October 28, 2011


Happy Pink Saturday, dear Dana. And, Happy Autumn and Happy Halloween.

The Halloween Brunch must have been so much fun. The table looks scary fabulous. You girls are always up to something fun.

I love your front porch. When is the party? I don't want to be late.

My husband's favorite is cherry pie. He would love you.♥

Happy Pink Saturday "autumn", Dana!!

Your pie looks scrumptious. I would have nibbled crust too...that is my favorite part of a pie.:-)

Can I come to your party Dana? xo

Hi Dana....I hope you are not going to be too pooped to enjoy your party! Your decorations look great and the pie made me hungry. I need lessons as when I bake an apple pie the crust rises way above the filling...Uggg! I will never be a baker!
Have fun at your party!
PS Shabby Cottage Shops is having their annual Pinkalicious Christmas Shoppe with beautiful shops and fun prizes...hope you will come and register!

Me too - why didn't you invite Lynn and me??? BOO-hoo. (That's scary crying by the way)
Your cornstacks look incredible - they are the best I've ever seen and the bittersweet makes them perfect. Almost as perfect as that pristine oven and the pie is fabulous...please send me the leftovers. Have fun at the party you're hosting without Lynn and me. I'm sure it will be a huge hit. Now stop reading and go clean some more!!! xoxo Nancy

Happy Pink Saturday, Dana! Your cherry pie looks beautiful! I always have trouble getting my crust to look so smooth --any tips? I've always heard "don't overwork the dough or it will be tough" yet all professional bakers doughs look so wonderfully smooth.

Your corn stalk idea was wonderful and they look so festive and pretty. ave a fun Autumn/Halloween Party

I'm so sorry that I have been so remiss in visiting -- it has bee a busy time since spring with my helping my daughter move to Colorado and then do wedding plans with her and then lots of travel. My husband and I just got back from a two weeks trip to California --business and pleasure trip--it was wonderful!

Happy Halloween!



Dana, You have been very busy! The pie making class sounds interesting to me...both my father and grandfather owned bakeries while I was growing up so I never learned to bake. Now that I have lost my free pie connection I have been wanting to learn and the local cooking school has a class starting next month...I am really thinking about taking that class. Your pie looks delicious!

Great post. Yes, hosting a party is the incentive to decorate and clean. Have a great Pink Saturday.

Your corn stalks look great on the porch! Very creative way to keep them up! Love Cherry pie, I'll be right over! hugs, Linda

Oo! Yummy! Beautiful table- sets the season perfectly!

Happy Pink Saturday Dana Sweetie...
What a beautiful share. I absolutely loved this post. Those corn stalks are so festive and really accent the front of the house. They are perfect against the brick wall. I love the idea that you used for the plant stands to hold them tall and those burlap bows are so pretty. Those little twigs you added give just the right amount of color. So pretty Dana.

Oh your cherry pie is so yummy looking. The crust looks just perfect and the pink, makes me think of your pinkie cuppies. (Which by the way, our stores now have. Strawberry delicious.) How fun to take a baking class. Looks like fun.

Have a glorious weekend sweet friend. Country hugs, Sherry

I LOVE your cornstalk idea! Your pie looks delicious...and that OVEN! Amazing! :) I also think your friend's candy corn candle holders are pretty adorable! :) Hope you have a very lovely weekend!

HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

Fabulous pies - and the cleanest oven I've ever seen outside a showroom (I don't even want to talk about mine - I hang my head in shame, lol). We don't really 'do' Halloween in the UK, but we are catching up fast - so Happy Halloween, hugs and Happy Pink Saturday from the UK!

Oh Dana, you are so wonderful! You are filled with so much energy. I wish I were close by. I would have you come over, kick me gently in the butt and I would get some major cleaning done too! Your decorations are beautiful and your friends brunch divine! Thanks for sharing the PS and season of bewitching fun with all of us! HPS to you! Please pray for our son Nick and his cross country team. They run at state today at 1 P.M. MST. Blessings to you

It is about time I commented on your post Dana, I came over but was distracted yesterday, so I'm back.

Patty's table looks beautiful and I know you had a wonderful time. I would love to have a group of friends like yours to visit as often as you do. The one bad thing about us moving so much is losing touch with old friends. I know I have my sisters and I imagine your breakfast is kind of like sisters. You care about each other very much.

Your fall decorations look so festive. I love the cornstalks too. Good job and I am sure you will have a great time entertaining in your lovely home.

You took lessons to make pie??? You should have called me but I admit to not making my own pie crust anymore. I used to but it is a lot of work. I think your cherry pie looks delicious. You will be all set to go for Thanksgiving.

We are having a great time with our daughters, Christina, Diana and grands. Of course our son-in-laws too. Diana and family drove up to Jax for the football game. We lost, sigh! I heard that Missouri will be joining the SE conference. We could be playing together if that happens. We will be rivals. Big smile.

It is bedtime so good night my dear friend.
Love, Jeanne

Your spider webs look so cute. Love the cornstalks....great decorations.

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