We just had heavy rains move through, now I guess they're saying hot and humid.. you can always tell when the 4th is around the corner. hugs ~lynne~

Happy Pink Saturday Dana Sweetie...
Oh your sweet girl is growing up so fast, even the little Grandson has grown quickly.
My how time flies when we are having fun, doesn't it?

What wonderful ideas for the Hello Kitty party. I love that they colored the bows
for the Pin the bow on Hello Kitty. That was fun, and how wonderful to allow them
to decorate their own cupcakes. I bet there were some fun mixtures for sure. Kids
love doing those type of things. Wonderful activities.

Sure do adore that Hello Kitty scooter. I haven't seen that one. Perfect for the
birthday girl, and what better use of that umbrella, than in the sprinkler. Looks
like she has a wonderful celebration and SO much fun. Love that smile.

Know I have to tell you, I have been looking for those pink cuppies since you first
shared and have not seen a one out here in Phoenix. They look so delightful and fun.
I can see that Stone Rabbit is still loving them as well.

Have a glorious Pink Saturday sweetie and a wonderful weekend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Hi Dana...OMGosh what a fun PINK PARTY and just in time to share on Pink Saturday. It was a Cooling Off Treat from the Triple Digit Heat Wave we've had here in TEXAS. Thanks for stopping by CITexas Gal and viewing my ETSY SHOP Patriotic Fabrics. You are IN for the Address Book GiveAway. Happy Pink Saturday!!!!

She is so cute!

Enchanting party

Happy Pink saturday!


Hi Dana, we are back from eating out. I posted a comment on your Summer day post. I don't know why but the service is good right now. This party is adorable just like your grands. The birthday girl had a wonderful time without a doubt. The bows were a great idea and they all turned out so cute. I guess no one put their bow in the right place. I know they had fun trying. Decorating their own cupcakes was a fun idea and I will pass that on to my sister. Her granddaughter turned 8 today. I am still laughing at her thong between the wrong toes. You would think it might feel uncomfortable. HA! The scooter is so cute. I remember some posted about 'Hello Kitty' a year or so ago and I didn't know who it was. I do now.

Beverly just told me you sent her a box of the Pink Hostess Cupcakes. She was so tickled. AND the pink Stone Rabbit pens. Right now I am thinking, where did I put those? Don't hate me, I can be a real rattlebrain on occasion. HA! She is our computer tech and I appreciate her too. She deserves something special.

Happy Pink Saturday my dear friend,
Love, Jeanne

Looks like a great party. Happy Birthday to the little one.

What a fun party for your granddaughter. Truly a pink delight!

Happy Pink Saturday, Dana. Guess what I got in the mail?!!! Now I can have coffee and pink cuppy cakes with you. These delicious morsels are treasures.♥ I am savoring every bite. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Does this make me an official "pink cuppy cake girl"?

Your little grand girl has grown up so much, but I can hardly believe she is already five years old. I would have liked to be at that fun party. And, I can even imagine the fun of having my very own pink scooter.

A perfectly grand pink birthday party for a darling little girl.

Happy 5th birthday to your sweet grand daughter, Dana! hello Kitty was a wonderful theme and it looked like a fun birthday party! I love the umbrella and scooter. I hope I am lucky enough to have a little grand daughter to buy pink for one day ..lol!

Hope you are having a wonderful summer!

Hugs, Pat

oh Dana... Grandgirl is getting so big! Already 5! Wow... and look at Grandboy! Oh my! They're both precious... and lucky little tykes... they've got you for a Grand-Granny!

Happy Birthday to the GrandGIrl! How fun. I am taking mental notes on what to do at future Bebe Birthday Parties! I like the decorate the bows first as well as the blank white cupcakes for decorating! Must write this stuff down. . . you should write your own book and give tips/ideas. You would be great at it!

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