August 19, 2011


Happy Pink Saturday, Dana!

This looks like a road trip I would enjoy!

I'm almost on the floor laughing at that candle name. I hope the name indicates that it is going to eliminate the named aroma and not duplicate the named aroma. Too, too funny.

Do you give Bonnie an acting and modeling fee? Maybe I need to tip her off to charge for her services.

Happy Pink Saturday, dear Dana. Thank you for always making Pink Saturday special.

Hilarious candle...I can be so immature some times (lol)...Those daycations can really be a wonderful break in a weekly schedule...looks like you had a great time!

Hey Dana! You know I sat here from 2-3 pm trying to finish up my post and waiting for the 3 pm post time and then Bobby G. called to me to help him do something and I totally forgot to post at 3pm...duh! I always love it when you blog about you and your friends road trips. You have such a good time. I feel like I know them too so tell 'em hi next time you see them. :) xoxo Lynn P.S. I will be sending you a deer antler because I know how much you love them (snicker) :)

This post made me smile. I love pink too, and the "look shocked" and the lid of the jar like a headband around the rabbit ears made me laugh. Happy Pink Saturday.

Hello, Richard here, from My Old Historic House. Thanks for mentioned me at pink Saturday. I so do appreciate it. I am your newest follower and I hope you will visit me some day soon and often. Fondly, Richard

Hi Dana, When we are in Missouri next May, (YES, next May) I want to visit Leavenworth. Will you go with me along with as many of your friends that can go? Smile!!! We are definitely visiting Shirley next May. I hope we can get together. We will be there for a week to 10 days. If the rest of this year goes as fast as this one, it won't be long.

I am seriously laughing at the Candle Queen Candles lovely FART scented candle. I wonder how many of those she sells. HA! I an sure it would not appeal to me. We all need a friend like Bonnie to dramatize our blogs. You are the best Bonnie. Give her this message please. In case she ever comes to see me and I need some drama for my blog.

I have hidden my pink hostess cakes from sight. I don't trust anyone here not to eat them. I share all food except dessert. HA! That goes twice for my seriously sweet gift from you my dear friend. Thanks again for thinking of my plight to find these cakes.

I hope you have a great weekend Dana.
Love, Jeanne

I would certainly enjoyed that outing with you and friends. I truly love going to smaller towns and visiting their unique shops. Quilts are my weakness.

Don't ya just love that town!!! Did you stop at Picket Fences and Petals? love that store. I need to make a road trip up there again. have a great weekend. Did you have a wild night with the weather.

What a neat town...I love those sort of shops! I am still laughing over the candle, I wonder if it's a big seller!! ;-D

So glad all of you had a great time!


Happy Pink Saturday, I love candles too. Not so sure I'd ever buy the one your friend Stacey is holding. You didn't say how if the smell matches the name. lol. Linda

Haha - my grandson would love the last candle - he just thinks that's the funniest word in the world and me...? I would be shocked just like your friend Sarah Bernhardt! ( yes, my middle name is Methusala) I wish my friends would cooperate like Bonnie does! You guys are going to love The Help. It was really wonderful and the other people in the movie seemed to think it was as good as the book. I haven't finished reading it yet - if I had I would for sure have had chocolate pie in addition to pink cupcakes for dessert! It must be 1963 because President Kennedy's funeral was on tv in one scene.
This afternoon I was in a big hurry to get a post up for Pink Saturday so how perfect to have those Pink Cupcakes. I've got to look at WalMart to see if they carry them. Anyway the first football scrimmage was at six today. It was 106 when we got to the school. 106!!! That's about the only thing that gets me out in the heat - Brandon's football games! And I survived even though I am a heat wussy! I've got to read your interview with the jogger - I just saw a snippet on facebook but she sounds completely
amazing. What a neat idea. Have a wonderful weekend and don't run in the heat!!! xoxo Nancy

I love those pink stuffs.
Thanks for sharing those photos and it seems i was with you on the tour.

Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons

What a FUN town to visit and I love Stacy's shop. Who wouldn't love all that pink. Oh the 'fart' candle is a hoot!

Sounds like a really fun trip. I may have to add Leavenworth to my list of "must visits."

Fun day! Just waiting for the next one!

Oh what a fun trip! I would love to do something like this...you ladies do such fun things...Pinkim fromTrulySimplyPink

Happy Pink Saturday!

Looka like you had a great trip! I may just have to visit there myself since I live in NW Oklahoma and it probably wouldn't be too far away! The candle shop looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing the info on it with us. I hope you enjoy your new candle!

haha! you are to cute:)

Happy Pink Saturday!

Kay Ellen

Love the bunny adventures - glad you included him !!!!!!!

Thanks for sharing all the delicious pinkiness !

Happy Pink Saturday,

Very cute!! LOL

Happy Pink Saturday!

What a great trip! Bob is in KC today but I am at home studying. I enjoyed "getting out" with your daycation!

Now I have heard of everything...a candle that farts! rofl
Joyce M

Too funny. Looks like a great time. Happy pink day.

What fun! Happy Pink Saturday~ I think Bonnie deserves a treat for her performance! lol

Dana what a wonderful trip! I think it would be a blast to meet with you and take a road trip! You sure had lots of fun! I love that easel and the candles. I will go to FB and chekc them out! Have a terrific week! Anne

Good Morning Dana, This MORNING, my company left for home. Since Aug. fourth I have had two days to myself and they were spent cleaning. It has been fun but it feels so good to be visiting my dear friends once again. That would be you!!! Big happy smile here.

Are you busy gearing up for your fall sales? You should post the creations that happen in your wonderful space where you create. I wish I had a space like that. I often wonder what you and Bonnie sell at your time together doing these shows. Hard work I know but I also know you enjoy what you do.

Today is blog day and then I have to get busy. Bowling starts tomorrow then bridge on Wednesday. We haven't played in weeks. I miss it and so does Bill. The one great thing is Bill is not teaching anymore. He said he doesn't miss getting up five days a week to teach but he misses the students. I knew he would because he loved teaching math to these young adults.

I better get busy. Beverly has a long post today. Unlike her usual posts. It is interesting.

Have a wonderful day Dana,
Love, Jeanne

What a terrific adventure you had! You sure found plenty of pink.

I'll pass on the "different" candle, though, as I'm capable of creating that scent all by myself!

Looks like a fun day! I love all of the trips you go on and the shops you find! This one was perfect for PS!!!!

I'm curious as to what that last candle smelled like. Wait. Maybe not!!! LOL.

Good morning Dana, I was just visiting my sisters for a bit this morning. (my backyard neighbor). Diane, here from Atlanta and Caralie, just came home yesterday from a two week antique show where they bought and sold stuff in Madison Bokville, New York.
They had a wonderful show selling and buying. One day I would love to go with them. Poor Bill! He is good to let me run the roads. However, I am very happy right now to be home.

Yes, Claudie went all out for our visit there. Talk about energy!!! She Marches to a different drummer. Smile! You can't help but adore her.

Thank you for your excitement about out trip to Kansas/Missouri. You are so dear to me Dana. I will have fun just being with you. I do believe you when you mentioned a Hawaiian party. That does sound like fun but don't feel like you have do plan anything. We can go shopping and eat out. That is always an adventure to me. We have lots of time to plan some fun. I am very excited about seeing you again.

We are getting back to our usual routine again. Bowling yesterday, bridge today. I LIKE a routine, believe it or not.

Cheri woke us up this morning and we think a bear was on our back porch looking in the window on the door. We have some garbage in the garage from all the company. We do not have pickup here in the mountains. We are taking it in today. We can never leave garbage outside here. Cheri' barked like a crazy dog and Bill saw black ears quickly disappear. That is a first. Bears usually do not come around where we live.

Well, I better get ready for bridge. We haven't been in weeks. We play in the Community Center in town. We enjoy it so much.

Hope your weather has cooled down some. We have had awesome weather here. Low 80's and 60's at night. Love the mountain air.

Did you notice the following in one of Jeanne's comments to you above?

Beverly has a long post today. Unlike her usual posts. It is interesting.

Gosh! I think maybe I should be insulted. Be assured she is going to hear about this.

It's been years since I've made it to Leavenworth. There used to be three really good antique malls there but I hears some were gone. I'm glad to hear that the big one is still there

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