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September 02, 2011


Hey Dana! I wish I could be there to cheer you on but I will be in mind and spirit. I hardly realized it was Labor Day this weekend until our neighbors called with a bbq invite. It just really distresses me that the summer is over, even with the hot temps. We are supposed to get cooler temps too this weekend and rain....good for the flowers I just planted. Again, Good Speed to you this weekend. xoxo


LOL! Love that sweet dog! Well, it is hot here as well in T.O. and we have the airshow starting tomorrow...Hazy...yuck!
I always go to take photos of my metal birds...


So hot! So sorry!! Have a great weekend and stay cool!!!

Susan and Bentley

You could come to AZ....we have had the hottest August on record and it doesn't seem to be stopping. I don't miss shoveling the snow or deicing the locks...but I do miss the seasons. Oh, how I love sweater weather.

It has been just too darn hot to really enjoy much of the summer at all. I'm heading to a pool/cookout party tomorrow so hoping it will be enjoyable. Cute pinks and I love the phone cover!

Supposed to have football weather by next weekend Dana! I am looking forward to it. Was dreading the reunion if were to have triple digit temps.

It's 96 here at about 6pm.

Loved the pink jacket and you pic!

Happy and safe weekend!

Hope you have cooler weather for the week end! Just looking at those coats gave me a hot flash.
Look forward to hearing about your run.

Wow Dana that is hot hot hot weather. Cute Pink Jacket. Happy Pink Saturday. Grace

Happy Pink Saturday and Labor Day and good luck with that run. I'm not ready for fall at all and I do not want to see any of that white stuff. Enjoy the summer now. Linda

Best of luck with your run on Monday Dana, sounds like perfect conditions! Wishing you a beautiful Labor Day Weekend:@)

What a fun visit! In our area it's still 100 but supposed to be in the mid-70s by Monday - praying for that! :) And soooo looking forward to autumn - tho today, even that snow doesn't look half bad to this Sandwich Generation granny nanny! :) But first, some fall scarecrows...

103 and coats in the stores! THAT is a sure sign of Labor Day. Have a great weekend!

Hopefully it cools off before your run. I'm itchin for the cool temps of fall and gettting rid of this heat and humidity!


A camera miracle - haha - you crack me up! I just want a weather miracle and please, please, please send some of that cool weather to me! Good luck Monday - sounds like you already have it with a flat road and 50 degrees! I just got home from the auction where I was just going to look - yeah right. I hope I sell some of it this weekend. It has been slooooooow. I'll be checking facebook for pictures of the Run! Have fun and load up on carbs! I'll do it too in a show of solidarity. You know - the carbs - not the run! xoxo Nancy

Good morning Dana, I was so happy to get your call yesterday. Marilyn was checking out all of the Canada posts with me. She does not have or do computers. Good thing because she is into all kinds of crafts and photo scrapbooks etc. That stuff takes so much time.

I am ready for fall and we are getting a bit of a cool off in the next few days.Marilyn LOVES hot. Since she lives in MI and gets long snowy winters, She LOVES summers. Summers are short in MI. It is actually supposed to be 92 today. Not on our mountain though. However, the flea market is in town. We will be inside so all is well. It rained last night.

Love the pink collar and leash. I opened the door to take Cheri' out this morning and a wasps nest had fallen on my porch floor. It was dark so it looked kind of weird. It was about the size of a fist. YUCK!!! Good thing Bill keeps lots of wasp spray around here.Cheri' sniffed it and went on her way they goodness. I am totally allergic to wasp stings. They are dead now!

I like the pink coat and phone protector/cover. Oops the phone just rang and it is my sister. Yikes, we have to leave in 10 minutes.

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.
Love, Jeanne

I love the photo of you and the pink jacket at Penney's - hilarous!

We didn't have one single snow or rain all last winter...since Oct. of last year, as a matter of fact.
So, after enduring the hottest and driest summer, ever, we will welcome snow, rain, sleet, hail...no, wait a minute, we don't want hail..we just got a brand new roof last month.:)
Happy Pink...

That pink jacket is something else. My phone has a boring black cover. Need to find a more colorful one. It has been hot here, but not as hot as there. Supposed to be in the 90's today. But I do want the coolish Fall weather here. It will come soon I hope!


Great pink jacket! And -- stay cool. :)

Greetings from Germany,

PS: See my pink post here! :)

oh so sorry for that awfully hot weather! but you've got some adorable pink stuff going on! HPS! and may you get to a reasonabletemp soon. xo

Whoa, 103!! Yikes!

We had a hot spell last week, but fortunately it cooled down later in the week. But coats? Already? That's crazy!

Happy Pink Saturday.

Well, here I am once again trying to leave you a comment. I have tried the last several days, but I never see my comment pull in. I believe this time will be the charm.

I hope you did well Monday. I am certain you are always a winner in my eyes.

And, I actually liked seeing the snow photo. ;-)

Happy very belated Pink Saturday.

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