September 23, 2011


Love that fun glass Dana! Happy Fall:@)

How sweet to wake up to a breakfast treat all ready. I hate making breakfast, so I usually default to toast. Cute glass.

Love your glass and the pink stuff in it.

What a cute glass. I love strawberry protein shakes too!

Susan and Bentley

That sure is a cute glass and what a hubby to make you a special protein every morning!
Your Fall banner is beautiful!!! Can't believe it is fall already!

Dana...you better watch that crow, he loves pink protein shakes I hear.
Happy Pink Saturday...xo Tami


All right, I also like crows...but where is that sweet dog face?


Happy Pink Saturday!! Love that glass!


Perfect glass and so nice that you share (())

What a lovely glass.
Happy pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday Dana,

That shake looks to good to be healthy. I love that it is pink!


I look forward to Pink Saturday. And love this girly pink drink.

Cute glass..I love protein shakes with strawberries, too. Gonna go make myself one.
xo bj

Looks like the Stone Rabbit is truly in the Pink today! Happy PS!
Wags, Niki

what's up runner girl??? You must be getting all fit and buff with all that running and healthy eating. And your husband serves you that pretty pink shake every day? He is a total keeper. You guys are soooo healthy. Have a wonderful weekend - this weekend I hope to NOT be making a mum and get a chance to visit my bloggy friends. xoxo Nancy

How nice to have your breakfast waiting for you.

A perfect glass very fitting for the lady of the house.

I don't know, Dana, between those pink cupcakes and NOW pink shakes...we're going to be ten pounds heavier over here! LOL. Love that glass!

Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Fall Dana.
I am having a little tag give away in PINK of course.
You better keep that husband.
Simply Debbie

What a great way to start your day! Twyla

Hi Dana, isn't it a beautiful crisp fall morning? Love the darling glass you drink your protein drink out of each morning, glad the Stone Rabbit approves,, going to be interesting to see what the crow thinks. hugs ~lynne~

Good morning Stone Rabbit and friends - I'm liking POM with frozen blueberries and a splash of either milk or PAMA (depends on time of day) and 1/2 of pink packet sweetener. YUMMY Here's drinking juices to our health.

What a nice guy - he's a keeper!

That protein shake looks yummy! I have been counting calories and losing weight. 12 pounds so far! Hmm...protein shakes low in calories might be a nice change of pace from what I usually eat. I think I need to eat more variety to make losing weight more fun.

Hope you had a Happy Pink Saturday and I love your header!


Oh! Here from Pink Saturday! I just had to come and see the Stone Rabbit. Now a follower!

Hi Dana, Finally, I am able to get to your post and get caught up with my email. Beverly and I had a wonderful visit with lots of laughs. I am so glad I was able to spend time with her this week. It was so much fun to talk to you Dana.

I love your runner glass and the protein drink looks delicious. I make a smoothie with OJ, strawberries and a banana with ice. I add a bit of Splenda as well. I am hankering for one right now. I blend it until smooth. Easy and pretty healthy.

We bowled this morning and I was NOT a shining example in the competition. Such is life. My bowling can be great and awful. This time it was the latter. HA! Bill has a 200 average and he was not on either. He bowls again tomorrow with the 'men's doubles.' Thankfully I'm done.

We leave on Friday for the FLorida/Alabama game and then home on Sunday. It will be good to be home again. This week we are staying with our youngest son and the step grands. This a second marriage for him and we adore his wife and her family too. He has two children from his first marriage and I have posted about them many times. Molly and Jacob. Molly just got her braces off and she looks so pretty. She is in the 10th grade and Jacob is in the 8th grade. He is our youngest grand. Where did the years go?

Keep on running 'runner girl' I am so proud of you.
Love, Jeanne xo

Love the glass, but I am more impressed with the running!

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