September 16, 2011


"Yep, I'm old and I run....and this is not a bib for drooling....yet!" :) You made me laugh out loud ... then I have to stop and explain to my Sweetie WHY I'm laughing and THEN I feel bad because here you are running MARATHONS for cryin' out loud and the most I do is sprint to my easy chair. sigh. you are gonna motivate me yet.

Good for you! Clapping! I am a walker. I never could get running down pat and I got tired of people laughing at me. lol! So...I walk.
And, I have never found the pink Hostess cupcakes anywhere here! Not fair!

Oh you guys are way too cute! Really, all of you. Bowing to you, Dana. I can't believe you ran this and lived to tell about it. I'm going to get a pink cupcake out right now and take a picture to add to my post today or maybe I'll just wait till Sunday!
Haha - wasn't that merenge (however you spell it) dancing dog the most amazing thing? I'm recovering from the wedding last weekend - I had the perfect storm of an abscessed gum, heat sickness and not eating all day and had to leave the reception early and it was so beautiful but a bit hot at 5 P.M. and 105 degrees!
Wonderful news that GB#2 likes pink and cupcakes, too! He'll probably be a runner like the rest of the whole famn damily! Have a wonderful weekend - send us some rain, okey dokee?? Love, Nancy

My hubby's family are all runners too. Hubby himself ran in races for years. I think it's great to get out and do that. Good for you! Happy Pink Saturday and enjoy your weekend.



Congrats on your new Grand Son...coming soon...


Very cool! And great exercise for our metabolism! CONGRATS on the cute oncoming addition. :) Have a lovely Pink Saturday!

Hi Dana, I'm so sorry I haven't been to see you much lately. My cousin left on Thursday and tonight I am writing this comment from our daughter's home in Jax, Fl. We are going to the Gator game tomorrow in Gainesville, FL. Go Gators. They play Tennessee. My pldest daughter went to nursing school there. I hope we can beat them.

All I can say is WOW! I am so impressed with 31.23 minutes. My SIL just said that's how much time it takes him to run a 5K. He was very impressed as he is 20 years younger than you. Congratulations. I loved seeing the photos, especially the one of you and your family. Crossing the finish line has to be a BIG rush. It would be for me. I run in place to Leslie Sansone's 3 mile walking tape and it takes me 45 minutes. I am a sweat hog when I am done. I can do this in the bad weather and I really like this type of running.

Mmmmmmm, I have two of those pink cupcakes left. Bill wanted to eat one and I gave him a look that stopped him. HA!
We are going to bed so I will say goodnight. A big day tomorrow.

Have fun this weekend. A new baby boy is very exciting. Babies are a blessing.
Love, Jeanne

You are inspiring, Dana! Congrats on doing the run...congrats on the upcoming addition to your family :)

Hi Dana, Good for you girl! Congrats on your own best personal time yet! My daughter and girlfriend ran in one today, she's on duty tonight and one worn out cookie.. Love the "kick" from the baby... yep possibly a runner!
I'm glad everyone is enjoying the post of Mary Carol's Fall Open House, girl I had a ball. I have a couple of more posts coming up, hope folks aren't getting bored with them. I hope you'll be able to find the time to come see those as well. One of the bloggers told me she's donating all the deocrations for a luncheon in Oklahoma in November, her generosity runs far and wide... oh.. lol.. no pun intended there. I hope you're enjoying this great fall weather we're having.. hugs ~lynne~

Congratulations on making a great time!

HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

HOOAH! on the personal best!!! My slogging got a bit off track with a broken ankle in April. Ten pins and one plate later, plus lots of physical therapy, and I'm back to training. Last year I ran a 5K every month for 5 months, starting in December. I had already decided to bump that up, and start in October with a race just a couple miles down the road. THEN...I noticed that it is not a 5K--it is 5 MILES! I'm in training mode now--27 days left to go. I put in 5 miles on the treadmill this morning, but I need to get out and run some hills, as it will not be a flat race. I'm no where near as fast as you! You inspire me!

Dana I'm just so impressed that you are a runner. I'm starting to feel like a big lump on a log! LOL

The cupcake has me wondering what is downstairs in our pantry to eat too. Oh nooooooo!

Your photo where you are in the crowd with your visor and ear plugs....just ADORABLE YOU ARE!

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit. I love how we have connected via PINK SATURDAY! Enjoy your week and the nice weather!


You go, Dana. You make us all proud!!!♥♥♥ I don't see any gray hair.

My pink cupcakes are all gone, but I loved every bite. I'll just lick my screen and drool on yours.

Happy Pink Saturday.

Congratulations on finishing the race and a personal best too! I remember the days I spent running in a race every weekend - Sunday morning beer at the finish line - aah, those were the days! Now, I walk every morning - my knees couldn't handle the stress of running.

I do admire you so!!! I can't run, my knees are shot. I make do with walking - but I've never taken the initiative to walk in an organized race. Perhaps you are inspiring me!!

You're my newest role model! I just walked a mile on my tread mill today--thanks for the inspiration ...or should I say perspiration???

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