August 16, 2011


OH lucky you - sitting outside surrounded by green grass with rain on the way writing running questions! I wish I could have at least three of those things if not four! I can barely walk today much less run after falling UP the stairs. I remember Twiggy when she was that poor little starving storage unit kitty. She looks so sweet. You are going to love The Help. We all applauded at the end and then went outside and everyone around clapped again as rain clouds scudded overhead and the temp dropped to 90 and the wind whipped around and then - nothing. It all just disappeared. We all loved the cupcakes! I hope LaVerne takes a pic of the back of the sign we had with them. And I know you know this but oh my gosh they are not only pretty in pink they are really good. They are a stress reliever for sure. I've hidden the last few because Jeff ate one even though I told him he would turn into a girl.
Enjoy the weather...enjoy The Help! xoxo Nancy

Funny post! I love the 'see how small they can make themselves'...oh yes funny. I enjoyed some outside time today also. Maybe this horrible heat has abated somewhat...time will tell. Enjoy your week.

I love this post Dana!

We were thinking about going to see The Help today but decided to wait until tomorrow. I need to get busy on my class reunion projects!

I loved the book and J says he would like to see the movie. I've heard good things about it.

Dana, this was a wonderful post today! Girl you should write a book. You will love the movie. I'm going again next week to see it. Weather has been perfect...enjoy your day and let's get together ......Pat h

Beautiful post Dana. Isn't it great that we ae able to enjoy our backyards again now that the heat and humidity have subsided?

Hi Dana, As usual, it is time for bed but I decided to come over and see if you posted something. AND, you did. Smile! I love to drink my coffee on the deck with the mountains amazing me as always. I have been slowly munching my hostess cakes and thinking of you with every delectable bite. Mmmmmm, they are great with my morning coffee. I hope some day you might come to the mountains and have a cup of coffee with me. Come with your hubs or with friends. We could go to the Biltmore in Ashville. Just thinkin!

I was just thinkin, again, about your morning on your patio and I can visualize it perfectly. Twiggy keeping you company, enjoying the peaceful beautiful blue sky and then getting dive bombed by geese. A video would have been a great laugh. I'm glad your weather has cooled off. It was 52 degrees here last night. We too are having a bit of a cool spell. Low 80's in the daytime.

I better go to bed so I will have the energy to play tomorrow.
Goodnight my dear friend.
Love, Jeanne

Is The Help any good? I'm looking for another book to read.

BTW....I'm a Missouri girl too. Born and raised in Webster Groves. After many many moves (husband is retired Navy officer), we have settled-in here in Rhode Island

Wishing you another beautiful day....

Dana, what a darling post. I love how Twiggy stayed right with the Stone Rabbit.. the Stone Rabbit should be rewarded for being such a good kitty sitter..Moments like these are to be cherished. I've spent the evening painting, yes yet another area, that's an upcoming post for sure lol.
We've had a bit of thunder and lightening no rain our way so far..
hugs ~lynne~

Loved this post Dana. Being on a lake we have geese fly by and stop to chat often. Twice though, they have bombarded my car if you know what I mean. Totally missed Bobby G's car right smack next to mine and totally "messed" mine up. How does that happen? LOL

I am not surprised that Stone Rabbit is responsible enough to babysit the cat.

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