August 24, 2011


Well your yard is looking lovely. Not sure about those Holly Berries myself, thought too they were more into the Fall time of the year. That watermelon is huge something never seen up here in Alaska one that big, would cost too much to ship them up! We have small round ones for sale I think they run about 6 dollars each and I never buy them. Love them however. Nan

Hi Dana, Now, I don't think I have ever seen a rainbow in the morning before. What a way to start the day! Loved visiting your yard today. Our dogwood berries are all red too already. I didn't think that happened until later in the Fall for the birds to have some extra food. If I start to see the wooly bullies in the road soon, then I know it's going to be a hard winter. ugh! With all the "rumblings" around here yesterday I didn't notice the stock market. Was it up? Please say yes. :) xo

Hi Dana, Hmmmmmm, strange signs. What does it mean. We are having signs of fall here but nothing out of order. The rainbow in the morning is a sight to see. That sure is a big watermelon. I bet your grands will be helping you eat that huge thing. Love watermelon but we haven't had much this year. We don't have any berries on the dogwoods yet but we are farther South.

I hope you have a good turnout for the walk/run 5K. Anything that supports cancer studies is a great cause.

Bill and Cheri' are napping and I am going to join them. Love the quiet since Monday around here.

Keep cool in spite of 100 degrees. Sigh!
Love, Jeanne

The yellow flowers are called Gazanias.

Hugs Ann

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