September 07, 2011


Happy belated Birthday.

And just where is that recipe for those awesome sounding pancakes? You really should share it -- especially as I'm not drooling on my keyboard after all the food you showed me!

Oh my goodness! It's not your birthday breakfast. While I was reading that, I was thinking about my own birthday next month! Duh!

Happy 5K Labour Day Run!

It is fantastic that you are running in races like you do. I totally understand not doing some things because their are too many people or it is too hot. I think that comes naturally with age. Not saying it is a good thing...just it is the way it is sometimes. Hope Bonnie is feeling better.

Loved your post. You are doing wonderful to take all this up in your 60's. Dana Dana carb loading is out! Haven't you heard out there? Personally I do not eat any of those foods and have so much energy without any low blood sugar bouts I used to get from carbs. They make your body over produce insulin. Running helps you a lot get by the storing up of fat part caused by carb eating. I'm sure you must have picked up on what I eat reading my blog from time to time. It's not all that popular with carb lovers but it's all real food: meats, vegetables, eggs, nuts, and fruits.
Well enough of that preachy preachy sorry I do hope you get together with those friends of yours as time is flying by the older we get it moves at lightening speed it seems. How did my youngest grandson start college this semester he's that old where did all the time go ??

What a great weekend! Hope Bonnie, is better. Gary sister was in town we had a nice quiet weekend. Don't you just love this weather??? Take care Pat

Hope your friend Bonnie is feeling better. Looks like she missed out on some great things! Wow, look at your running! You go girl!
Hugs, Ann

Good morning Dana, I love this post today. I too love carbs but the good thing is my cholesterol has never been high. I do have to watch my sugar level. Diabetes runs through my family and I fight to keep my sugar down. The one thing I can NEVER eat is funnel cake or donuts. I start getting hot flashes and feeling terrible. Grease and sugar is not a good thing for me to eat. If I watch those two things, I never have hot flashes.

Your post about the market was fun to read. I know being with your daughter was a special day. I am sure I would love to go to Santa-Cali-Gon Days. The one thing I would not enjoy is a huge crowd of people. I would definitely be early. I hope Bonnie is on the mend by now. Since you were rained out of 'The Irish Fest' this year, you saved some bucks for another day.

I'm sorry about your friend's mom. I haven't been to see any of my high school friends for quite a few years. I missed our 50th reunion as well. I hope you do see your old friends for a happier time frame.

I am very proud of your running too Dana. Jumping rope, not me. You go girl.

You should find the basket Dana. It is so pretty. The handle's broke on mine too. Diana never lifts her basket by the handles because of what happened to mine.

I better get going this morning. Enjoy the cooler weather. We are have a cool spell too.
Love, Jeanne

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